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Super Bomberman R , R2 + Super Bomberman R Online

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3 minutes ago, TKrazyO said:

5 months later...


Anyone going to be getting Super Bomberman R 2 this week? It physically releases tomorrow (12th) and digitally on Wednesday (13th).


I'm gonna get it on Wednesday. Might try something online on Friday.

I'm gonna insert the inside joke, that DL does not play Bomberman games.


So, no I will not being getting this game.


End Transmission.

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  • purple_beard changed the title to Super Bomberman R , R2 + Super Bomberman R Online

@purple_beard I have it and went digital.


Here are some things to know. This is based on mainly playing it in handheld mode.



  • Battle Modes - Slight downgrade like how Super Bomberman R Online looks (the free one with only Battle 64). Outlines over characters probably does it.
  • Story Mode - Best the game looks. Close to SBR 1's look.


  • You get them in Battle Mode. Offline (only done short matches) gets you 50 gems per match. Online gets you 100 for completing a match, more for winning and more for completing the challenge in Graded Matches (so far nets you 300)
  • Used for Customizations for your characters, profile, unlock songs and characters.


  • Graded Matches are playing with randoms (I think it's considered ranked too, not sure) The ruleset is changed in hourly intervals with two modes each. So far it's been with Castle and another mode. For Castle you can switch between sides by pushing L in the menu. When you search a game and find one, it'll put you in either of the two modes available, you can't choose.
  • This is where you can do Offline Battles as well.
  • Private matches: You can create or find a room (need a passcode). You can have up to 64 people in a room. You can set people individually as players or viewers.
    • Standard is up to 16 players
    • Grand Prix is up to 6 players (3v3)
    • Castle is up to 16 players and I believe you can set how many people are on each team. It's usually 1v15.
    • Battle 64 is up to 64 players as it was the Battle Royale mode from SBR Online.
    • You can set it to fill the empty spots to CPUs
  • Haven't had any connection problems yet.

Story Mode

  • Have not gotten far. When you collect exp and level up, you get stat boosts and more material for your base camp's castle. It's there to pretty much teach you about the level editor for Castle Mode.

That's all I can share for right now. Louies are back. I'll try to answer any questions you might have.



Edit: Also had this happen to me in my first Battle 64.


In my 2nd Battle 64 I eliminated myself in the final 2.



Also, if you play online with a bunch of people make sure in the Basic Settings to turn Show Player Information to On to have your name over your Bomber.


I also took the time to check the shop and tally the total Gems you'll need to buy everything currently. You'll need 71,150 Gems to clear out the shop.

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