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Splatoon 3 release date - September 9th!

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In just 3 days Splatoon 3 has become Japan's fastest selling video game ever!...


I know Nintendo needed Splatoon 2 at launch to help the Switch sell, but I guess now was the right time for a Splatoon sequel, given the Switch's install base and how much Japan absolutely loves Splatoon. It's kind of crazy how fast Splatoon became one of Nintendo's biggest IPs, especially since it debuted on the Wii U, a system which, like nobody bought.



Oh! ...And BTW...



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I've heard about that, that's crazy!


I get it because of the Switch and install base and the love for it in Japan but the most over there in video game history in the first 3 days. That's nuts!


Like I know over there when Japan gets restock of PS5 the sales of games go up and it is the same with Switch so I wonder was there more surplus of Switch or was this the usual amount of Switches they get every week? If it is the latter, I'll be more impressed, that's just amazing with all the past game titles it beat out to get to 3.45 million. And here we go again with the 3 with Splatoon 3 and Nintendo this year and the games of 3. 3 is a powerful number this year it seems.

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If I owned Splatoon 3 it seems I am going with team Fyre again with yellow food and @alienboyva with Shiver and blue with gear, huh?


TBH, all are essential in what on what one what to survive so there's no wrong choice to me.


Tho, you can go 2 weeks without food and 3 days without fluids but to me and how I would want to survive food is pretty important tho choose team Fyre again, lol.


I wonder who will be the popular pick, as I said all choices are valid or is everyone still go big man with fun, lol.

2 hours ago, alienboyva said:

Hmm, I guess that is an improvement but since I was on the team attacking, I got to choose if I wanted to play Tricolor turf war so when they say less frequent does that mean for the defender they will see more turf war than tricolor turf wars?


Personally again because I was attacking, I actually liked tricolor concept having less of it show up for defenders is a letdown to me. If had the perspective from the other side I could get this change but right now how I see it, it should be the other way around for defenders and if the chance to play tricolor it should show up more.


Let know attackers in tricolor if this way is better, I am curious about this approach.

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I've been playing a lot the Tableturf Battle card game, and it's a ton of fun now that I've got the hang of it (I'm almost at level 18). Though, as mentioned before, I really wish I could also play this on my phone via SplatNet 3 in the NSO mobile app (It's so perfect for playing on your phone). >_< Also, I found out you can challenge other players online (the ones standing around the card table), though it's not "real online", because you're opponents take their turn immediately as if playing a CPU, with no waiting for them to take their turn. (Isn't real -time online supposed to be coming later?). When you go up to a player and say you want to battle them, I think it just uses the last deck they used, the last stage they played, and their skill level is based on their level.


Here's some of my best matches of the night... awesome;


*This was against Sheldon @ lvl 2


2 hours ago, DLurkster said:

New update out now?


When I was playing some Tableturf battles I got a notification for server maintenance. While I was battling another player it kicked me off the server and made me download the update, which is odd, since it's not "real online".  Anyway, I haven't had the chance to read the full patch notes, hopefully they fixed all the connection issues. I had quite a bit yesterday (Seems others have had issues as well), mostly from others getting DC'd. Also, I hope they've fixed some other bugs I've seen, like people not being able to ink in Turf War.


Here's a link to the full patch notes: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/59461/~/how-to-update-splatoon-3#v111

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53 minutes ago, Art_de_Cat said:

Am I missing something on how to get scales for salmon run rewards?  Dont see an option to fight king salmanoids, and it doesnt look like the rewards from regular salmon runs are adding to anything.  Want to get the green banner from there.


The King Salmonid appears in the special Xtra Wave after the third wave once the King Salmonid meter is full for at least one player in the Salmon Run shift. You can see your own meter in between shifts, it looks like a silhouette of a Salmonid that gradually fills with orange ink. The meter fills as you complete shifts; I'm not sure if failing a shift still increases your meter, but in my experience I've fought a King Salmonid roughly every four completed shifts or so. After you fight a King Salmonid everyone's meter returns to zero.


Edit: Also I'm pretty sure the King Salmonid meter resets with each new rotation too, so when there's a new stage/weapons you'll always start back at zero. This means you've have to play a few shifts to even get the chance to fight a King Salmonid every time a new rotation starts. Admittedly I'm not 100% positive about this though, I just could've sworn I had a mostly full meter one time and then the next day it was at zero.


You'll earn scales whether you win or lose against the King Salmonid, and generally if you're at a higher level you'll earn better scales, seemingly regardless of whether you win or lose. I've beating a King Salmonid and received only bronze scales and I've lost and received silver scales. No matter what though the rate that you earn scales is very, very slow.

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Here's what mine currently looks like...




When editing stickers I really wished there was an option to place a sticker behind another sticker, instead of having to first remove the sticker you want to place another sticker behind. Also, it would be nice if we could grab multiple stickers, like we can grab multiple decorations. When I got the bigger locker I hand to fix all my stickers to fit the taller locker. Being able to grab multiple stickers would have made things a bit easier. Hopefully some basic locker editing QoL updates will be added in a future game update.


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I managed to get to Gear Champion tonight and had a lot of matches against JPN players. Damn! They're ruthless!!! dizzy-face-emoji-by-twitter.png  I assume a lot of these JPN teams were friends using voice chat to deploy pro level stargates, since a lot of them had win streaks. I also had quite a few matches where I was the only non-PN player on my team.


Also, I leveled up my catalogue 4 times tonight, thanks to the 1.2% increase on Cat. points you get during a Splatfest. BTW, If you already bought a piece of gear that's featured in the catalogue, it will refund you the coins for it when you unlock it. I kind of feel like if you're going to put gear in the catalogue, it shouldn't also be available in the shop, but whatever.


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