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Pokemon and switch announcement?

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Anyone thinking there could be a Pokémon and Switch announcement during tonights presentation?  I am thinking they could be announcing when Bank will get updated along with the new* announcement  It just seems weird for them to have held off this long for the bank update to begin with.  They may have been working to prepare bank for Switch connectivity along with the vc Gameboy games and 3ds games.  Thoughts and comments?

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If anything gets revealed that's Pokemon related, it'll probably be the rumored Pokemon Stars (which that itself would probably be revealed at a later date; maybe E3), or a port of Pokken Tournament. It's extremely doubtful they even mention Pokemon Bank.

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I'm pretty sure the reason nothing has been said about Bank is that Pokémon already said everything about Bank that they wanted to back in this official site update which was posted back in September. We'll probably get an official date posted to the regular Pokémon.com site soon or so; there's not really a reason to have a special presentation just for that.


If anything Pokémon happens during the presentation, it'll be Switch related, but even that's kind of a stretch to hope for at this point.

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