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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 now releases July 29th; Special Edition Announced

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29 minutes ago, DLurkster said:

I feel like the higher your level of your characters not the class level, the harder it is the level will class up.


Then again, now thinking about it that could be because depending on the area I am in I am overleveled so it helps to multitask with sidequests and fight a few mons not necessary in the sidequest. I was doing that a lot till I reach the 3rd region but now I don't pay much to levelling up classes. If it happens, it happens.


Don't forget, if you didn't know those sliver Nopon coins can raise your class levels in a pinch, if you have enough for a given class and characters. I've used those quite a bit nearing the end of the game. As of course when when a certain character masters a class, another can use it so. There's grinding within the grind for classes to open up to other characters and level them.


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Probably heard this or not but the 6 main classed near the end of the game can ascend to lvl 20. I think that's so for the heroes but I've yet to run into that yet or clues.




I think I just unlocked the quest that unlocks rank 20 for Riku and Manana's class, but I'm deliberately ignoring it for now until everyone is rank 10 in every class.


Do Nopon Coins eventually become farmable?

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3 hours ago, Tyranogre said:


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I think I just unlocked the quest that unlocks rank 20 for Riku and Manana's class, but I'm deliberately ignoring it for now until everyone is rank 10 in every class.


Do Nopon Coins eventually become farmable?

Not that I am aware of but  doing quick google search brings up what I was already thinking: https://game8.co/games/Xenoblade-Chronicles-3/archives/380575#hl_1


That is not farming those are in game stuff that happens naturally and not convenient time sink to get valuable currency and whatnot. 


Tho, I must admit I never knew that last fact about item 99 limit, sell those over that as gold as a gem autosell. I was wondering why I kept seeing that notification coming up.


I do all the opening containers, and as for vs fights, I always go for the experience as I feel to me I get silver nopon coins often enough. The game is not even a month old but I would of though I heard farming techniques for nopon coins. Not what is already present in game by not much effort to do.

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6 hours ago, DLurkster said:


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Probably heard this or not but the 6 main classed near the end of the game can ascend to lvl 20. I think that's so for the heroes but I've yet to run into that yet or clues.


Holy shit!I just accidentally stumbled upon Alexandria Ascension quest for lvl 20. I had her in party as I was going to Colony Iota and her quest came up. I haven't looked up on the hero screen for the hints of lvl as a while back they were ??? and majority is just to go to their colonies with them in the part to start their ascension quest. This is funny cause I often visit the colonies but I like to have somewhat even amount of attackers, defenders and healers. At least when it comes to attackers or healers, I like to have 3 of either in party for long durations. Very rarely I have more than 2 defenders. So it would be 2 defenders, 2 healers, and 3 attackers or 2 defenders, 2 attackers and 3 healers in the party for a duration of time. 

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So I just started Chapter 7, which I'm assuming is the final one because of... reasons.


I absolutely adore the fuck out of this game's characters, world building, and combat. It's all fantastic stuff.


I'd say my one major complaint is the Heroes. While handled infinitely better than 2's random gacha system for getting rare Blades, they still fall into the same trap that this series has had since X: because the story is only written around having specific characters in your party, that means that any party member who isn't a "main character" completely disappears from the plot after their personal sidequest is over, leaving them to just awkwardly stand there during important story cutscenes.

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@Tyranogre: Beat the game Friday and finished most of the post game stuff yesterday since I did like 90% of sidequests in this game before the end.


As for my expectations of the Hereos outside their ascension quest I had no expectations beyond their stories there would show up in the main story. Tho, I didn't beat Xenoblade Chronicle X, that set expectation of a full xenoblade team that any other side characters fighting with you won't be in the main story. Even without this expectation, my experience with the game is great.


Also, when you get the end of this game you may or may not get a tease for side character redemption. It depends how you look at it and won't say anymore to spoil what you will see at the end.

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On 8/31/2022 at 12:48 AM, Tyranogre said:

What’s this I hear about a glitch that causes Manana’s cooking to not work?


I definitely noticed a difference in the amount of time it took to grind Class Ranks after eating it...

I've heard of this till but this wasn't till I was close to beating the game and I was cooking more like you to raise class levels too.


I honestly don't know if this is true or not or how to really confirm. At this point and if true, this is a placebo effect cause raising class levels is a bitch so your already trying hard with or without the meal that would help make that easier.

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Since the final boss is at level 75 and I'm currently at 69 (nice), what I might end up doing is finish all the Ascension Quests and then set the difficulty to Hard for the final dungeon. I tried my best to at least unlock all classes for every character, but the way things are looking, that would make me way too overleveled, so I guess I'll just stick everyone in their default classes and save min-maxing for the postgame.


Why the fuck did Monolith lock the ability to level-down behind postgame? 1 Definitive Edition had it available from the start.

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@Tyranogre: So you seen all the phases of the final boss to see that level and your gonna go on hard for that?


When I first encounter him I was on hard too 2 lvs higher than is last for and it was midnight so I didn't get around to beating him then and there the next day I got to 80 and he beat me with some BS attack where most of the party grouped together. That was on hard, and he was about quarter of his health down. I changed my heroes 3 time, on the night before and 2 more times the next day and found won that worked with all his phase till I got hit with that BS attack on his last phase on hard at lvl 80.


Beat him at your own risk on hard, I'd say at most you might wanna be lvl 77 if not it depends on the hero assisting you, your skills you have equipped, your class and accessories. The gems of course just boost ability you want specifically for a fight or class of character. So yeah you might be able to beat him on hard. Not a bad idea to fight more in the last dungeon. I did that in my first run as I never seen these monsters before so I beat most that came my way. And of course doing any ascension quests will help you in the long run and help level up even just a little.


Yeah, I noticed that too when I beat the game. So much better to choose your level when postgame opens up but I get that some won't like that it is not accessible in the main game.

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I just Googled "xenoblade 3 final boss level" and went with the first result that said "without spoilers".


There's a difference between wanting to know how to prepare for a boss so that it's still somewhat challenging, and wanting to completely spoil yourself to the point that you already know exactly what to expect.

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So I beat the main story over the weekend, and now I'm doing postgame stuff.


Going down the Soul Hack list, one of the skills I'm missing is dropped by a unique monster called Seadragoon Melchior. I've attempted to fight him three times, but every time his HP drops to a certain level, he suddenly stops attacking, swims away, disappears, and respawns with full health so I start the fight all over again. Is this a glitch?

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