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Magicant - N4A Chat Thread - May 2022

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8 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

So I just beat FC, and there was one part of the ending I didn't get:


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Joshua gave Estelle that roofie via a mouth-to-mouth kiss, correct? But if the drug was already in Joshua's mouth to begin with, shouldn't he have also knocked himself unconscious?


As far as I know, there's no specific explanation for that, but



given what you've learned about Joshua's past, I feel the explanation would be "he's just that good." Like he knew to take the antidote first, or something.


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Posted (edited)

Looks like Ncuti Gatwa is going to be the 14th Doctor


Hm… well that’s interesting 

Curious to see how this turns out - looking forward to the new Doctor


Haven’t caught up with Doctor Who or the holiday specials since Capaldi’s 1st season, but I’ve heard from others online that the writing hasn’t been that great while Jodie was the Doctor


Or so I’ve heard, but I haven’t watched any of her run, so I’m not sure so I can’t say anything one way or the other myself 


With Russel T. Davis returning as a showrunner, hopefully going to be better writing for the new series during his run by the writers for the episodes


So i have high hopes, but at the same time I’m cautiously optimistic so we’ll have to wait and see


Though it would’ve been nice to have as a surprise, but in this day and age you know someone will spoil and leak it somehow


But i should catch up with Doctor Who at some point - haven’t watched anything since 2014… think that was Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor I believe?


So have a lot to catch up on at some point… been meaning to, just haven’t out of mostly procrastination and having a crappy connection and not streaming all too well


Good thing it’s on Amazon Video - will still have to buy the seasons though -

If i rent, knowing me I wouldn’t get around to watching them right away

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While i was home for the weekend, finally got around to downloading Luigi’s Mansion 3 and started it today


Enjoying it so far - the controls can be tricky to aim somewhat but it’s not too bad


Really like the texture details and graphics in this gane


One of these days should buy Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS… not sure on Dark Moon though- I’ve heard mixed things on that entry so dunno whether it’s worth buying or not unless it’s on sale or a used copy


Didn’t get around to buying any new games over the weekend though


Would’ve been a good opportunity to buy the new Kirby game


Granted I’ve unfortunately missed out on some of the codes…


But the weekend was enjoyable- was able to do some cooking and baking while i was there


Granted i spent more time doing things than actually relaxing 


Going to have to relax more when I’m there next

Going to have to figure out what I want to do for my Birthday stay


Also got rehooked up to Netflix - was testing that out on some random Bird documentary i chose at random and although it’s at low quality streams pretty well without too much issue so far

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Looks like we’re going to get Pokémon Home support soon for the other games


About time 


Will finally be able to transfer over a Shiny Murkrow from GO- Brilliant Diamond and finally leave Eterna Forest


Whenever that update comes, anyway


I don’t know how long I’ve been trying to hunt for one of those damned things - multiple times I’ve even set the Switch clock to night so i can hunt during the day with no luck


Got another Shiny Buneary at some point though


Haven’t done that in awhile, though - so been a few weeks or a month….



Also a few days ago the LEGO Architecture Pyramid was revealed and that looks cool - it’s only half a pyramid so going to have to pick up another set for a full pyramid 


But really like the build of it, though




Also the Hasbro x LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime set was officially revealed today and that looks pretty sweet which I’ve heard rumors on but good to know it’s official from yesterday’s tease and official reveal today 


It’s  based on the G1 version looks pretty cool - no leg articulation which is unfortunate but probably for better stability, I’m guessing? Someone might figure out how to modify and add that


The accessories are quite nice too


Also pretty sweet that you can transform it between robot and vehicle modes without taking it apart which is extremely cool


Annoyed that the information plaque is a sticker than a printed piece though, tbh

Hopefully we get more Transformers sets and becomes a full line - i can see this selling quite well


And hopefully opens the door to other Lego x Hasbro themes like MLP LEGO sets… not sure what other licenses/series Hasbro owns, honestly 


But hopefully we can get more in the future beyond Transformers

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4 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

Hot damn, did they get rid of the fatigue mechanic in P4G? I've been in Shadow Rise's dungeon for the past several BART rides, and the only time anyone's ever bitched about being tired is when they're low on health!

Yep. Fatigue is only in P3.


Instead in Persona 4, days you spend dungeon crslawling and days you spend social linking are mutually exclusive.

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Posted (edited)

Well, Covid knocked my house out of commission for a while (father-in-law accidentally brought it into the house), but we’re doing much better so thought I would drop in! :)


I’m telling you though… despite almost certainly being the latest Omicron sub-variant going around (ie the “least dangerous overall” one, allegedly), it hit really bad… daughter ended up going to the hospital the first night due to breathing difficulty. We are all fully vaccinated too… so if this is what “mild” looks like, I would hate to see what would happen to someone who has not gotten vaccinated…


In other news though, my wife managed to complete her decade-long saga to complete her BA, and will hopefully be accepted into an Occupational Therapy Masters program this week! So that’s exciting…

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1 hour ago, Stephen 776 said:

Yep. Fatigue is only in P3.


Instead in Persona 4, days you spend dungeon crslawling and days you spend social linking are mutually exclusive.


That's cool, but what about all these items I keep finding with descriptions that say "cures/prevents exhaustion"?

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