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Splatoon 3 release date - September 9th!

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I watched a video on YT in how to gain catalog xp quick in Splatoon 3.


The gist to the quickest way to gain catalog xp is to play turf wars but to get the most xp that takes up more time is anarchy battles and Salmon Run is the least effective.. Winning is important especially for quicker method, anarchy battles more less just do the best you can to win or KO bc XP varies in how long your in the matches win or lose or KO. That was the science in the video that look at the breakdown of time vs xp gain.


I'm more partial to anarchy battles, as there is more variety and more fun to play. Don't get me wrong since the inception of turf wars since Splatoon, they are fun in their own right but years and year playing (outside of tricolor turf wars) gets stale to me. Tho how I win and lose anarchy battle the lows and high of emotion is quite something but yet I go for more every time.


Also, I think @TKrazyO or @alienboyva brought this up in the demo splatfest of the deserted island theme one but you earn 20% more catalog xp in Splatfests. So technically as mentioned in the vid I watch for gaining the most catalog xp is Splatfests. But he grouped this with regular turf wars as the best too.


Tho the xp in general is fix to all that benefit your level and catalog level, the level for yourself, the number to surpass gets higher and higher like any RPG and how it is since Splatoon. But Catalog levels from 1 to 100 are all 9500 so that is why the vid was made and focused on most xp in the shortest time for Catalog levels. Oh I almost forgot and you probably noticed when you play any mode and you get 7500 xp for the first win of the day. That really helps boost your Catalog xp. Each day is reset at 8pm et, btw so keep a note of that if your chasing that 7500 xp first win of the day.

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I played Clam Blitz for the first time yesterday in open anarchy battles. The only 2 things I know is 10 clams makes that football and you need to score as many of those at the basket. That's where it starts and ends with me with clam blitz. This game is different in a bad way form and why I don't like that much compared to Splat Zones, Rainmaker, and Tower Control they all have a visual short goal and end goal. Outside the score at the top of the screen in Clam blitz and the glowing circles of clams there's much to know if one is playing clam blitz for the first time. Also, clam blitz when you have the football is more dangerous than holding the rainmaker itself. Yes, you still have your weapon to defend yourself but I feel so helpless so it your like me and feel this way, after a few rounds this is what I do to mitigate that feeling.


Find gear that have stealth jump ability (like the fast swim, and ninja squid there's a trade off but the game doesn't tell, like those ones; I believe you super jump slower to the area. It shouldn't matter much as no one will see you coming till its too late anyways) If you happen to be on a team where some is brave enough or see they have plan to get basket, super jump them or anyone near there and score as many clams you have in your possession. That make the difference of a win or lose because you threw some extra clams.


Example, last night there were 2 footballs in play and one them broke the basket. We were at 20, it went down to 19. I was the other guy with 2nd football, (I happened to collect enough clams as the barrier broke) I super jump near them and threw my football and won the game. Each football once the barrier is broken is worth 20 and we were at 19 when that football hit is and it was at 20. Felt good to be involved for something that I like the least of the anarchy battles, to assist like that a big one I might add. All because of I had the stealth jump ability one that help in that situation.

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11 hours ago, alienboyva said:

A new update is on the way, with some changes and a bunch of minor bug fixes *see link in tweet for the full patch notes*...



Nice to see that you can exit matchmaking if you accidently chose to keep going or change gear after a battle. :) 



Full Patch Notes:



Need to get back into playing Splatoon.

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4 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

I want new weapon variations!!!!!!!!!


Mind you I'm level like 22 (?) and have bought maybe 2-3 weapons.

That makes sense in your case using weapons you probably really like.


I believe I am level 21 and have about a dozen or so weapons. I'll wait as long as needed for new variation weapon kits already own.

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Discovery report: I knew this a while back earlier this month but with all the stuff I am experiencing in Splatoon 3, it got lost to notice here; I'm sure it wasn't like this is in the previous Splatoon but your rank is shared among all the rank game modes. It is no longer separate for each game mode. I was wondering when I broke into another with Rainmaker that all the other modes share the same rank. Similar if you play series for one rank it is shared in other modes where you left off in wins and losses.


Now, what I discovered today playing Clam Blitz open rank.... (gotta get the practice, loss more than won but I feel myself getting better here) It has nothing to do with the mode but just spending more time with weapons I purchased. I usually I try one and if I lost a few times I change to another. This time I decided to stick with the squeezer weapon and tho as I mentioned I loss more than won, I got caught up in the game of Clam Blitz to get better and was having fun doing so. I eventually and most know this you get freshness rating along with a Sheldon License, the more wins you get with a particular weapon, that is true but that also applies if you play with it long enough meaning you eventually will get a freshness rating and Sheldon License as well. I was so caught up playing with fave weapons I win with often to raise my freshness rating to get more Sheldon Licenses. Now that I know if I allow more time with a weapon I am not that fond of to play with or get some wins, I at least get experience with any weapon that goes into getting more weapons no matter if I win or lose one to get a higher freshness rating with a said weapon.

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3 hours ago, Art_de_Cat said:

Anyone still getting a lot of communication errors and what not?  Just seems theres a lot occuring for a paid service.

It's about the same before the last few patches and even the last one. Not better nor worse to me.


Honestly, the way it is to me is not as intrusive has the last Splatoons so yeah despite this being the best online experience it can be better but I will take what I can get that is a clear improvement for my personal DCs for Splatoon 3.


Also, I doubt your connection yourself is the problem but maybe how close your to server relays that you're experiencing comm errors. Yeah, who you P2P with is a factor but that could be anyone and that would mean anyone would be getting or most comm errors or DCs.

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I'm sure if I noticed this now or it has always been there or maybe the last update cause this but...I wanted to redecorate my locker by scratch but when I removed the stickers from the from front and I open it, then close it the stickers I had last come back. I tried to see if it was one off but it keep happening. So I just stayed on the front locker, put my new stickers there and whatever what was happening before stopped.



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Not doing so well today like yesterday, (but that was like the first hour and half till when I stopped last night wins sort of decline) Today that decline is like 60 loss to 40 wins for Team Grass.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, I beat my overall win streak of 4 to 5 today.


Tricolor turfwar is now active and we must attack Team Water. Careful Team Fire don't sizzle out!


Not sure if its me not changing my areospray weapon but most match I lose, we're in danger most of the match (which translate that something is not working the team or I) When I need to take out folks (not a priority, I ink as much turf as I can and if anyone is in the way of that so be it) Not like yesterday and that first hour and half was win after wins.


Tho I won one 10x battle, now have 3 of those pearls and up to Grass Ruler +2.


Those on Team Grass: @TKrazyO, @alienboyva, and @Art_de_Cat. Krazy will be streaming in less than hour but I do see that Krazy and art is on right now in Splatoon 3.


I hope we can meet and team up tonight or tomorrow.

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