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Splatoon 3 release date - September 9th!

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@TKrazyO: Just preparing for the worst if Smashdown doesn't happen. (depending how late PB comes on tonight)


You have two choices: You can continue play with me after 10pm for Splatfest or if you had enough, you can smash with whoever will play at 10pm. (These 2 choice depending we don't have 4 ppl to play with)

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That's it for me and the Splatfest. From this post the splatfest will end less than an hour from now.


I could say how I day each day I played but overall averaging out how did, I's say I won 70% of the time.


I won 2 100x battles, on in pro and open. I think I won 3 10x battles.


I only faced my team Shiver overall 4 times (majorities of those were in Tricolor, tho)


I also wanna say Big Man Team gave me the mos trouble sometimes but then Team Fyre would come in fiercely out of nowhere in some rare moments.


Let's see how this Splatfest went down in a few...


EDIT: I'm a Shiver Ruler +3 rank.

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Hmm, I wonder how of that 55% votes were bandwagonners.... but damn with popularity like that who almost needs wins.


At least Big Man got some love in the Pro, that sounds about right I lost just a little more in Pro and when you lose you gain no clouts not like the other modes where you get clout win or lose. So I am uncertain if some of those losses were with Big Man in Pro, just know they were hard at times, just can't remember the modes I lost to them at.


Well, good games to all who played.


Until next time guys!

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@TKrazyO: You are not wrong about our matches together, I think we loss a little more than won. I think you said as much before I joined you and also said weren't having a good time. I also mentioned that for me even with you I felt we were doing alright. Small part I was feeling good about how I was playing versus some unfavorable outcomes, that and it wasn't s strong feeling but I felt Team Shiver is gonna be alright and that small hunch and at least how I played overall that weekend end up with Shiver with the win. 

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