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Pokemon Presents - 8/3 6am PT/9am ET

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I wonder how the gym leaders will be like in this new open world place. Or what variations there will be. Since dragon types are notorious for being difficult, except in recent cases, would there be a gym for them?


I wonder about if my Poke'collecting fears are unfounded. 


I wonder about if those three Poke'mon will evolve and will either go bipedal, or may be the first two stay on all fours. 


Also, I feel sorry for the bike legendaries. Team Plasma would have a field day with them. 

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The legendaries look a little silly when they change but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I do like they're giving us faster options for traveling an open world though.


Not sure how I feel about the evolution gimmick in this one, kinda hoped we'd have a game without one for once - letting the open world be the gimmick.


Loving that the gym-quest is just one of three stories, but also hoping that one of the other two isn't a cop out of "complete the Pokedex" - that's a given, not a story.

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So far, I’m liking the new mechanic and Tera type stuff


The Raids look like an improvement, though it’s still pretty early to tell how paced they can go


Though i liked the concept and Raid Battles at first in Sword/Shield, eventually some of them got a bit long and tedious to do


Git a bit burnt out on doing those - and that’s just from the base game - still haven’t bought the DLC yet 


So hopefully these are improved and at a somewhat faster pace - they look like it, anyway , though that could’ve been for the presentation itself


Still like how you can do any Gym in order - that’s something i wanted to be able to do in the last several generations, so still excited for this


Like how you can use the Legendaries to travel around the region - the Violet one using its wheels like a motorbike is amusing 


Cool to see Wooper get a regional Paldea variant - wonder what other Pokémon Pokémon will get a regional variant?


But looks like there’s a early purchase bonus, so though it’s not a preorder bonus, might preorder Violet at some point


The Unite stuff looks pretty good, really haven’t played a huge amount of that, though…


Not sure what the Trainers Lodge is in Masters Ex, but could be interesting- though not really much to say on that, tbh

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I don't mind the rideable lengendary Pokemon or the gimmick of the Pokemon evo of this game. At first I was WTF?!? but more explanation sold me that it is not game breaking and an option to battle with. I especially like the continuing evolution of raid battles with the name of the crystal evo I forgot the name of.


Okay, what I need more info on is the multiplayer co-op, they told just little more and want to know the limits of what we can do and not do online co-op. I shouldn't really expected that but I want to know all for this feature. 3 main missions and on of them is the 8 Pokemon gym challenges, I just gotta know what the other 2 are? Since there seems to be treasure or hunt theme is one of the missions related to that? I got to know, I got to know.


An observation:

  • Is it just me or this game is looking better than when we last saw it about 2 months ago in the last Pokemon Presents? I don't think it is my imagination here but how the new gimmick of this game make the Pokemon look, just really compliment how they shine literally when the crystallize. It could of look bad and also performed bad with all that detail but it does fine both visually and performance, when they show the 5 Pokemon crystallized at once and it look silky smooth. I am impressed with that, really I am
4 hours ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

I wonder about if my Poke'collecting fears are unfounded.

Why ask this question when you and most who do this know the answer already? Leaks or not that GF is not gonna to put in the work to put 1000 mons from the get go.


I'd say let it go but to each their own to comment on a concern that will never be heard. Just deal with it when the inevitable happens.

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9 minutes ago, DLurkster said:
  • Ah, does this game have voice acting? Why would they start the trailer with someone speaking but on the going back part to the school director it is not voiced? Why tease something that is not to be GF?!?

At the start of the trailer in fine print it straight up says there's no voice acting 

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