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Magicant - N4A Chat Thread - May 2022

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Also tuned on my 3ds yesterday and for some reason it was set to Jan 1st 2012….


for some reason 


But that’s fixed to the correct date


One of these days I’ll get a new XL system at some point 


Also seems like Pokémon Home is still under maintenance because I still can’t get it


Guess it’s going to be a bit longer until then

Also a day or so ago the LEGO Ideas Starry Night set was revealed and that looks lovely 


Think I’ll be picking that up


Comes out June 1st so not too far off

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The L button on my Left Joy-con isn’t working for some reason 


Well, that’s a problem for playing some games 


No idea why though - maybe from the last time it fell onto the floor? It has a habit of getting knocked onto the floor by accident 


And I don’t have my Pro Controller with me either


Probably going to have to send that in for a repair


The other buttons work fine from what i can tell


And I can’t exactly buy a new set of Zelda Joy-con since they don’t look like they’re sold anymore anyway


When i get around to it, hopefully i don’t get sent a completely different joy-con…

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>follow a day-by-day guide for Persona 4 Golden to try to get everything in one playthrough

>at one point, the guide neglects to mention that I need a Justice Persona in order to increase Nanako's Social Link, resulting in me being one step behind the guide despite doing everything else perfectly

>panic because I recall reading somewhere that Nanako's Social Link expires after Halloween

>attempt to compensate by spending extra time with her instead of building a model for one of the Fox's sidequests

>this eventually leads to a domino effect where I end up missing almost an entire month's worth of progress for the Hermit Social Link because one of the Fox's quests requires talking to a girl at school, which I can't do over Summer vacation



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i haven't seen anything yet, but just in advance, if y'all talk about anything plotwise with P4 can you please spoiler it? c:
i'm just playing through it now for the first time and it's really slow progression wise cause i'm playing in japanese
usually everybody here is good about doing that to begin with but i wanna be sure cause i keep panicking and scrolling down whenever i start to read posts about it lol
i always like chunk sentences all at once so it's always been really hard for me to avoid spoilers. like when ppl would say something like "WARNING SPOILERS" and immediately continue the sentence back in the day, or on twitter or whatever, i would already have peeked at the end of the sentence before my brain catches up with me lmao

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19 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

If there’s Fat-Free milk, 1% milk, 2% milk, and Whole milk, that means that there are about 98 different percentages of milk out there that the grocery stores are hiding from us.


WHERE ARE THEY?! angrykong;

they're in the back, we just pretend we don't have any when you ask, just like everything else out of stock ofc

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