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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Now F2P on Switch) | 🛠️Course Creator: 5/10!:

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Site: https://www.fallguys.com/en-US

Price: FREE (In-App Purchases)

Multiplayer: Cross-platform (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, PC)




Fall Guys is coming to Switch on June 21st and will be going FREE to PLAY!


I've never played Fall Guys, but it looked like a lot of dumb fun. Since it's going F2P, I'll check it out when it hits Switch. I've always wondered why it wasn't F2P to start with...?



If you pre-register (It's FREE) you will unlock rewards if any of the goals are met... *See link in Tweet*





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I played Fall Guys either at the jump on Playstation or a few months just when the initial rush of interest for the game starting to die down. Only played it 3 times in that period and stopped for some reason


Fun game to be sure, let's see how this will go on Switch with it cross-platform should drive initial interest in the game again. I forget what season they are in now.

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51 minutes ago, Eliwood8 said:

I didn't realize it wasn't already on Switch. But yeah it's a fun game to just be wacky in for a while, especially if you play with friends.


Yeah, same here. When I saw the announcement, I was like "Wasn't this already announced for Switch?". Come to find out this was announced back in the 2/17/2021 Nintendo Direct with a release window of Summer 2021. I wonder why the Switch version is releasing year after its given release window? It could be because of it going F2P and/or wanting it to release along side the Xbox version. ...It could be because of Epic Games buying the game's developer, Mediatonic, about a month after the initial Switch announcement.

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Yeah, I forgot when it was initially announced it was coming to Switch and tho I played a bit on Playstation, I think that's why I knew it wasn't on Switch yet. Regardless of the reason for the delay, (that I recall when even tho there was no future timeframe for its release on Switch) the announcement today was worth the wait for all the features listed.

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  • 1 month later...

The game is now available to pre-load on Switch...






Just a heads up for those planning to download the game tomorrow when in goes fee-to-play, free in-game currency is about to be unlocked as a pre-registration reward (most likely it already has, but the site only updates every 12 hrs.). If you haven't pre-registered yet and want some free in-game currency, make sure you do so before 11:59 PM UTC / 7:59 PM ET TODAY (6/20)! **Pre-registration requires an Epic Games account**





I'm surprised that only this many rewards got unlocked. I thought there would be way more interest, since the game is going F2P. Maybe people hand their fun with it back when it was paid and have since moved on, or it's because you need an Epic Games account to pre-register (I get not wanting to make another account for something, especially just for in-game freebies)...?




Free-For-All: Season 1 Trailer...



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2 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

Anyone wanna try playing tonight around 8 or 9?


I can probably do some multiplayer around then. Though, I'm not sure how the multiplayer works. Is it you VS your friends or you and your friends all in the same worldwide match?


BTW, with this F2P version the game is supposed to have built-in voice chat, like Fortnite on Switch.

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They have different modes like Solo, Squads, Classic, etc. but those you can have a party of 4 players able to join those lobbies. I think solo and classic might be free for all, but you could technically still work together.


I did see voice chat options when checking the settings this morning.


For those interested in playing tonight, jump on the Discord for the ease of setting up the party.

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2 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

GGs @alienboyva After I left that last lobby the game booted me.


@DLurkster I won't be able to play exactly at 8 since I'll be playing Crash Bandicoot for the stream but I think I was near the end of the game. So if it takes me less than an hour to beat then I'll hop on Fall Guys before we play Smash.


Yup, GGs! I had a lot of fun. Too bad this game had issues with disconnecting us from the party a few times and not letting us rejoin without restarting. I know they were having server issues yesterday do to so many people jumping on, because it's now F2P.

Congrats on actually winning a match and taking the crown! TbfZGX7.png



Fall Guys is a ton of fun! It reminds me a lot of the game show Wipeout. I seriously think someone saw this and was like "What if this was a battle royale?". :D  I wasn't expecting to like this game this much, but it seems like one F2P that I may actually come back to every now and then. With other F2P games I stop playing after a while and don't really want to come back, mainly because your playing the same stage(s)/map(s) over and over, which gets old fast. This game has a great variety of courses (do it it's 6 previous seasons when the game was paid), which I really like and I'm glad they don't only have certain courses available every season. Another thing I like, is the music. It's surprisingly good at times given the type of game this is. I'm really looking forward to playing more, though I wished there were more unlockables right now that I actually cared for. ...Like bring back this costume *see pic below* and other costumes from past seasons, plus all the licensed costumes.





Speaking a variety of courses as mentioned above... If anyone missed it in the F2P announcement video, the game is getting a course creator. WHAT!? WOW!



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  • alienboyva changed the title to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | 👑Now available on Switch (Free-to-Play)!

Just a heads up for those that have Amazon Prime, you can get free rewards every mothing via Prime Gaming. After linking your account by following the in-game instructions via Settings > Profile, you actually have to go to Prime Gaming to claim your rewards (kind of dumb you don't just auto get them, but whatever).





*If you already linked your account, after signing in, make sure you click 'Already linked, skip this step' under the blue button (It should say Mediatonic Website or something like that), other wise it will take you to the Fall Guys site about how to link your account. You can find out when new Prime Gaming rewards are available by checking the news section on the official Fall Guys website (link in OP). It should also email you about new rewards if you click 'Subscribe' after calming your reward.


Too bad past rewards are no longer available. :( 

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Well, this happened....



Seriously! I should have not won this! Did everyone not now you have to actually grab the crown (It literally says what button to press above it :v)? Did they not know you have to jump and quickly press the grab button? ...Or did they just not get the jump timing right? What ever the case, I'm glad they weren't able to grab it and allowing me to get my first crown. kvhappy;

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  • alienboyva changed the title to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Now F2P on Switch) | 🛠️Course Creator: 5/10!:

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