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On 8/22/2017 at 2:34 AM, Eliwoodman12 said:

Surprised no one is talking about this game on here. Played the first 3 levels I believe. Loving it so far! Lots of fan service!

It is a great game for those that loved the Genesis games. We're speaking of Sonic Mania of course since I just changed the topic title back.



In other news, I haven't been uploading as much since I am pretty close to the 300th video milestone. That and being a little lazy in doing the commentary for Zelda. This video I'm about to post is #299, which is part 20 of BOTW. I have a certain video planned for #300.






I randomly saw that I lost 6 subs 2 days ago. Not sure how or why that suddenly happened.

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Act 3 of Sonic Mania is now up!





Tomorrow starts the Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (S&P) week that I mentioned in my 300th video. That means for the next 7 days, a Star Successor video will be uploaded. I still plan on alternating the videos so starting Monday (when Irma is supposed to be hitting, also if I'm not down for a while because of it) there will be two videos a day. The first for the day being non-S&P with the later upload in the day being S&P. Some being either Zelda, Sonic or part of the Double Dragon IV stream I did the other day. So look forward to that next week.

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Now for something completely different. I played this with my brother and streamed this last week with full commentary. If you'd like to know how Double Dragon IV is, give this a watch.




We did 2 attempts with the 2nd having retro music. If you'd like to see that one just let me know and I'll upload that one.



Another Star Successor part will be up before 10pm tonight.

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to TKrazyO on Youtube - FE Warriors: Three Hopes Week
  • TKrazyO changed the title to TKrazyO on Youtube - FE Warriors: Three Hopes

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