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I went ahead and uploaded my 2nd attempt at Double Dragon IV.




I do plan on doing my Xenoverse 2 playthrough but I have to get the game tonight and it might take a few days since I work this weekend. If there is anyone on here that is keeping up with my video releases that have any ideas on how I should do that series, let me know.


The initial plan is to have 30 minute videos with just story fights and some parallel quests so as to not pad it with extended Conton City footage.

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I start on my Xenoverse 2 playthrough.




I say this in the video and put it in the description, but I'm gonna try to stick to a strict plan with this series.
- 30 minutes or shorter
- A Story Mission and/or Parallel Quest, Training Mission, Challenges, Etc.
- Will show cutscenes
- Post Commentary for first two parts (plan on streaming the game w/ Live Commentary)
- Mainly fights
- Not a lot of city footage
- Some stuff might be done off-screen (PQs & Training Sessions)

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Here is part 3 of Xenoverse 2.



I uploaded a video yesterday of a clip I tweeted to Bandai Namco about a bug in the training mode from a few weeks ago, but I chose to upload it on Youtube the same day they update the game that fixes the bug in question. If you would like to see that clip, I put it in the first post (the OP).

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to TKrazyO on Youtube (FE Warriors, Odyssey & Forces)

I know there aren't a lot of Sonic fans, but I did get Sonic Forces yesterday. I actually put the game on the shelf at work yesterday. You get to meet my original character!




So the plan for the upload schedule for now (I explain in the video) is that every Sonic Forces video I upload (excluding this one) will be accompanied with a Super Mario Odyssey video later in the day and vice versa. So those days will be Mario & Sonic Double Upload days.

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to TKrazyO on Youtube - FE Warriors: Three Hopes Week
  • TKrazyO changed the title to TKrazyO on Youtube - FE Warriors: Three Hopes

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