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Super Bomberman R , R2 + Super Bomberman R Online

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1 hour ago, Stopdoor said:

Why wouldn't you just make a new thread? Confusing myself with old posts. No one pinged me when 8 player was confirmed, I'm very disappointed in everyone.


No Bomberman for me. Love multiplayer but way overpriced for what's essentially the same game I can play on near literally every other console I own, with its own handful of compromises.



Well, I figured the game isn't out yet so I'd keep the interest level about a game night in the thread about the game for right now--if we can get up enough players  and pick a night then I am down to front the thread for Bman Game Night!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some more info as been brought up.


Source: http://gonintendo.com/stories/274876-super-bomberman-r-runs-at-30fps-has-online-lobbies


  • runs at 30fps
  • runs at the Switch’s full resolution in each mode (So 1080p when docked and 720p otherwise)
  • online will be for Battle Mode only
  • cooperative Story Mode will not be available online, only locally
  • online will utilize matchmaking through lobbies
  • connect with random opponents and friends


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3 minutes ago, The Krazy One said:



Online multi is about the only aspect I'm most concerned about but...


30 vs 60fps....  why can't a Bman game run in 60?  I don't see it being that taxing on the system to need to run at a slower fps just for some graphics..... because even the game doesn't that graphically awesome--just sufficient enough to get the point across.

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  • purple_beard changed the title to Super Bomberman R , R2 + Super Bomberman R Online

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