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Splatoon 3 release date - September 9th!

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On 10/1/2022 at 8:14 PM, Eliwood8 said:

I've gotta get some dinner before Smashdown so maybe another time for the Splatoon 3 team up.


In answer to some questions: Yeah as you just found out, Anarchy Series can continue across multiple game mode rotations. I have no idea how long you can pause a Series but I wouldn't be surprised if it was indefinitely (until the end of the season).


Essentially, I see Series as a means for leveling up your rank and Open for just playing Anarchy game modes with way less stress about earning or losing rank points. It kind of feels like Anarchy practice mode to me. And then there are times I just want to play an Anarchy game mode since they have such a different feel from Turf Wars, so it's nice to have two options—two Anarchy game modes that is—at any time, especially if there's one you don't particularly like *cough* Clam Blitz *cough*


The catalog is basically a Battle Pass so yes, it will presumably reset to level 0 for each season and offer new rewards each time, that's the whole point of a Battle Pass, to keep players invested in playing. If they were the same rewards in every season…well that just wouldn't make any sense.

Well look at this....

It seems like Eli was on to something.


When the new season occurs we most likely will get new rewards for the catalog as when you reach Lv.100 before the season ends you just start this catalog season over again and again till it ends and the new season happens. Interesting....

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Arrrrggg! I wouldn't say this is a spoiler for story mode but when you beat it, there's secret kettle called 'after alterna on the first island. It appears to be gauntlet of no checkpoint long challenges, there's phases to the challenge which acts as your checkpoint of these long challenges. I've made it to the 2nd phase with shooting targets on rails but everytime it would get to the swirling rails of targets, I can manage it no matter how I face up to shoot with motion controls, turn manually with the stick, jump of the rails to to previous swirl rail to start shooting all over again.( having a success rate of like 10% making it to the lower swirl rail)


I was gonna keep the game on till I beat it (I did leave the game on stand-by last night till now) but I give up, I went thru some hurdles I thought I almost can't overcome but I managed but I literally can't find a way to get thru this one and is literally driving up the wall mad. I give, tho I know what you get at the end is not much but I just wanted acknowledgement I beat it. I don't if this is coming much later, no matter how I think it about I can't see myself later doing it but I'll see.


Has anyone beat this after alterna course and any tips on the swirly rail targets bit for me to attempt to do?

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Well, I guess there are ppl out there who like Bulbasaur but beats me why.


As for the answer of who I am going with.......

31 minutes ago, alienboyva said:

I have to go Team Grass, because of Bulbasaur being my fav PKMN. kvhappy;



is Sprigatito. I rarely go grass and it wasn't until maybe 2 months ago I decided to go grass not to be different what I usual pick but on what attracts me to the Pokemon simply. When we first saw the starters, for the first time I didn't know how to feel about them, then I felt neutral to all then just Sprigatito. So for once I'll be able to play with AB and art, tho there's a caveat my online subscription ends the 25th of this month. It's looking like I will continue with the base online but incase things don't go that way, just stating I won't be in the splatfest.


So is team grass Shiver nd I guess no Halloween theme this month? Oh well.


Take a look at this....

Isn't this a nice touch by Google?

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@alienboyva: Ah, that look familiar. I think most have a story similar like that for Blue and Red, not I was late to bandwagon and I guess because of it it was combination of what most ppl picked as their starter and what I use as base of choosing my starter, how they look and it was Charmander. I don't think the anime influenced me either but I could be wrong. 


When I look back on that, Charmander was a means to a end not like how I saw starters after Blue and Red so tho I liked Charmander, I don't have sentimental memory of how I really wanted Charmander unfortunately. As you probably know Bulbasuar was not a popular pick but toy you, you have sentimental memory attached that trumps popularity then and now for Bulbasuar.


I guess it's that same feel of those who like a gen I like the least, like gen 4 was the worst for me but there's some ppl who really like it and is there best one. Most point out the online, tho that's great and couldn't agree more despite that said and being a first there's more to Pokemon then online and the rest of gen 4 just fell short to me. To many cons to have that first pro to that gen, to me.

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@alienboyva, @EH_STEVE, @Eliwood8, @TKrazyO, and @Art_de_Cat.


Check your email for a survey for Splatoon 3. Completing it nets you another 30 platinum points. Got the email yesterday.


But that's not why I mention all you here. I know AB and Krazy know this but we tried playing anarchy battle series of rainmaker with friends but option was there but greyed out. We assume, if it is there but greyed out that maybe they will update that to be playable with friends. It is the only thing that is greyed out.


So when asked what was unsatisfactory, I mentioned to make anarchy battle series with friends a option to play in the future. So yeah, say whatever in that part but also mention to add anarchy battle series with friends to Splatoon 3 online. 


I think most know that the Tableturf war will be updated to play online might as well add anarchy battle series friends online as well.



Speaking of Tableturf, I played it for the first time last night and it is something to pass the time not something I will go out my way to play like anything in Splatoon 3. Glad, I eventually played, it will be once in a while while thing, that's for sure.

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I kind of understand not allowing teams in Anarchy Series though, since they probably want to avoid players boosting their friends, or the messier matchmaking when you have friends that are in significantly different ranks. I also really wouldn't want to face a 4-player team while I'm solo queuing in Series. I suppose they could do a separate mode for groups that want to play Series though.


I forgot to celebrate on here: I finally took down a Cohozuna again the other day. Haven't been able to kill one in weeks, but I finally had a team/weapon/map that clicked.

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I do see that point Eli and maybe they are working on a work around. I don't know if it was a mistake to leave anarchy battle series for friends online but greyed out, maybe I am thinking to much into it but I feel there has to be a reason for it.


Oh I think Eli probably figured this out or knows this; @alienboyva: I figured out what the medals you get at the end of matches are for specifically. In the series battles, they add up not only how much loss or win but how many high quality medals you have throughout the series of battle. I wasn't noticing at the end of series as it goes by so quickly, that there's some sort of numerical value for silver medals and even more gold medals. When you lose majority matches in the series you will get more silver medals in most cases but on the other hand if you win most battles, you will get gold medals. I have noticed you get more numerical point for more gold medals you win in series compared to silver medals in the series.


So yeah, if you didn't know, now you know. Regardless, if it wasn't clear, introduction of medal after battles in general is pretty cool and even more so when used to tally rank points in a series of battles.


I've yet to beat Cohozuna yet, I get as far as half-way of his health. The more I play him the more I am getting used to a plan of attack. But similar to a lot of Salmonoid bosses on the last wave, you eventually get used to it competent team or not, one will eventually make it thru that and a Cohozuna. Yes, having a team know what they are doing definitely helps.

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