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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Now F2P on Switch) | 🛠️Course Creator: 5/10!:

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@TKrazyO @TheBarkinHyena @purple_beard


Good matches! That was pretty fun, even though there were some weird issues that weren't there when the game first hit Switch, with Season 1 of the Fee for All.


Come find out, it only has to load in everyone's costumes when there are lot of players in a match. When there are only a few it doesn't have to load them. It seems like this is something they changed for whatever reason (Maybe so matches load after on Switch?).



@purple_beard You should be able to change your Fall Guys username by going HERE--> https://www.epicgames.com/id/login


Just log in with your Nintendo Account and it will have login to an Epic Games Account or have you create one (if you didn't already) to link your Nintendo Account to. Then go to your account settings and you should be able to change your username. Once your Nintendo Account is linked to your Epic Games Account, you can just use your Nintendo Account to login and access your account settings.


More Help: https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/fall-guys-c9505712380315/account-help-c9505719840283/why-do-i-have-a-random-fall-guy-name-a9505745629723


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@purple_beard So on the main screen if you push - the in-game friend menu slides in from the right side. From there you have to scroll down until you see his name, click on it and it should open a window with his name on it with options to pick. The first option should be invite.





Or you could click the right stick which opens the Party Menu on the left (in pic), you click one of the 3 open slots on that tab and it'll just open the right side menu anyway. They open really slow though.

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