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Splatoon 3 release date - September 9th!

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Didn't catch the weapon used in the first section but the music in the 3rd section of the video sounds like a rock and roll adventure. I'm sure I heard the song somewhere associated with Splatoon 3. As for the the Lunar gun in that section, never been a fan of the distanct blast radius, it's not bad for surprise attack if you can judge your distance well for attack but inking turf is not so great. Weapons such as those and snipers would be good in anarchy mode and the plentiful of battle scenarios.


I didn't and I think most didn't play Salmon Run often cause you couldn't but anyone correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the ink no matter when you went was orange?


I don't recall the ink changing color, I really like that touch. That and the maps look more varied, layered and spacious. I like, I like.


Meant to say at the top of the post but ahead of the Treehouse live event with Splatoon 3 tomorrow, the press had a chance to play Splatoon 3. With this, Steve post above and the livestream tomorrow, Nintendo is really in promotion mode for Splatoon 3 now and I am loving it.


Haven't had a chance to watch this last video here but will soon. To see how Splatoon 3 is gonna be like.

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So I finally took a sneak peak at the Splatfest demo, I expected a tutorial, (which is not necessary for me) choose your splatfest team and last a test range to test all the weapon available in the demo. No, the last one isn't a thing. Since the test range from the direct is not in the weapon shop it is in the online lobby and since this is a demo of Splatoon 3, the looby is only available for the day of the Splatfest. Meaning anyone real with weapons won't be till the Splatfest. The silver lining I suppose that everyone starts without prior knowledge of new specials or the 2 new weapons but it sucks for those who really want to see what this stuff can do before you get out the and splat.


Also, it didn't helped that so many press and the livestream yesterday. (despite them saying they are playing a special build of Splatoon 3 so that how them and the press were playing the test range) I wondered what they meant by that special build comment up till that point I assumed again, their would be a tutorial and a test range.


Tho disappointing news still looking forward to tomorrows splatfest.


Wanted to give a heads up if anyone was like me expecting a place to test your weapons before the splatfest.


Oh here's the tweet from yesterday stating what you can do now in the demo from Nintendo:


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The only way I wouldn't be on is not paying attention to the time.


Also, on the weekends I have my dinner a little a later around 8pm. I'll have the thought in mind as I play today to VC @ 8pm.


As for playing as friends in the Tricolor, they didn't mention specifically if we can. Like usual you can play with friends in Splatfest. (on the same team of course) but similar to turf wars you won't always be playing on the same team but in Splatfest it is easier in theory as you can only play with your friends team if your the same. So we can only hope that's how it works in tricolor. Anyways for me, I most likely be on different teams then Krazy at least (if he is playing) AB is rock and I am paper so no way that is happening.


But let the best team wins, the first part and the 2nd part. Whoever is caught in the middle in the 2nd half is probably gonna need all the help they can get defending themselves.

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We're in the Tricolor innings of things and here's how it's looking so far...


My overall experience connection wise have been great. I can't recall how many actual DC's I have had but it's less than 3, as for match when someone DC on your team or on the other. (only happened 2 times for that occasion) I like that it doesn't make the match continues or when it does DC for everyone it doesn't count as loss, it's a draw. So that's already a improvement to me.


Also, like that you can see how many losses and wins you racked overall in the Splatfests in the lobby or waiting for a match. I had one match with a long time ago member on NS2 who was a papermate in the Splatfest, everyone is either a scissor or rock to I can't play with them. And as usual I played well with one team for a while and they befriend me.


Well, time to get back out there.

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Won my first 3 tricolor turf wars with a fellow aerosprayer. (see what I did there with the 3?)


Wow, that was fun. Oh forgot to mention in the last post I am paper ruler. (in my head I'm looking at it as a a paper pusher, lol)


EDIT: Also, you are not forced in to tricolor turf war as I assumed when halfway in a splatfest, you can choose to partake in the tricolor or the regular turf war.

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I'm totally digging Splatoon 3's style. I mean Splatoon 1 & 2 were pretty fresh, but they took that freshness to a whole nother level with Splatoon 3! I really like some of the QoL enhancements, like being able to practice while searching for a battle. Also, I really like being able to hangout with your team in the lobby before the battle starts, like in Ninjala. They really listened to all the feedback/complaints with Splatoon 2. Now if we could change our loadout while searching for a battle as well. Oh...and the new Splatunes that were playing during the Splatfest battles, were pretty freaking great! :)  As much as I loved them, their still no Ebb and Flow. <3


Thanks hanging out during the Splatfest, @TKrazyO, and @DLurkster!




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They talked about it like it was close for 2nd place and not really. Paper got points for pro and that's it and Rock really had the votes over Scissors (not by much) despite them being first during halftime. Goes to show you just because your team is in first in halftime doesn't necessarily means they will win. But tho, I said this to @TKrazyO and @alienboyva on Discord, while they were doing Tricolor turf wars together, I just came off 2 hrs of that at 6pm ET so I went back to normal splatfests. 90% of my encounter battles were with rock which explain the rise in clout and pro points for them to win, it also helped of course they had the votes to back up such force. At least Paper got points in pro as opposed to scissors getting nothing at all.


But man the votes for Paper were lower than I anticipated, oh well I had fun yesterday and that's what matters.


Congrats team Rock on your win on the premier Splatfest Demo!

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Though i was mostly busy during the day, didn’t get too many rounds in - did get a few and into at least one Tricolor match, at least


Though aside from connection issues preventing me from getting in, when i did get in, mostly losses


Granted, I don’t play online too often as much in S2 - also I’m pretty sure most have hundreds of more experience than i do


And there were some new weapons/combinations that I’m unfamiliar with that i was trying out


Got lucky with one victory, so I’ll take that W, at least, even though lost overall


But what i did play, the servers seemed to have been pretty smooth and ran pretty smoothly and fine, as far as I could tell - and the Tricolor Battle definitely shakes things up up compared to S2’s Splatfests


Also days before when i was exploring around, saw a few Among Us drawings and at least one unexpected Homer drawing…. tbh, I’m not exactly surprised at this point, even though seeing a random Homer was unexpected 


Though 3 is coming out, I still haven’t finished the Octo Expansion DLC in 2… should work on that more, honestly 


But some of these levels are so bloody annoying and difficult….


Regardless, should either preorder or buy S3 early - when i finally got around to buying 2, missed out on at least 95% of the Splatfests… maybe except for the Mario one… i think?

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42 minutes ago, Shadow118 said:

Though 3 is coming out, I still haven’t finished the Octo Expansion DLC in 2… should work on that more, honestly 



But some of these levels are so bloody annoying and difficult….

Probably didn't notice (just going on what you said about little online play and Splatoon in general) but not like the single player campaign you don't have to beat all stages to get to the end of the game despite the steep challenges compared in single player campaign of past Splatoon. Think of it as the Mario games of collecting power stars but you don't need to get every single one or the secret ones to beat the game.


Tho that said, you still have to deal with whatever you were last stuck on as challenging. Choose the stage of least difficulty as best as you can then from there chart the best course to beat the minimum amount of stages you need to get the endgame, that's all I can offer as advice on the Octo expansion.


Also, I noticed in the treehouse livestream this past week that the single player campaign for Splatoon 3 functions sort of like Octo expansion. Despite that said, can't say it will be as difficult. Thought to give you a heads up if you decide to get Splatoon 3 or not.

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10 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

I hate the victory song and animation. The animation is too long and the song is not as good as previous ones.

I agree the animation are long and just imagine when you get other emotes, how long or short will they be for your victories.


I actually like the victory fanfare, at first I didn't like it but it grew on me. I especially like that end with that booming beat at the end. It always has my feet tapping to it and throwing my hands in the air, like I just don't care, lol.

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Interesting watch, especially for the scissor perspective.


So unless I am understanding this wrong but the winning team for Tricolor cannot simply go to Tricolor only and have to go to open turf war and randomly get a chance to play Tricolor turf war. Before watching this, I like that for me team paper and this would apply for rock too can choose what mode you want to go on. So why is the winning team forced in this random act of which mode you might go to? Doesn't sound all that fun, not if you lose or not overall but just want to play something different. Outside of prep for either mode, taking away the choice of mode is not cool.


This would explain that most of my regular turf wars were against rock in the 2nd half. I kid you not during the halfway point and the sparring times I went regular turf war, I only played against scissors 3 times totalling. This explains that even tho scissors didn't have a choice which mode they were going, they lost first place at halfway because from the perspective of rock and paper, we only saw each other in regular and what all teams saw in tricolor is was it. At first I got constant complete victories for paper some vics for rock by associations. Towards the end of the halfway, I think scissors were getting the memo in how to play tricolor as I lost a few for the first time towards the end of the night. Could be I had bad teammate but I actually seen scissors playing differently than what I played earlier, like defending and spreading more in the 2nd and 3rd place areas. Before all they were doing were defending only.


Regardless, I was curious to try to pick the popular pick next time to see how it feels to defend but if the winning team have no choice with what mode they will go. They need to give the winning team a choice in mode at the halfway point like 2nd and 3rd place. I feel there's a reason why the winning team have no choice, it is to justify the new tricolor mode and that there's always someone to play so maybe that is why they lock choice from the winning to make sure 2nd and 3rd place of a team to play with if they choose that, not like the winning team have a choice and may play turf war or tricolor at random. They need to change that option for the winning team at halfway or find a way to balance it so all can play tricolor freely by choice as I assume when I was team paper.


P.S. That twitter post of scissor getting cut from their prime by rock and paper is pretty accurate and funny as hell in the vid above at 7:15, lol.

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