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The Forgotten Land - N4A Chat Thread - April 2022

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thinking about my FE7 playthrough with strength blessed Florina again
where she capped str long before level 20 promotion and by the end of the game was still even with hector lmao
she got robbed by the cap only increasing by 3 after promotion hamcry;

but it was beautiful and florina is forever my buff wife ty


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9 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

It's GameFreak.


Were you expecting anything else?

I mean, ILCA have heads of their own too, right? I would have hoped that someone on the dev side in either or both organization would have noticed that the base programming code is not the same and might not be compatible? 

It is quite strange to me that something like this was so easily overlooked when this is a huge piece of their business (ie. the unique coding for Pokémon). I work in a Technology setting for a Canadian bank, and while sure people are people and can screw up easily… we have monitoring controls in place for this very reason…

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4 minutes ago, DranSeasona said:

Zelda tattoo of some kind, this time?

"this time"? You mean, "again"?


Yes! Spiritual Stones getting added to the Zelda sleeve. But also getting a koi on my calf to coverup an old crappy tattoo I got when I was 18.

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While I don't fully understand the technical explanation (C# and unity just have vastly different data structures seems to be the tl;dr), that would explain things. It's so weird bdsp is almost five months old and still home compatability, including features locked to it like gts, isn't added.


My living home dex has been built under the assumption bdsp will add home compatability, so I still hope it happens but may boot up a 3ds game for dexited Johto/hoenn/sinnoh mons (Let's Go will cover Kanto, at least).

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Living Home Dex update:

  • All 63 Alcremie forms complete. Why oh why did I make every last one of them.
  • Have two "authentic" sinistea, so done with that mon
  • Kanto through Sinnoh mons avaliable within SwSh is complete
  • Unova is complete, modulo hisuian forms. Dexited mons were supplemented from Bank.
  • All Vivillon forms obtained via a giveaway on r/PokemonTrades
  • Got all Furfrou forms by trading dupe alcremie, minior, and some old shiny mons I got from WT in Gen VI/VII.

Thankfully, Kalos/Alola/Galar are all relatively short (650 to 905, so about 80ish mons each) and the obnoxious forms are dealt with, so I think it's pretty downhill from here.


Oh, and I'm attempting to go through Pokemon Black 2 again. Started from beginning because I do not remember where I left off, with a party of Leavanny, Pignite, Simipour, and Mincinno. At midnight, I'll add mandibuzz, and later add Tynamo once I get to chargestone cave. Making a point of prioritizing dexited mons, but Unova repeats types pretty quickly (almost all dexited unova mons are fire, water, grass, or electric), so Mincinno is there because cute mouse and has HA and Mandibuzz because lmao, I can't imagine using a Vullaby so will take advantage of a pre-evolved mandibuzz because I like using Pokemon I don't get to use often.


yes, Pokemon Legends Arcues reawakened a deeply buried urge to play Pokemon that can only be quelled by playing more Pokmeon. Please understand.

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