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The Nintendo Baseball League ver. 2

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Semifinals Day 3: 


Sarasaland Coins vs. Popstart Runners @ Dumbledore Memorial Stadium, Hogwarts 



Uh… looks at notes… Tatanga, Purple Paratroopa, and Daisy beat Kirby and Bandana Dee. Huh.  


Well, here’s something not shocking: 


Phantom Personas vs. UNSC Chiefs @ Radical Dreamers Dome, Anri, El Nido 



The Halo team might have had a great comeback last year… but Persona turned 25th this year. And, I’m more excited about the Inaba team.  

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Since I'll most likely be tired and doing stuff tonight... like yesterday.  


Finals Day 1: 


Sarsaland Coins vs. Phantom Personas @ Final Desination, Unknown




Tatanga, Purple Paratroopa, and The Outfield Trio beat Aegis, Teddie, and Morgana. You idiots, you defeated their mascots!  


Finals Day 2: 


Sarsaland Coins vs. Phantom Personas @ Final Desination, Unknown




Tatanga, The Infield Trio, and Pac-Man lost to… Mitsuru Kirijo, Aegis, Makoto Yuki, Teddie, Naoto Shirogane, Yu Narukami, Morgana, Makoto Niijima, Joker, and Goro Akechi. Well, tomorrow is it!  

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Finals Day 3: 


Sarsaland Coins vs. Phantom Personas @ Final Desination, Unknown




Tatanga and Daisy lost to the Persona 3-5 Protagonists. I should feel sad for Sarasaland, if it wasn’t for the fact that after years of waiting, ANOTHER SONY TEAM FINALLY GOT THE VGWBC CUP OR WHATEVER!  But seriously, after years of Nintendo domination, at least Sony has a right to show off. Maybe next time for Microsoft and Disney.

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XLW looks at his notes during player re-signing and free agency, only to realize a missing piece of the puzzle.


There’s a lot to Shantae and to Inti, the team behind such great indie games such as the Azure Striker Gunvolt, Blaster Master Zero, and Bloodstained series. … TEAMS… ASSEMBLE! 


Most of the teams gathered, with the only ones noticeable missing are all of the Capcom ones and Mimiga Town, since they all have ties to them in some way. That left 1000 votes in the air. 


The results…  


The Inti series barely passed with 555 votes. 

Shantae got to 850. 


Shantae was simple, since their tropical and platformer nature appeased to the NBL audience. Inti was a harder sell, since the nature of its sci-fi themes moslty only went to the teenage and adult demographic, and the other sci-fi and scientific teams. There were some unconventional votes. Some praised the designs of the characters, and the rebellious nature of some of the characters. 


With that said… XLW had to cut two teams. Easily enough, Star City was the first to leave. Most of the Rare teams had no right being in the NBL any longer. But, Wizpig is still in the NBL. His presence cannot be avoided. 


The next one was a sad and shocking, but reasonably leave: Weyard. Even though the series is one of the best of the 2000s… there was never a game later on. Of course, Isaac will still be around because of his cult fame. His team can no longer carry him alone.    


The Inti team will be the Sophia Strikers, and Shantae’s team will be… the Scuttle Town Half-Genies, in a reference to Shantae. It will be hard for Inti, since they have three series. It will be like trying to merge DQ with the Mana series.  


When the next Poke’mon game will come out… Castelia is getting the axe. For sure.   


Now, with that said… the NBL might be changing drastically. Since the way of putting teams in leagues has been extremely outdated due to the nature of the three-tier league system, I’ve put in a motion to change the leagues in order of each team’s first game/franchise appearance. (Some of these will be based on Western releases, AKA when it showed up in North America, because of their worldwide popularity, and later releases on Nintendo consoles.) (Third party teams like Marvel and Dragon Ball will be put in the end of the line in order to appease the NBL share-holders.) And, in all fairness, this is only going to happen within leagues, so Subcon won’t go up to the Premier League any time soon. There might be some problems with this. It’s unknown of the relationship right now, but Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland did not get along well in 2015 or 2016. Some teams will have to change their DHs, and this process of managing the teams like this will be constant and permanent. This process will be long and arduous, but hopefully reasonable.  


(And I will get to XC3 eventually, so please don’t ask me that! Who might leave if a team from them will turn heads.)  





??? NBL Team Registry for Fall 2022! 
Nintendo Baseball Premier League 
Miyamoto League
Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers 
Hylian Knights
Zebes Hunters 
Sarasaland Coins 
Ylissean Shepherds 
Narshe Rebels 
Carnival Night Ringers 
Wood Oak City Fists 
South Town Wolves 
Tokyo Typhoons 
Popstar Runners 
Koholint Dreamers 
Epoch Explorers
Wumpa Island Bandicoots 
Avalar Dragonflies
Celadon Razorleaves
Yamauchi League  


Sonic Heroes 
Termina Mooncrushers 
Smashville Savages
Forest Haven Koroks 
Rogueport Bandits 
Los Angeles Lawyers 
Jubilife Journeymen 
Twilight Interlopers 
London Lookers 
Bionis Xenoblades 
Hope’s Peak Ultimates 
Great Plateau Adventurers
Fodland Houses 
Amazing Avengers 
Dragon Ball FighterZ  
Dimension X Turtles
Nintendo Baseball Championship League 
Arakawa League:  
Skyworld Angels 
Megaman Bombers 
Dragon Quest Swords 
Valley of Koopas 
Mute City Racers 
Laurasia Comets
Kongo Krystal Koconuts 
Onett Golden Eagles 
Yoshi’s Island Eggs 
Mayahem Jinjos 
Saffron Psychics 
Goldenrod Nuggets 
Destiny Island Keyblade Wielders 
Tallon Sharpshooters
Bern Dragonkillers  
Magvel Royals 
Iwata League:

Gallia Steel 
New Pork Bankees 
Santa Destroy Mercenaries   
Khura'in Dragons 
Mimiga Town Monsters 
Nimbasa Electrics
Lanaryu Loftwings 
Tortimer Island Terrapins 
Inkopolis Squids
Hau’Oli City Totems 
Arms Brawlers  

New Donk City Captains
Alrest Titans 
Caverna Copycats  
Orsterra Travelers 
Nook Island Survivors         


Nintendo Baseball Reserve League 
Dracula’s Castlevania 
Subcon Dreamcatchers 
River City High School 
Metro City Vigilantes 
Cornerian Arwings 
Venomian Vipers 
Neo Arcadia Nationals 
Moleville Miners 
Halfmoon Destroyers 
Las Vegas Darkstalkers 
Mekanos Machines 
Ripple Star Miracle Matter 
Anri Radicals 
Labrynna Oracles
Luigi’s Last Resort 
Hocotatian Hammers 
Scuttle Town Half-Genies 
Delfino Shines 
Slateport Surf
Tethealla Tales 
Phantom Personas 
Castelia Black Widows
Blossom City Superheroes 
Lumiose Lasers
Sophia Strikers 
Valla Siblings 
Valentia Valor 
Zaphias Imperials  
Circhester Shields 
Toronto Bombs 
Glenbrook Triangles 
Wondaria Beasts 
Nintendo Baseball Premier League 
Miyamoto League   
Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers
C Lubba
1B Yellow Toad
2B Toadette
3B Sans
SS Toad 
LF Rabbid Luigi
CF Bartz
RF Flutter 
DH Silver
SP Mario
SP Red Yoshi
SP Brighton
SP Mona
SP MC Ballyhoo
MRP Rayman
MRP Aegislash
LRP Twila
SU Crazy Hand
CL Toadsworth
1B Purple Toad  
2B Blue Toad
C Midbus 
RF Waddlewing
SS Nabbit  
CF Pac-Man
Hylian Knights 
C Ruto
1B Darunia 
2B Saria
3B OoT Ganondorf
SS Guru-Guru
LF OoT Link 
CF Cadence
RF Isaac
DH Rauru
SP OoT Zelda  
SP Din 
SP Naryu 
SP Malon
SP Farore
MRP Talon
MRP OoT Postman
LRP Twinrova
SU OoT Impa
CL Agahnim
2B Mido
3B Iron Knuckle
C Yuga
RF Nabooru 
1B Dampe
LF Wizzrobe 
Zebes Hunters
C Kraid 
1B E.M.M.I-051M
2B Silver Zebesian
3B Trevor Belmont 
SS Blade
LF Ridley
RF Federation Trooper 
DH Zagreus 
SP Wild Gunman
SP Samus Aran
SP Fuse Man
SP Helix
SP Alucard
MRP Sheegoth
MRP Gorea
LRP Bardock         
SU Omega Metroid 
CL Raven Beak
1B Cooler
DH Frieza 
CF Quiet Robe
SS E.M.M.I.-04SB
3B E.M.M.I.-06WB
LF Roswell-Alien 
Sarasaland Coins 
C Tatanga
1B Sledge Bro
2B Chef Bro
3B Sumo Bro
SS Purple Paratroopa 
LF Fire Bro  
CF Hammer Bro 
RF Boomerang Bro 
DH Wario
SP Maxwell 
SP Daisy  
SP Master Hand
SP Lakitu
SP Mii Pitcher
MRP Ice Bro
MRP Mouser
LRP Waluigi
SU Dr. Mario
CL Baby Daisy 
1B Monty Mole
DH Shigeru Miyamoto
2B Mona
CF Birdo  
C Mii Infield
CF Mii Outfield  
Ylissean Shepherds 
C Marth
1B Severa
2B Lucina
3B Chrom
SS Olivia
LF Catria
CF Est
RF Palla 
DH Caeda
SP Ricken  
SP Frederick 
SP Noire
SP Robin 
SP Miriel 
MRP Lissa
MRP Stahl 
LRP Gangrel
SU Nyna
CL Emmeryn
SS Inigo
2B Maribelle  
C Donnel
RF Sumia
1B Vaike
CF Marianne

Narshe Rebels  
C Garland
1B Sabin
2B Edgar
3B Tifa
SS Nana
LF Popo
CF Cloud
RF Yuffie
DH Cecil
SP Rosa
SP Celes
SP Terra 
SP Setzer
MRP Exdeath
MRP Calista
LRP Aerith
SU Sephiroth  
CL Kefka
DH Warrior of Light
CF Locke
RF Zidane
1B Steiner
3B Beatrix
C Eight  
Carnival Night Ringers 
C Heavy King
1B Zavok
2B Toejam
3B Classic Sonic
SS Beat
LF Heavy Rider
CF Strider Hiryu
RF Classic Tails
DH Amy Rose
SP Gilius Thunderhead 
SP Cream
SP Cheese
SP Metal Sonic
SP Heavy Gunner
MRP Earthworm Jim
MRP Heavy Magician
LRP Heavy Shinobi
CL Classic Eggman
2B Earl
3B Segata Sanshiro
RF Mighty
C Knuckles 
LF Ray 
1B Conker
Wood Oak City Fists  
C Mr. X 
1B Adam Hunter
2B Blaze Fielding 
3B Knives Chau
SS Skate
LF Thunder
CF Floyd
RF Cherry Hunter   
DH Barbon
SP Commisioner
SP Dirtbag
SP DJ K-Washi 
SP Groundchuck
SP Roo
MRP Vigintio 
MRP Estel
LRP Dr. Zan  
SU Ms. Y
CL Mr. Y
C Abadede
2B Nora
SS Zamza 
3B Zorax
LF Jack
DH Heidern 
South Town Wolves: 
C Geese Howard
1B Joe Higashi
2B Terry Bogard
3B Andy Bogard
SS Benimaru Nikaido
LF Chris
CF Ryuji Yamazaki
RF Rock Howard
DH Yashiro Nanakase
SP Kyo Kusanagi
SP Marco Rossi
SP Tarma Roving
SP Iori Yagami
MRP Ralf Jones
MRP Clark Still
LRP Wolfgang Krauser
SU Rugal Bernstein
CL Orochi
1B Robert Garcia
2B Ryo Sakazaki
3B Charlie Nash
SS Billy Kane 
DH Kim Kaphwan
CF Maxima   


Tokyo Typhoons: 
C Edmond Honda  
1B Ken
2B Karin
3B Zangief
SS Piston Hondo 
LF Sakura
CF Sagat
RF Chun-Li 
DH Thunder Hawk 
SP Ryu
SP Cammy 
SP Guile
SP Fei Long
SP Dee Jay  
MRP Balrog
MRP Vega
LRP Grazie
SU Tung Fu Rue
CL Dhalsim
C Blanka
SS Ibuki  
3B Akuma   
2B Dudley 
RF Elena   
CF M. Bison


Popstar Runners 
C King Dedede 
1B Mace Knight
2B Lalala
3B Blade Knight
SS Lololo
LF Cappy
CF Kirby
RF Metaknight
DH Waddle Doo
SP Chilly
SP Sir Kibble 
SP Poppy Bros. Jr 
SP Gim
SP Mr. Bright
MRP Orbeetle
MRP Kracko
LRP Goriath
SU Mr. Shine
CL Nightmare
DH Tressa Colzione  
1B Sparky
3B Burning Leo
2B Masher
SS Waiu
RF Starfy  
Koholint Dreamers 
C Dethl
1B Monster Hunter
2B Moblin
3B Dark Link
SS Phantom Striker
LF Cuckoo Keeper
CF Lynel
RF Tarin
DH Grim Creeper
SP Richard  
SP Young Link
SP Fuji 
SP Mamu 
SP Hinox
MRP Meownster Hunter
MRP ALTTP Sahasrahla  
LRP Tetra
SU Sheik 
CL Marin
DH Aveil
2B Madam Meowmeow 
LF Poseidon 
RF Shy Guy 
SS Anti-Sora
C Reggie Fils-Aime 
Epoch Explorers   
C Queen Zeal  
1B Black Tyranno
2B Edea Lee
3B Frog
SS Ayla
LF Robo
CF Marle
RF Crono
DH Future Trunks
SP Lucca
SP Ringabel
SP Rydia
SP Anna (FE)
SP Jessica
MRP Golbez
MRP Kuja
LRP Airy
SU Magus 
CL Lavos
3B Dalton 
LF Schala
1B Braev Lee
CF Sumo
SS Raticate
DH Arch Behemoth  
Wumpa Island Bandicoots 
C Dr. Neo Cortex
1B Tyshawn Jones
2B Kat
3B Shane O’Neill
SS Ana
LF Crash Bandicoot
CF Pinstripe Potoroo
RF Coco Bandicoot 
DH Dingodile
SP Penta Penguin
SP Nina Cortex
SP Tiny Tiger
SP Komodo Joe
SP Komodo Moe
MRP Espeon
MRP Umbreon
LRP Dr. N. Brio
SU Dr. N. Gin
CL Dr. N. Tropy 
SS Pura 
2B Ripper Roo
DH Tawna 
1B Baby T
CF Polar 
RF N. Trance

Avalar Dragonflies 
C Tony Hawk
1B Elissa Steamer
2B Elora
3B Hunter
SS Spyro
LF Crush
CF Sgt. James Byrd
RF Sheila 
DH Bentley 
SP Rat King 
SP Mr. Bones
SP Blowhard
SP Bianca
SP Agent 9
MRP Dr. Shemp
MRP Gnasy Gnorc
LRP The Professor
SU Sorceress
CL Ripto
2B Greta
SS Handel 
CF Toasty 
DH Bartholomew
RF Moneybags   
LF Scorch  


Celadon Razorleaves 
C May
1B Brock
2B Misty
3B Erika
SS Pikachu
LF Piers
CF Charizard
RF Golem
DH Venusaur
SP Blastoise  
SP Gary Oak
SP Victreebel
SP Munchlax
SP Galarian Farfetch'd
MRP Pidgeot
MRP Lt. Surge
LRP Agatha
SU Jigglypuff
CL Mewtwo
CF Lance
2B Raichu
DH Vileplume 
C Scizor
1B Pichu 
SS Bellosom    
Yamauchi League  
 Sonic Heroes:
C Alex Kidd
1B Shadow
2B Espio
3B Jet
SS Sonic
LF Vector
CF Rogue
RF Tails
SP Charmy Bee
SP Blaze
SP Ulala
SP Storm
SP Wave
MRP Billy Hatcher
MRP Chaos
LRP Vyse
SU Bayonetta
CL Dr. Eggman
2B Amiga
LF Coco Tapioca
C Amigo 
SS Meemee 
1B Aiai  
3B Axel Stone
Termina Mooncrushers 
C Mayor Dotour
1B Igos Du Ikana 
2B Riju
3B Onilink 
SS Deku Scrub
LF Ingo
CF Happy Mask Salesman
RF MM Tingle
SP Cremia 
SP Romani  
SP Mr. Barten 
SP Darmani 
SP Lulu
MRP Gorman
MRP Keaton
LRP Urbosa
SU Majora
CL Mikau  
2B Anju
1B Odolwa 
SS Goron Elder’s Son 
LF Evan
3B Kafei
CF Skull Kid
C Deku Princess  
Smashville Savages 
C KK Slider
1B Joan
2B Labelle
3B Mabel
SS Sable
LF Pelly 
CF Pete
RF Phyllis
SP Porter
SP Zipper T Bunny
SP Villager
SP Chip
SP Attila
MRP Crazy Redd
MRP Harriet
LRP Blanca
SU Big
CL Resetti
CF Saharah
1B Brewster
C Booker 
LF Genghis Frog
3B Rover
CF Copper 
2B Wendell    
Forest Haven Koroks 
C Linebeck
1B Bokoblin
2B Toon Link
3B WW Ganondorf
SS Mako
LF Helmaroc King
CF Medli
RF Komali
SP WW Tingle
SP Gonzo  
SP Zuko
SP Alfonzo
SP Aryll
MRP Sturgeon
MRP Niko
LRP Byrne
SU Toon Zelda
CL King Hyrule
2B Makar 
RF Senza   
LF Nudge
CF Quill
SS Ivan
1B Gorko 
3B Orca
Rogueport Bandits 
C Grodus   
1B Jr. Troopa 
2B Natasia
3B Paper Bowser 
SS Goombario
LF Gonzales 
CF Goombella
RF Admiral Bobbery
SP Paper Mario 
SP Paper Luigi 
SP Paper Peach  
SP Madame Flurrie
SP Punchinello
MRP Vivian
MRP Count Bleck 
LRP Kammy Koopa 
SU Dimentio 
CL Shadow Queen
2B Parakarry
C King Olly
CF Lakilester
RF Kooper
LF Koops
SS Ms. Mowz  
3B Rawk Hawk


Los Angeles Lawyers   
C Simon Blackquill  
1B Maya Fey
2B Neku Sakuraba
3B Larry Butz
SS Kay Faraday
LF Hugh O’Conner
CF Detective Gumshoe 
RF Shiki Misaki
SP Phoenix Wright  
SP Pearl Fey
SP Miles Edgeworth
SP Robin Newman
SP Viewtiful Joe
MRP Adrian Andrews
MRP Franziska von Karma
LRP Riley Hawk
SU Godot
CL Mia Fey
C Juniper Woods
2B Baymax
3B Will Powers
RF Maggey Byrde
CF Tyrell Badd
LF Lotta Hart
SS Hiro Hamada
Jubilife Journeymen 
C Empoleon 
1B Ursuluna 
2B Growlithe
3B Maylene
SS Weavile
LF Roark
CF Garchomp 
RF Bryon 
SP Lucian
SP Hisuian Zoroark 
SP Gardenia 
SP Infernape
SP Octillery 
MRP Gardevoir
MRP Gallade
LRP Fantina
SU Lucario 
CL Cynthia
SS Hisuian Lilligant
3B Crasher Wake  
LF Floatzel 
RF Gliscor
2B Hisuian Arcanine
C Hisuian Typhlosion
CF Torterra
Twilight Interlopers  
C Hena  
1B Darbus
2B TP Ganondorf
3B Ralis
SS Wolf Link
LF Iza
CF Dynolfos
RF Colin
SP Shadow Beast 
SP Midna 
SP Ilia  
SP TP Zelda 
SP Ook
MRP Scarlet Witch
MRP Vision
LRP Stalchampion
SU Fado
CL King Bulbin
CF Ashei
2B Malo
LF Coro
C Telma
1B Darknut 
RF Agitha   
SS Zant 
London Lookers  
C Leon Bronev
1B Sir Zacharias Barnham
2B Susato Mikotoba
3B Ryunosuke Naruhodo 
SS Emmy Altavia
LF Espella Cantabella
CF Seishirou Jigoku
RF Barok van Zieks
SP Professor Layton
SP Sherlock Holmes 
SP Iris Wattson 
SP Kazuma Asogi
SP Inspector Chelmey
MRP Knight Man
MRP Soseki Natsume  
LRP Don Paolo
SU Jean Descole
CL Storyteller
3B Satoru Iwata 
SS Gina Lestrade
RF Katrielle Layton
3B Luke Triton
CF Mael Stronghart
C Inquisitor Darklaw 
2B Flora Reinhold


Bionis Xenoblades
C Fiora 
1B Riki  
2B Melia 
3B Shulk 
SS Mumkhar
LF Reyn
CF Firion
RF Alvis  
SP Dunban
SP Lenna
SP Vanea
SP Loritiha
SP Sharla
MRP Krile
MRP James Bond
LRP Dickson
SU Egil
CL Zanza 
C Gilgamesh
2B Faris
CF Galuf
LF Yangus
1B Angelo
3B Cross
RF Elma   
Hope’s Peak Ultimates 
C Byakuya Togami 
1B Leon Kuwata
2B Chiaki Nanami
3B Sakura Ogami
SS Hajime Hinata
LF Nagito Komaeda
CF Kiyotaka Ishimaru
RF K1-B0
SP Kaede Akamatsu
SP Kyoko Kirigiri
SP Akane Owari 
SP Himiko Yumeno
SP Makoto Naegi
MRP Gladion
MRP Uzuki Yashiro
LRP Celestia Ludenberg 
SU Kokichi Oma
CL Shuichi Saihara


C Mondo Owada
1B Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
CF Kaito Momota
RF Gundham Tanaka
LF Rantaro Amami  
2B Kirumi Tojo 
SS Maki Harukawa 
Great Plateau Adventurers
C Prince Sidon
1B Yunobo
2B Purah
SS Thunderblight Ganon
3B Daruk
LF Windblight Ganon
RF Skipper
SP Chio
SP Paya
SP Mipha
SP Guardian Scout III
SP Hetsu
MRP Kilton
MRP Waterblight Ganon
LRP Kass
CL King Rhoam
3B Fireblight Ganon
SS Master Kohga
RF Revali
LF Teba
CF OoT Great Fairy
2B Amaterasu
1B Stalfos
Fodland Houses 
C Byleth
1B Edelgard
2B Caspar
3B Dimitri
SS Catherine
LF Balthus
CF Ingrid
RF Leonie
SP King Knight
SP Plague Knight
SP Merric
SP Katarina
SP Spectre Knight
MRP Michaiah
MRP Flayn
LRP Arvis
SU Rhea
CL Sothis
SS Onion Knight
1B Sothe
CF Seteth
LF Sylvain 
3B Kain
SS Felix
RF Claude


Amazing Avengers 
 C Black Panther
1B Doctor Octopus
2B Mysterio
3B Captain America
SS Black Widow
LF Iron Man
CF Officer Jerk
RF Super Macho Man
SP Spider-Man
SP Valkyrie
SP Rocket Racoon 
SP Groot
SP Nova


MRP Nebula
MRP Mantis
LRP Hawkeye
SU Dr. Strange
CL Stan Lee
1B Drax
C Thanos
RF Thor
1B Venom
3B Luke Sullivan
CF Star-Lord
SS Gamora 


Dragon Ball FighterZ 
C Yamcha
1B Gamma 1
2B Gohan
3B Goku
SS Android 18
LF Android 17
CF Vegeta
RF Tien
SP Broly
SP Burter
SP Jeice 
SP Krillin 
SP Piccolo
MRP Guldo
MRP Recoome
LRP Kid Buu
SU Whis
CL Beerus 
SS Hercule 
C Captain Ginyu 
RF Majin Buu 
1B Gamma 2
3B Android 21  
LF Android 16 
CF Cell
Dimension X Turtles 
C Leonardo 
1B Raphael  
2B Splinter 
3B Shredder
SS Michelangelo
LF Casey Jones
CF Slash
RF Donatello
SP April O’Neil  
SP Bebop 
SP Rocksteady 
SP Yodai Higashizawa
SP Foot Clan Soldier
MRP Baxter Stockman 
MRP Dr. Rockwell
LRP Karai  
SU Triceraton
CL Kraang 
1B Metalhead
3B Leatherhead 
SS Mondo Gecko
C Napoleon Bonafrog 
2B Rasputin
CF Zanmoran
RF Wingnut 


Nintendo Baseball Championship League 
Arakawa League:    
Skyworld Angels 
C Tiki
1B Golden Retriever
2B Togetic
3B Dig Dug
SS Tracy
LF Balloon Fighter
CF Pit
RF Palutena 
DH Yun
SP Strike Man
SP Air Man
SP Topi
SP Magnus
SP Centurion
MRP Sheep Man
LRP Moogle
SU Masahiro Sakurai
CL Mr. Game And Watch
RF Laughing Dog  
CF Tabuu
SS Little Mac
1B Goomba
LF Doc Loius
DH Yang 
Megaman Bombers 
C Yellow Devil
1B Duo
2B Flash Man
3B Centaur Man
SS Roll
LF Bass
CF Guts Man
RF Mega Man Volnutt
DH Metal Man
SP Mega Man 
SP Proto Man 
SP Block Man
SP Crash Man
SP Bubble Man
MRP Mega Man Juno
MRP Heat Man
LRP Blizzard Man
SU Quick Man
CL Dr. Wily
SS Rush
DH Bounce Man
2B Servbot
C Wood Man
3B Splash Woman 
CF Tron Bonne 
Dragon Quest Swords 
C Dragonlord   
1B Terry  
2B Randi
3B Erdrick
SS Hawkeye
LF Cid Pollendia
CF Primm
RF Duran 
DH Luminary
SP Popoi
SP Ignatz
SP Angela
SP Veronica
SP Bernadetta
MRP Dark Majesty
MRP Baramos
LRP Geshtar
SU Thanatos
CL Mordegon
C Solo
SS Charlotte
1B Kevin 
CF Riesz
DH Jade
3B Corvus  
Valley of Koopas  
C Morton Koopa Jr.
1B Larry Koopa
2B Koopa Troopa
3B Bowser
SS Iggy Koopa 
LF Roy Koopa 
CF Boom Boom
RF Wendy O Koopa  
DH Dark Bones
SP Magikoopa 
SP Kamek
SP Blooper
SP Chargin Chuck
SP Bowser Jr. 
MRP Private Goomp 
MRP Sergeant Guy
LRP Corporal Paraplonk 
SU Ludvig Von Koopa
CL Doug Bowser 
RF Paratroopa
2B Lemmy Koopa
CF Captain Shy Guy 
SS Pom Pom
C Captain Koopa  
LF Paragoomba   
Mute City Racers  


C Samurai Goroh  
1B Pico  
2B Misery 
3B Blood Falcon
SS Balrog
LF Zoda 
CF Rick Wheeler
RF Captain Falcon 
DH Dr. Stewart
SP Ryota Hayami
SP Princia Ramode
SP Lily Flyer
SP Jody Summer  
SP Akari Hayami
MRP Tenzou
MRP Ekoro
LRP Kent Akechi 
SU John Tanaka 
CL Black Shadow
DH Soda Popinski   
SS Bio Rex
C Kareem Campbell
CF Goro Daimon
3B Ricky Winterborn 
1B Deathborn
Laurasia Comets
C Ark  
1B Freedan 
2B Gloria
3B Aeron
SS Adelle
LF Gem The Jeweler
CF Blazer
RF Seth
SP Will
SP Kara 
SP Lilly
SP Seth
SP Shadow
MRP Deathtoll
MRP Beruga
LRP Prince of Sable
SU Erik
CL Neil
RF Adam
2B Martha 
C Van Grants
LF Zael
CF Shantath
SS Kalas
3B Ayme
Kongo Krystal Koconuts 
C Cranky Kong  
1B Rambi 
2B Tiny Kong
3B Diddy Kong
SS Dixie Kong   
LF Expresso
CF Penguru
RF Squawks
DH Captain Blubber
SP Donkey Kong 
SP Funky Kong   
SP Swanky Kong  
SP Squitter Spider   
SP Baby DK
MRP Millennium Star
MRP Pompy
LRP Ba-Boom
SU Candy Kong
CL Queen Banana Bird
RF Ellie 
1B Ukiki
RF Otus
LF Kylie Koopa
C Filmia  
CF Mole Miner Max
Onett Golden Eagles 
C Ness
1B Flying Man 
2B Atropos XR
3B Poo
SS Rindo
LF Starman
CF Ninten
RF Geoff Rowley
DH Megumi Kitaniji 

SP Teddy
SP Jeff 
SP Palom
SP Porom
SP Gadolt
MRP Paula  
MRP Koki Kariya 
LRP Raine  
SU Fret
CL Vivi
LF Stocke
RF Alois
SS Tiz Arrior
3B The Master
1B Eggplant Man
2B Umaro
DH Nagi Usui
Yoshi’s Island Eggs
C Poochy   
1B Baby Bowser
2B Baby Luigi 
3B Green Yoshi
SS Baby Mario   
LF Wiggler
CF Blue Yoshi
RF Yellow Yoshi
DH Purple Yoshi
SP Light Blue Yoshi 
SP White Yoshi
SP Green Toad
SP Pink Yoshi
SP Baby Peach
MRP Big Montgomery
MRP Prince Dreambert
LRP Pak E. Derm
SU Peach
CL The Stork
C Brown Yoshi
CF Paper Toad
1B Orange Yoshi
RF Poochy-Pup
LF Raphael Raven
DH Burt The Ball     


Mayahem Jinjos
C Jamjars 
1B Boomer Bear
2B Bottles
3B Humba Wumba 
SS Manky Kong
LF Miss Cluck The Insincere
CF Kazooie
RF Banjo 
DH Lord Frederick
SP Pompy 
SP Mumbo Jumbo 
SP Boggy  
SP Jingaling 
SP Jiggywiggy
MRP Ghastly King
MRP Captain Blubber
LRP Mingy Jongo 
SU Klungo  
CL Gruntilda
2B Brentilda  
CF Wizpig
SS Tooty 
RF K. Lumsy  
LF Rahzar
1B Tokka
Saffron Psychics  
C Professor Oak
1B Blue
2B Red
3B Meowth
SS Janine 
LF Arbok
CF Volkner
RF Flint
DH Eevee
SP Hitmonchan
SP Hitmonlee 
SP Alazakam
SP Electivire
SP Magmortar
MRP James
MRP Jessie
LRP Galarian Rapidash
SU Sabrina
CL Goivanni
RF Galarian Mr. Mime
3B Wigglytuff
C Kanghaskan
2B Slowbro 
1B Koga  
Goldenrod Nuggets     
C Whitney
1B Bruno
2B Clair
3B Miltank 
SS Falkner
LF Lopunny
RF Bugsy 
DH Chuck
SP Feraligatr 
SP Azumarill
SP Nidoqueen
SP Nidoking
SP Ampharos 
MRP Blaine
MRP Lorelei
LRP Genghar
SU Morty
CL Meganium
RF Dragonite 
2B Will
DH Silver
CF Karen   
C Jasmine
LF Pinsir 
Destiny Island Keyblade Wielders 
C Sora (KHIII version)
1B Terra
2B Kairi (KHIII version)
3B Riku (KHIII version)
SS Lizzie Armanto 
LF Lea
CF Aqua  
RF Ventus 
DH Namine


SP Invi
SP Gula
SP Ira
SP Aced
SP Ava
MRP Chritihy
MRP Joshua
LRP Loki
SU Master Eraqus
CL Ansem The Wise 
SS Darkling
CF Lich
2B Dark Thorn
3B R. Mika
DH Shoka Sakurane
C Tanzo Kubo
Tallon Sharpshooters   
C Dark Samus
1B Torizo
2B Isa Jo
3B Weavel 
LF Sylux
CF Meta-Ridley
RF Trace  
DH Metroid Prime Exo 
SP Gamma
SP Kanden  
SP Luminoth 
SP Ghor  
SP Crystal Man
MRP Spire
MRP Parasite Queen
LRP Rundas
SU Noxus
CL Zero Suit Samus
1B Phazon Elite
LF Bojack
CF Arachnus 
3B Mira
2B Gandrayda
DH Towa  
Bern Dragonkillers 
C Hector  
1B Eliwood
2B Lowen
3B Hawkeye
SS Kaze
LF Fiora
CF Farina
RF Roy
DH Zephiel
SP Matthew
SP Lyn
SP Lilina
SP Rolf
SP Florina
MRP Pent
MRP Serra
LRP Mercedes
SU Ninian
CL Legault 
RF Karel
1B Linus
3B Owain
2B Ursula
DH Michalis
CF Lloyd 
Magvel Royals  
C Camus
1B Ross
2B Eirika  
3B Ephraim 
SS Rennac
LF Kyle 
CF Franz
RF Forde 
DH Duessel
SP Innes  
SP L’Arachel
SP Lute
SP Ewan
SP Selena
MRP Tana 
MRP Vanessa 
LRP Syrene
SU Nergal
CL Lyon 
CF Seth 
RF Cormag
2B Dorothea
3B Amelia
SS Joshua
LF Dozla 
Iwata League: 
Gallia Steel 
C Elincia
1B Black Knight
2B Lucia
3B Ike
SS Mia
LF Kieran
CF Haar
RF Geoffrey
SP Nephenee
SP Bartre 
SP Soren
SP Leonardo 
SP Nino
MRP Oliver
MRP Julius 
LRP Korekiyo Shinguji
SU Mist
CL Sanaki
1B Callaech
RF Oscar 
C Titania
LF Petrine
3B Gerik
SS Jaffar  
CF King Ashnard 
New Pork Bankees  
C Emperor Geldoblame  
1B Grimsley
2B Kumatora
3B Denys Geneolgia
SS Yew Geneoglia
LF Ultimate Chimera 
CF Duster
RF Ali
SP Eiko
SP Garnet 
SP Porky
SP Agnes
SP Ana
MRP Runerigus
MRP Flint
LRP Zemus
SU Hinawa
CL Claus
1B Sho Minamimoto
2B Magnolia Arch 
LF Ferdinand
SS Midori Midorikawa 
C Sanae Hanekoma 
CF Psaro  
3B Lucas 
Santa Destroy Mercenaries  
C Sylvia Christel 
1B Dan Smith 
2B Bad Girl    
3B Travis Touchdown
SS Shinobu Jacobs
LF Badman
CF Henry Cooldown 
RF Christopher Mills 


SP Notorious
SP Sniping Lee
SP Dr. Naomi 
SP Dr. Peace
SP Kimmy Love
MRP Destroyman True Face
MRP Dark Star
LRP Jasper Batt Jr.
SU Jess Baptiste VI
CL Jeane  
SS Speed Buster 
1B Margaret Moonlight
C Dr. Juvenile
2B Alice Twilight
LF Deadpool 
RF NT Kamui  
3B Shiva 
Khura'in Dragons  
C Inga Karkuul Khura’in  
1B Ema Skye
2B Amara Sigatar Khura’in 
3B Apollo Justice
SS Dats Are’bal  
LF Jinxie Tenma
CF Klavier Gavin
RF Beh'leeb Inmee
SP Bobby Fulbright
SP Athena Cykes
SP Aura Blackquill 
SP Trucy Wright
SP Roger Retinz


MRP Kristoph Gavin
MRP Manfred von Karma
LRP Lamiroir
SU Valant Gramarye
CL Rayfa Padma Khura’in
CF Ahlbi Ur'gaid
LF Nahyuta Sahdmadhi
3B Dhurke Sahdmadhi 
2B Gar'an Sigatar Khura'in   
C Khurai'nese Judge 
RF Raymond Shields
SS Shi-Long Lang
Mimiga Town Monsters 
C Bomberman
1B Papyrus
2B Shield Knight
3B Undyne
SS Ninja
LF Reize
CF Asgore Dreemur 
RF Shovel Knight
SP Alphys
SP Quote 
SP Black Knight
SP Rebellio
SP Tinker Knight
MRP Nova
MRP Antinov
LRP Phantom
SU Asriel Dreemur
CL The Enchantress
SS Treasure Knight
2B Mitsuki Konishi
RF Propeller Knight 
3B Mettaton
LF Toriel 
C Curly Brace 
1B King Pridemoor
Nimbasa Electrics 
C Oshawott
1B Sawk 
2B Cheren
3B Iris
SS Chili
LF Cilan
CF Elesa 
RF Haxorus 
SP Cress
SP Skyla 
SP Throh
SP Snivy  
SP Unovan Zoroark 
MRP Simisear
MRP Simpour
LRP Simisage
SU Emboar
LF Whimsicott 
RF Krookodile
1B Watchog
2B Excadrill
CF Mienshao 
2B Lenora
C Druddigon 
Lanaryu Loftwings  
C Demise 
1B Beedle
2B Strich
3B Koloktos
SS Ghirahim  
LF Baelheit
CF Gaepora
RF Groose
SP Gulley
SP ALBW Zelda   
SP Seres
SP Rosso
SP Osfala
MRP Irene
MRP Oren
LRP Heiss
SU Tethu
RF SS Link 
CF Sir Sloan
LF SS Impa
SS Ravio
1B Mole Knight
2B Cawlin 
C Hilda


Tortimer Island Terrapins 
C Isabelle 
1B Phineas
2B Reese
3B Cyrus
SS Leila
LF Grams
CF Leilani
RF Leif
SP Pave
SP Kapp’n
SP Flamberg 
SP Francisca
SP Zan Partizanne
MRP Digby
MRP Don Resetti
LRP Captain Rainbow
SU Lyle
CL Tortimer 
C Lottie  
RF Pascal
CF Cornimer 
2B Luna
CF Gracie
1B Dr. Shrunk
LF Gulliver    
Inkopolis Squids
C Judd 
1B Nanu
2B Marina
3B Pearl 
SS Callie 
LF Marie
CF Lusamina 
RF Murch
SP Dedf1sh
SP Inkling Girl 
SP Inkling Boy 
SP Sheldon
SP Guzma
MRP Agent 8
MRP Spyke
LRP Darkside
SU Madeline
CL DJ Octavio


3B Domenic
2B Jelfonzo 
LF Jelonzo
1B Crusty Sean 
CF Cap'n Cuttlefish  
SS Bisk
C Wii Fit Trainer  
Hau’Oli City Totems 
C Professor Kukui  
1B Sylveon 
2B Lana
3B Incineroar  
SS Alolan Marowak
LF Primarina
CF Mallow
RF Hau
DH Hala
SP Oranguru
SP Passimmian
SP Hapu 
SP Olivia
SP Sophocles
MRP Kyle Katayanagi
MRP Ken Katayanagi
LRP Acerola
SU Molayne
CL Alolan Decidueye
3B Kommo-o
LF Mina
2B Ilima
CF Kahili
DH Kiawi 
C Lycanroc  


Arms Brawlers  
C Violen
1B Min Min
2B Twintelle
SS Ribbon Girl
3B Max Brass
LF Khronen
CF Shiba Miyakaze
RF Spring Man
SP Dillon 
SP Rose
SP Byte
SP Kid Cobra
SP Agile
MRP Master Roshi
MRP Misango
LRP Serges
SU Dr. Coyle 
CL Master Mummy
1B Lola Pop
SS Ninjara
RF Mechanica
CF Magneto
2B Coco Atarashi 
LF Tsugumi Matsunae    
3B Colossus 


New Donk City Captains
C Captain Toad 
1B New Donker
2B Goombette
3B Shiverian
SS Jaxi
LF Parabones
CF Glydon
RF Tostarenan 
DH Plum
SP Rosalina 
SP Spewart
SP Cappy
SP Tiara
SP Hariet
MRP Luma
MRP Topper
LRP Rango
SU Madame Broode
CL Pauline 
3B Baseball Boy
LF Trapeetle
RF Klepto
2B Santa-Hat Goomba  
C Master Core Sapien Form   
CF Queen Bee 
SS Popple
Alrest Titans
C Amalthus
1B Poppi
2B Morag
3B Rex
SS Tora
LF Therion 
CF Nia
RF Zeke
SP Mythra
SP Pandoria 
SP Brighid
SP Pyra
SP Akhos 
MRP Mikhail 
MRP Patroka
LRP Haze
SU Jin 
CL Malos 
C Dark Inferno
1B Chief Dunga
CF Lora
SS Baz
2B Vandham
LF Primrose
RF Zeron 


Caverna Copycats 
C Taranza
1B President Haltmann
2B Susie
3B Invader Amor
SS Clown Acrobot 
LF Magolor
CF Wester
RF Lanzer 
SP Simirror
SP Sky Fairy
SP Chemitory
SP Spynum
MRP Velo
MRP Claycia
LRP Elline
SU Hyness
CL Galacta Knight
SS Birdon
2B Spinni 
RF Capsule J3
C Queen Sectonia 
3B Wild Edge 
CF Landia 
LF Nitros Oxide 


Orsterra Travelers      
C Erhardt   
1B Yang
2B Hong Hakka
3B Olberic Eisenburg
SS Lei Kugo 
LF Wonder-Pirate
CF Ou Di Wan Li
RF Kratos
SP Alfyn Greengrass
SP Cyrus Albright   
SP H’aanit  
SP Ophilia 
SP Yun Jou
MRP Earthen Heart Shifu 
MRP Cordelia Ravus
LRP Simeon
SU Yvon
CL Wanna
3B Masuru Takahara
CF Leon Bestralle
RF Kit
1B Odie Oldbright
C Werner 
LF Darius
SS Sagi  
Nook Island Survivors
C Tom Nook
1B Flick
2B Katrina
3B Crunch
SS Sprixie Princess
LF Orville
CF Sushi
RF Wilbur
SP Blathers
SP Timmy
SP Tommy
SP Celeste
MRP Phosphora
MRP Viridi
LRP Jack
SU Wisp 
CL Jingle 
3B Rodney Mullen 
1B Franklin
2B Eric Koston 
SS Bob Burnquist 
C Kicks
LF Poseidon
CF Bumper 
Nintendo Baseball Reserve League  
Dracula’s Castlevania 
C Hades
1B The Creature
2B Inky
3B Simon Belmont
SS Pinky
LF Pandora
CF King Arthur
RF Clyde 
SP Skullmaggedon 
SP Dark Pit
SP Bill Rizer 
SP Lance Storm
SP Future Zamasu


MRP Culex
MRP Great Reaper
LRP Pharaoh Man
CL Death
SU Dracula
3B Astaroth
1B King Hippo
2B Flea Man
SS Werewolf
CF Firebrand  
C Blinky 
LF Janemba
Subcon Dreamcatchers 
C Clawgrip 
1B Wart 
2B Tryclyde
3B Builder Mario
SS Crazee Dayzee
LF Lil Mouser
CF Fly Guy
RF Fighter Fly  
SP Captain Goomba
SP Bandit
SP Pidgit
SP Cabba
SP Snifit 
MRP Marching Milde
MRP Pengy
LRP Hookbill Koopa
SU Shake King
CL Fawful
1B Koopa The Quick
RF Sister Herlinda  
CF Sister Lucinda
2B Spike
LF Sister Berlinda
C Captain Syrup
SS Neoshadow 
River City High School: 
C Abobo
1B Kunio
2B Riki
3B Kyoko
SS Misako  
LF Hasebe
CF Misuzu
RF Mami
SP Hiroshi  
SP Mihoko
SP Kaori 
SP Yodai Higashizawa
SP Sabuko
MRP Yamada 
MRP Aori Nishimura
LRP Yoko   
SU Xelha
CL Sabu
1B Billy 
2B Marian 
SS Kumiko  
3B Jimmy
RF Godai
LF Robot-01
RF Damon Riccitiello 
Metro City Vigilantes 
C Lucia
1B Birdie 
2B Cody 
3B Juri
SS Guy
LF Abigail
CF Rolento
RF Mike Haggar
SP Dan
SP Beat
SP Rhyme
SP Poison
SP Sodom 


MRP Death Knight
MRP Rose
SU Mr. Dream
CL Urien
RF Glyde
1B Adon 
CF Kolin
3B Gill 
C Seth  
RF Maki  
LF Hugo 
Cornerian Arwings
C Captain Marvel 
1B Slippy Toad 
2B Miyu
3B Saki Amamiya
SS Fox McCloud
LF Falco Lombardi
CF Peppy Hare
RF Fay
SP Bill Grey 
SP Nitro Man
SP Katt Monroe 
SP Sniper Joe
SP General Pepper 
MRP Captain Commando
MRP Youdu
LRP James McCloud
SU Yaru de Pon
2B Overdrive Ostrich
3B Wolverine
LF Krystal
SS Chill Penguin
3B Dynamo
CF Jaco  
C Cable
Venomian Vipers
C Dr. Doom
1B Caiman
2B Dash Bowman 
3B Ronan The Accusser
SS Wolf O’Donnel 
LF Panther Caroso 
CF Algy
RF Leon Powalski  
SP Torch Man
SP Andrew Oikonny 
SP Metalhead
SP Boomer Kuwanger
SP Snake Man
MRP Sentinel
MRP Pigma
LRP Pyrrhon
SU Elec Man
CL Andross
LF Attack Carrier Captain
CF Granga
RF Shogun Pilot 
SS Choir Kid
1B Barma’thazel  
C NegaScott
2B Dormammu  
Neo Arcadia Nationals   
1B Vile
2B Ultron
3B Neon Tiger
SS Iris
LF The Skiver
CF Blaze Heatnix
RF Storm Eagle 
SP Palette
SP Axl
SP Launch Octopus
SP Vent
SP Zero
MRP Double
MRP Spider
LRP High Max
SU Sigma
CL Omega
CF Omega
2B Ciel 
RF Magma Dragoon
C Aile
SS Yamato Man
1B Tomahawk Man
3B Gate   
Moleville Miners   
C Smithy 
1B Boshi
2B Mallow
3B Yaridovich
SS Red Virus 
LF Blue Virus
CF Axem Green
RF Croco
SP Yellow Virus
SP Axem Black
SP Axem Pink
SP Axem Yellow
SP Axem Red
MRP Dodo 
MRP Bowyer 
LRP Antasma
SU Boomer
CL Lyblac
2B Jonathan Jones
LF Toady
3B Booster 
CF Toadofsky 
C Geno  
1B Jamerjab
SS Valentia  
Halfmoon Destroyers
C Shadow Dedede
1B Knuckle Joe
2B Shadow Kirby
3B Bonkers
SS Daroach
LF Doc
CF Moley 
RF Box Boxer
SP Poppy Bros. Sr. 
SP Riha
SP Nago
SP Phan Phan
SP Diva
MRP Cyrus
MRP Dynablade
LRP Noize
SU Beyo
CL Marx 
SS Tac  
2B Chef Kawasaki
LF Heavy Lobster
3B Dark Metaknight
RF Bio Spark
1B Mr. Frosty
CF Mr. Tick Tock 
Las Vegas Darkstalkers 


C Demitri Maximoff   
1B Victor von Gerdenheim 
2B Sasquatch 
SS John Talbain 
3B Lord Raptor   
LF Rikou
CF Jin Saotome
RF Bishamon


SP Yasuhiro Hagakure 
SP Lilith
SP Morrigan Aensland   
SP BB Hood 
SP Colin
MRP Hsien-Ko
LRP Huitzil  
LRP Pyron 
SU Jedah
CL Anakaris      
1B Donovan Baine 
RF Felicia 
3B The Hulk 
SS Sho Minazuki
LF Q-Bee
CF Sasha  
2B Labrys 
Mekanos Machines 
C King K. Rool  
1B Lopunny
2B Barter Bear 
3B Blunder Bear 
SS Pointy Tuck
LF Kritter
CF Gongon
RF TNT Knocka  
SP Bjorn Bear 
SP Brash Bear 
SP Tiptup
SP Pipsy
SP Blue Bear
MRP Klump
MRP Klubba
LRP Tiki Tong
SU Blizzard Bear 
CL Bazooka Bear 
2B Barnacle Bear
3B Krusha
1B Benny Bear  
CF Bachelor Bear  
LF Necalli 
SS Bramble Bear  
RF Baffle Bear 
Ripple Star Miracle Matter  
C Plasma Wisp 
1B Beetley
2B Broom Hatter
3B Pon
SS Rick
LF Ice Dragon
CF Coo
RF Star Man
SP Ribbon
SP Storo
SP Gooey
SP Kine
SP ChuChu
MRP Paintra   
MRP Vividria
LRP Drawcia
SU Yin-Yarn
CL 02 
3B Con
1B Ruxxtin
CF Thanatos
RF Butterfree 
SS Prince Fluff
C Dark Matter Swordsman Form 
2B Adeleine  
Anri Radicals
C Radius
1B Karsh
2B Kid
3B Glenn
SS Serge  
LF Solt  
CF Norris 
RF Peppor
SP Razzly
SP Nikki 
SP Miki  
SP Marcy
SP Guile
MRP Luccia 
MRP General Viper
LRP Harle
SU Lynx
CL Odio
1B Zoah 
2B Korcha
C Fargo  
RF Janice
CF Leena  
LF Starky  
3B Oersted 
Labrynna Oracles  
C Ambi 
1B General Onox 
2B Holly 
3B Ricky 
SS Maple
LF Sakon
CF Moosh
RF Pumpkin Head 
SP Goriya
SP Deku King
SP Sharp
SP Ralph 
SP Flat 
MRP Beth Poe
MRP Meg Poe
LRP Joelle Poe
SU Hibari 
1B Mamamu Yan
2B Rosa
RF Trendy Gamester
CF Phantom
SS Vaati
LF Amy Poe  
C Veran

Luigi’s Last Resort:
C King Boo
1B Biff Atlas
2B Goob
3B King MacFrights
SS Chambrea
LF Nikki
CF Lindsey
RF Ginny


SP Luigi 
SP Captain Boo
SP The Brain
SP DJ Phantasmagloria
SP Boo
MRP Gooigi
MRP Amadeus Wolfgeist
LRP Tough Possessor
SU Hellen Gravely
CL Professor E. Gadd 
CF Greenie 
RF Lady Bow
LF Sneaker
2B Serpci      
1B Hammer     
SS Polterpup 
C Polterkitty
Hocotatian Hammers
C Alph 
1B Blue Pikmin 
 2B Purple Pikmin
 3B Rock Pikmin
 SS Charlie
LF Titan Dweevil 
CF Louie
RF Winged Pikmin   
SP Captain Olimar  
SP Son Olimar
SP White Pikmin
SP Daughter Olimar
SP Scornet Maestro
MRP Sissel 
MRP President Hocotate
SU Brittany
CL Waterwraith
2B Doodlebug
3B Red Pikmin
LF Plasm Wraith 
RF Orange Bulborb
CF Autochrome 
1B Cut Man
Scuttle Town Half-Genies 
C Mayor Scuttlebutt    
1B Poe 
2B Rottytops   
3B Risky Boots
SS Shantae
LF Giga Mermaid 
CF Sky   
RF Bolo 


SP Plink  
SP Harmony   
SP Vera    
SP Zapple  
SP Beck 


MRP Twitch 
MRP Vinegar
LRP Mimic   
SU Ammo Baron
CL The Pirate Master  


CF Aviator 
2B Pyrogen  
1B Brandish   
C Empress Siren  
3B Abner Cadaver
LF Dynatron 
SS Call
Delfino Shines  
C Prince Peasley 
1B Pianta
2B Ninji
3B Noki
SS Paper Bowser Jr.
LF The Shogun
CF Petey Piranha
RF Metal Guy
SP Mother Penguin
SP Coach
SP Laura
SP Lochlady
SP 9-Volt
MRP Ashley
MRP Palico
LRP Princess Shroob
SU Black Yoshi
CL Cackletta
C Mr. Hat
1B Broque Monsieur 
2B Broque Madame
RF Chad Muska
3B Slammer
CF King Bob-Omb
LF Rune Glifberg
Slateport Surf  
C Norman
1B Aggron
2B Glacia
3B Roxanne
SS Wallace
LF Sceptile 
CF Brawly 
RF Wattson  
SP Altaria
SP Swampert 
SP Sableye
SP Tate 
SP Liza
MRP Ludicolo
MRP Archie
LRP Drake
SU Steven
CL Blaziken
RF Flannery 
SS Winona 
3B Medicham 
2B Carracosta
LF Phoebe 
1B Sidney
CF Kabutops   
Tethealla Tales  
C Ratatosk 
1B Zelos 
2B Lloyd Irving
3B Magnius
SS Regal
LF Genis
CF Presea 
RF Sheena 
SP Emil  
SP Marta 
SP Melodia
SP Hail
SP Gesthar
MRP Polar Knight
MRP The Night’s Nexus
LRP Pronyma
SU Mithos
CL Colette
C Luke fon Fabre
CF Rodyle  
2B Professor Chops 
SS T.T. 
RF Marno
1B Folon 
LF Matthew   
Phantom Personas 
C Mitsuru Kirijo 
1B Akihiko Sanada
2B Chie Satonaka
3B Junpei Iori
SS Joker
LF Yosuke Hanamura
CF Yu Narukami
RF Kasumi Yoshizawa
SP Rise Kujikawa
SP Ann Takamaki 
SP Yusuke Kitagawa
SP Futaba Sakura
SP Naoto Shirogane
MRP Takuto Maruki
MRP Masayoshi Shido
LRP Tohru Adachi
SU Ryoji Mochizuki
CL Makoto Yuki 
2B Kanji Tatsumi 
CF Teddie 
SS Morgana
1B Ryuji Sakamoto 
3B Makoto Nijima 
LF Goro Akechi  
RF Aigis  
Castelia Black Widows  
C Alder  
1B Brycen 
2B Olympia
3B Marshal
SS Cinccino
LF Leavanny
CF Marlon
RF Clay
SP Audino
SP Burgh  
SP Roxie
SP Caitlin 
SP Allister
MRP Golurk 
MRP Beheyeem
LRP Shauntal
SU Corless
CL Ghetsis
1B Scrafty  
CF Drayden 
3B Raihan
RF Wonder-Professor
C Renado
SS Pachirisu
LF Crimson Viper 
Blossom City Superheroes 
C Wonder-Red  
1B Wonder-Blue  
2B Wonder-Pink
3B Wonder-Green 
SS Wonder-Black    
LF Wonder-Judo
CF Prince Vorkken
RF Reika
SP Wonder-Yellow   
SP Wonder-Pierrot
SP Wonder-Clown
SP Wonder-Kabuki
SP Wonder-Dancer


MRP Wonder-White    
MRP Immorta 
LRP Vijounne  
SU Tempo
CL Jergingha
C Wonder-Fighter
1B Laambo 
2B Walltha  
3B Wonder-Kungfu
LF Onizuka
CF Wonder-Armor
RF Wonder-Matador   
Lumiose Lasers  
C Lysandre
1B Chespin  
2B Malva
3B Lady Korrina
SS Bunnelby
LF Valerie 
CF Viola 
RF Greninja
SP Hawlucha 
SP Siebold
SP Drasna  
SP Malamar 
SP Fennekin
MRP Pangoro
MRP Swirlix
LRP Clemont
SU Professor Augustine
CL Diantha
SS Dedenne
CF Vivillion  
LF Ramos 
RF Beedrill
C Wikstrom
1B Wulfric
3B Grant   
Sophia Strikers 
C Jason Frunick  
1B Carrera    
2B Tenjian  
3B Leibniz  
SS Copen     
LF Robert  
CF Kirin   
RF Johannes
SP Jota  
SP Gunvolt   
SP Miriam
SP Shiron 
SP Dominique 
MRP Alfred
MRP Gremory     
LRP Drolrevo Mastro 
SU Zonda   
CL Eve 


CF Kane Gardner 
 RF Jennifer Gardner   
2B Eva 
C Blade 
LF Gebel 
1B Bakto    
SS Zangetsu
Valla Siblings
C Corrin  
1B Ryoma 
2B Elise 
3B Xander 
SS Saizo
LF Hinoka
CF Silas
RF Camilla 
SP Jakob 
SP Felicia
SP Flora
SP Kiragi
SP Forrest
MRP Sakura
MRP Leo 
LRP Izana
SU Takumi
CL Azura
1B Rinkah
RF Scarlet 
3B Shiro
CF Shigure 
LF Gunter
C Siegbert  
2B Petra
Valentia Valor 
C Sigurd
1B Seliph
2B Mattias
3B Alm
SS Say’ri
LF Gaius
CF Walhart
RF Virion
SP Tharja
SP Celica
SP Providence
SP Shinon
SP Shade
MRP Berkut
MRP Riev
LRP Thales
SU Nemesis
CL Gharnef
CF Leif
RF Minerva
3B Hardin
C Clive
LF Cordelia 
1B Quan
2B Fernand 


Zaphias Imperials
C Barbos
1B Karol
2B Estelle
3B Yuri Lowell
SS Raven
LF Flynn
CF Alexei Dinoia
RF Khroma
SP Rita 
SP Repede
SP Droite
SP Gauche
SP Richter Abend
MRP Ragou 
MRP Forcystus
LRP Cumore
SU Lyude
CL Duke
2B Boccos
SS Zagi
RF Patty Fleur 
LF Yeager 
CF Judith
1B Adecor
C LeBlanc 
Circhester Shields: 
C Rillaboom 
1B Bede
2B Galarian Darmanitan
3B Grapploct 
SS Morpeko
LF Greedent
CF Grimmsnarl
RF Cinderace


SP Inteleon
SP Ash Ketchum
SP Indeedee
SP Marnie
SP Kabu
MRP Prycen
MRP Melmetal
LRP Chairman Rose
SU Leon
CL Kubfu
2B Gordie
1B Toxtricity
3B Bea
SS Eiscue
RF Melony
LF Obstagoon  
CF Perrserker 


Toronto Bombs 
C Gideon Graves
1B Ramona Flowers  
2B Kim Pine
3B Scott Pilgrim  
SS Ice Man
LF Lucas Lee
CF Roxy Ritcher
RF Todd Ingram
SP Stephen Stills 
SP Wallace Wells   
SP Lucas “Crash” Wilson  
SP Joel MacMillan
SP Trisha “Trasha” Ha 


MRP Matthew Patel  
LRP Calista
LRP Chaz Ashley
SU Lynette Guycott 
CL Envy Adams


1B Tokka
SS Solo 
3B Raxzilla 
2B Malcolm
RF Tamara Chen
C Tundra Man
LF Videl


Glenbrook Triangles 
C Serenoa 
1B Erador 
2B Lady Frederica  
3B Roland
SS Obo-maru
LF Trish
CF Benedict
RF Hughette
SP Geela     
SP Anna (TS)
SP Lyla
SP Jerrom
SP Cordelia


MRP Milo
MRP O. Dio
LRP Sundown
SU Odeo
CL Gustadolph
LF Travis 
3B Maxwell 
1B Exharme
SS Avlora
RF Svarog   
CF Akira Tadokoro
C Ode Iou  
Wondaria Beasts
C Digguh
1B Gorimondo
2B Spookstep
3B Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee
SS Awooy 
LF Claworline
CF Elfilin 
RF Bandana Dee 


SP Bernard  
SP Usher Waddle Dee 
SP Corori 
SP Item-Shop Waddle Dee 
SP Game-Shop Waddle Dee
MRP Wise Waddle Dee   
MRP Café-Staff Waddle Dee
LRP Sillydillo 
SU Leongar
CL Fecto Forgo
1B Mookie
2B Fleurina 
CF Delivery Waddle Dee
SS Morpho Knight    
C Waddle Dee
RF Parasol Waddle Dee 
LF Sailor Waddle Dee  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Autumn Exhibition Match: 

Mushroom Kingdom 0

Sarasaland 1


Koholint  1

Forest Haven 2


Hyrule 2

Termina 1  


Twilight Realm 1

Great Plateau 2

Zebes 1

Popstar 2

Ylisse 1

Fodland 2 

Narshe 1 

Epoch 2

Carnival Night Zone 1

Sonic 2

Wood Oak City 0

Dimension X 1

South Town 2
Tokyo 1

Wumpa Island 1
Avalar  0

Celadon 1

Jubilife 2

Smashville 1

Rogueport 2

Los Angeles 2

London 1

Bionis 2
Hope’s Peak Academy 1 

New York City 1
West City 2 

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Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader Sunday, Sept. 4: 


Mushroom Kingdom 3
Hyrule 6 

Famicom Cup

Zebes 4
Sarasaland 8

Ylisse 4
Narshe 6 

Fire Fantasy Cup

Carnival Night Zone 7
Wood Oak City 6

Classic SEGA Cup

South Town 1
Tokyo 0 

Millennium Cup

Popstar 2
Koholint 4 

Dreams Cup

Epoch 4
Wumpa Island 2 

Avalar 7
Celadon 8 


Sonic 10
Termina 8

Smashville 1
Forest Haven 2 

Rogueport 1
Los Angeles 2 

Jubilife 3
Twilight Realm 6 

London 5
Bionis 6 

British Accent Cup

Hope’s Peak Academy 0
Great Plateau 1

Fodland 0
New York City 1

West City 8
Dimension X 10 


Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader Sunday, Sept. 4: 


Mushroom Kingdom 10
Hyrule 9 

Famicom Cup

Zebes 7
Sarasaland 5

Ylisse 7
Narshe 6 

Fire Fantasy Cup

Carnival Night Zone 9
Wood Oak City 10

Classic SEGA Cup

South Town 8
Tokyo 10

Millennium Cup

Popstar 4
Koholint 3 

Dreams Cup

Epoch 6
Wumpa Island 4

Avalar 0
Celadon 1 


Sonic 10
Termina 8

Smashville 10
Forest Haven 8

Rogueport 9
Los Angeles 6 

Jubilife 10
Twilight Realm 8

London 10
Bionis 8

British Accent Cup

Hope’s Peak Academy 10
Great Plateau 8

Fodland 8
New York City 6

West City 2
Dimension X 1 

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Final Scores for Tuesday, Sept. 6: 


Mushroom Kingdom 7
Hyrule 6  

Famicom Cup Mushroom Emoji

Zebes 4
Sarasaland 8

Ylisse 6
Narshe 4 

Fire Fantasy Cup Falchion Emoji

Carnival Night Zone 5
Wood Oak City 4

Classic SEGA Cup Ring Emoji

South Town 6
Tokyo 5

Millennium Cup Wolf emoji

Popstar 10
Koholint 8

Dreams Cup Star emoji

Epoch 6
Wumpa Island 3

Avalar 4
Celadon 5 


Sonic 6
Termina 5

Smashville 7
Forest Haven 9

Rogueport 1
Los Angeles 2 

Jubilife 8
Twilight Realm 7

London 4
Bionis 5

British Accent Cup Blade emoji

Hope’s Peak Academy 0
Great Plateau 1

Fodland 4
New York City 8

West City 5
Dimension X 4 

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Final Scores for Wednesday, Sept 7: 


Mushroom Kingdom 9

Zebes 8

Hyrule 3
Sarasaland 4 

Ylisse 6

Carnival Night Zone 9

Narshe 7 
Wood Oak City 6 

South Town 4

Popstar 5

Tokyo 6
Koholint 8  

Epoch 9 

Avalar 7 

Wumpa Island 9
Celadon 10

Sonic 3 

Smashville 1 

Termina 9
Forest Haven 10  

Apocalypse Zelda Cup

Rogueport 5

Jubilife 6 

Los Angeles 7 
Twilight Realm 6 

London 6

Hope’s Peak Academy 7

Bionis 10 
Great Plateau 9

Fodland 6 

West City 7  

New York City 6
Dimension X 7

Battle for NYC Cup 

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Tonight’s regular baseball showcast has been cancelled due to a tragic event in the real world. 
And maybe tomorrow’s.  
“We advise those who have been struck with his heavy blow to please take how much time they need to grieve. Come back when you find the strength, wisdom, and courage to move past this darkness.” 
The game(s) will continue on at the latest Saturday. At this time, any mourners who would like to say their peace live will be appreciated and/or welcomed. 

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Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader Friday, Sept 9: 


Mushroom Kingdom 8

Zebes 9

Hyrule 9
Sarasaland 6

Ylisse 6

Carnival Night Zone 5

Narshe 9
Wood Oak City 7

South Town 1

Popstar 3

Tokyo 7
Koholint 6  

Epoch 8

Avalar 7 

Wumpa Island 3
Celadon 1

Sonic 3

Smashville 4

Termina 10
Forest Haven 9

Apocalypse Zelda Cup

Rogueport 1

Jubilife 2

Los Angeles 5
Twilight Realm 7

London 8

Hope’s Peak Academy 7

Bionis 4
Great Plateau 8

Fodland 6 

West City 4

New York City 3
Dimension X 1

Battle for NYC Cup 


Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader Friday, Sept 9: 


Mushroom Kingdom 9

Zebes 8

Hyrule 8
Sarasaland 10

Ylisse 2

Carnival Night Zone 1

Narshe 7 
Wood Oak City 5

South Town 4

Popstar 8

Tokyo 4
Koholint 5  

Epoch 8

Avalar 7

Wumpa Island 2
Celadon 4

Sonic 6

Smashville 4

Termina 0
Forest Haven 1

Apocalypse Zelda Cup Seed Emoji

Rogueport 4

Jubilife 8

Los Angeles 7
Twilight Realm 8

London 9

Hope’s Peak Academy 6

Bionis 7
Great Plateau 6

Fodland 10

West City 9

New York City 8
Dimension X 9

Battle for NYC Cup turtle emoji 


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Last year, almost forgot this. But, I’m going to make this happen each Saturday, for the most part. 




 Qualifying Rounds for C-Stick Tournament:  


Skyworld Angels 9

Metro City Vigilantes 10


Destiny Island Keyblade Wielders 4

Wondaria Beasts 5


Goldenrod Nuggets 8

Delfino Shines 4


New Pork Bankees 9

Slateport Surf 6


Saffron Psychics 7 

Las Vegas Darkstalkers 8


Gallia Steel 3 

Mekanos Machines 2


Mute City Racers 9

Subcon Dreamcatchers 8


Onett Golden Eagles 2

Circhester Shields 3


Magvel Royals 4

Tethealla Tales 5


Santa Destroy Mercenaries 7

Castelia Black Widows 5   


Lanaryu Loftwings 8  

Venomian Vipers 6  


Orsterra Travelers 4 

Neo Arcadia Nationals 3 


Arms Brawlers 4 

Phantom Personas 6  


Mimiga Town Monsters 6  

Luigi’s Last Resort 8  


Dragon Quest Swords 8 

Sophia Strikers 4


Bern Dragonkillers 0 

Ripple Star Miracle Matter 1   


Hau’Oli City Totems 5 

Valentia Valor 4 


Tortimer Island Terrapins 1 

Anri Radicals 3


Inkopolis Squids 8

River City High School 7    


Yoshi’s Island Eggs 2  

Hocotatian Hammers 1  


Khura'in Dragons 1 

Glenbrook Triangles 3 


Mayahem Jinjos 8 

Valla Siblings 4 


Nook Island Survivors 5

Blossom City Superheroes 4 


Megaman Bombers 0 

Dracula’s Castlevania 1


Kongo Krystal Koconuts 8  

Cornerian Arwings 9


New Donk City Captains 10 

Lumiose Lasers 8


Alrest Titans 1 

Moleville Miners 0   


Nimbasa Electrics 8 

Scuttle Town Half-Genies 10 


Valley of Koopas 8   

Labrynna Oracles 9


Laurasia Comets 5

Toronto Bombs 7   


Caverna Copycats 4   

Halfmoon Destroyers 3 


Tallon Sharpshooters 9     

Zaphias Imperials 6  


Here's the match-ups for the first round C-Stick games!  


East Regional:     


6. Narshe Rebels 

7. Carnival Night Ringers


11. Metro City Vigilantes

5. Ylissean Shepherds 


9. Dracula’s Castlevania  

4. Sarasaland Coins 


14. Las Vegas Darkstalkers 

15. Mayahem Jinjos 


16. Ripple Star Miracle Matter 

8. Wood Oak City Fists


13. Yoshi’s Island Eggs  

1. Mushroom Kingdom Fireflowers


2. Hylian Knights 

10. Mute City Racers 


3. Zebes Hunters 

12. Cornerian Arwings  



Out of the ones here, the big match so far would have to be Yoshi’s Island vs. Mushroom Kingdom. Followed by Zebes vs. Corneria.




North Regional:    


15. Tethealla Tales

12. Luigi’s Last Resort   


1.South Town Wolves 

7. Avalar Dragonflies 


5. Epoch Explorers 

8. Celadon Razorleaves 


10. Goldenrod Nuggets  

16. Gallia Steel 


2. Tokyo Typhoons 

3. Popstar Runners 


11. Labrynna Oracles 

14. Tallon Sharpshooters


4. Koholint Dreamers 

13. Scuttle Town Half-Genies 


6. Wumpa Island Bandicoots 

9. Anri Radicals 


I guess the RPGs going against each other are interesting. Then, there’s the two beach teams… and the two former Sony teams.  




South Regional:    


15. Hau’Oli City Totems

7. Jubilife Journeymen


11. Santa Destroy Mercenaries 

4. Forest Haven Koroks


10. Phantom Personas 

16. New Donk City Captains    


8. Twilight Interlopers  

12. Lanaryu Loftwings   


6. Los Angeles Lawyers 

3. Smashville Savages 


5. Rogueport Bandits 

9. New Pork Bankees 


2. Termina Mooncrushers 

13. Dragon Quest Swords


1.Sonic Heroes 

14. Inkopolis Squids 


Hau’Oli vs. Jubilife, and Twilight Realm vs. Lanaryu. DAAAAAAANG. The Personas will have their work against the Captains. Rogueport vs. New Pork Bankees Interesting. And Sonic vs. Splatoon. That will be crazy! 




West Regional:    


16. Wondaria Beasts

7. Dragon Ball FighterZ   


15. Glenbrook Triangles

3. Hope’s Peak Ultimates 


10. Caverna Copycats 

1. London Lookers  


11. Orsterra Travelers 

14. Toronto Bombs              


8. Dimension X Turtles

4. Great Plateau Adventurers


2.Bionis Xenoblades 

9. Alrest Titans 


5. Fodland Houses 

12. Circhester Shields   


6. Amazing Avengers 

13. Nook Island Survivors 


Bionis vs. Alrest. Ooooooooh! … There’s Fodland vs. Circhester. Also oooooooh! …. It’s obvious South Regional is still where it’s at, though! 


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Final Scores for Game 1 of Doubleheader Monday, Sept. 12: 


Mushroom Kingdom 1

Sarasaland 3

Bros.-Land Cup


Hyrule 5

Zebes 6


Ylisse 10

Wood Oak City 8 


Narshe 3

Carnival Night Zone 6  


South Town 4 

Koholint 5


Tokyo 8

Popstar 9


Epoch 7

Celadon 8 


Wumpa Island 10

Avalar 9  

Sony Cup


Sonic 7

Forest Haven 9


Termina 6

Smashville 9 


Rogueport 8

Twilight Realm 10


Los Angeles 4

Jubilife 5


London 9

Great Plateau 8 


Bionis 4

Hope’s Peak 3 


Fodland 4

Dimension X 5 


New York City 5

West City 6 

Third-Party Cup


Final Scores for Game 2 of Doubleheader Monday, Sept. 12: 


Mushroom Kingdom 5

Sarasaland 4

Bros.-Land Cup


Hyrule 6

Zebes 3


Ylisse 7

Wood Oak City 8 


Narshe 9

Carnival Night Zone 8 


South Town 6

Koholint 4


Tokyo 6

Popstar 5


Epoch 8

Celadon 7


Wumpa Island 8

Avalar 10

Sony Cup


Sonic 5

Forest Haven 4


Termina 8

Smashville 7


Rogueport 10

Twilight Realm 9


Los Angeles 8

Jubilife 4


London 1

Great Plateau 2


Bionis 2

Hope’s Peak 3 


Fodland 4

Dimension X 2


New York City 10

West City 5

Third-Party Cup   

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Concerning a few matters because of the Nintendo Direct- 



We're getting Crisis Core without the original Remake game? Then it's still Sony. 

Five of the biggest recent Resident Evil games are coming to the Switch. Emergency meeting. -This will be as surprising as the Kingdom Hearts debacle.-  

Bayonetta, like promised, will get her own team. 


*Splatoon 3 and Xenoblade 3 stares daggers at Link, HOD* 


Look, last month was a little bit weird for me. I'll get to them. 


*checks notes* At least Mr. Bond as still in the league.   


As for the Dangranonpa-like and Octopath Traveller II stuff... I don't know about the former yet; maybe like what i did with Live-A-Live. I could also put in the second game's characters in the current team.   


Let's see... Fire Emblem Engage... I have no clue.  

Sonic Frontiers characters will likely be added to Heroes or wherever.  

I plan on getting rid of Castelia when the new Poke'mon game comes.  

The new Zelda game... I have no clue. Depends on how similar and/or different it is to Breath of the Wild. 



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Final Scores for Tuesday, Sept. 13: 


Mushroom Kingdom 6

Sarasaland 9

Bros.-Land Cup coin emoji


Hyrule 1

Zebes 0


Ylisse 5

Wood Oak City 4


Narshe 7

Carnival Night Zone 8


South Town 8

Koholint 4


Tokyo 5

Popstar 7


Epoch 5

Celadon 7 


Wumpa Island 5

Avalar 3

Sony Cup fruit emoji


Sonic 5

Forest Haven 7


Termina 1

Smashville 2


Rogueport 8

Twilight Realm 9


Los Angeles 7

Jubilife 9


London 10

Great Plateau 9


Bionis 4

Hope’s Peak 2


Fodland 3

Dimension X 4


New York City 2

West City 4

Third-Party Cup gi emoji  


Concerning the matter of Resident Evil, the majority of votes were not in favor of Resident Evil for a total no of 505. Some did not like the mature and spooky atmosphere, and dark tone and themes. Beside those points, about ten teams were not present for the voting, from Capcom and Sony teams. Marvel was allowed to vote, since they rarely come in contact with the Resident Evil series. To be clear, it has been like this for all of the team voting processes, excluding some teams that would heavily sway the vote. In other words, there would be a power struggle. 


Link, the HOD had this to say: 


“The Resident Evil characters were once a part of the NBL. Things changed during 2017, and we no longer needed them, because they were not relevant to the NBL at the time. Things have changed since today. Still, even though we have a lot of M-Rated games and some horror games in the NBL, the voices of everyone from the NBL are clear. The NBL will not at this time consider Resident Evil characters to here. Besides, it would be a little unfair for Sony if we didn’t keep the powers of balance in check.  


Besides, I don’t know any other franchise that I haven’t thought of for Sony that could possibly replace one of the RE teams. Characters from 5-8 would stay in Sony, of course. The classic games are more of a little part of our Nintendo history. The modern games shifted to the other consoles during the late 2000s.” 


There was a little uproar from the Sony and Capcom games that couldn’t vote. Sure, the last few times, they didn’t mind, since the teams they couldn’t vote for got in.  


Such teams were: 


Wumpa Island Bandicoots 

Avalar Dragonflies 

Los Angeles Lawyers 

London Lookers 

Megaman Bombers 

Destiny Island Keyblade Wielders 

Khura'in Dragons 

Metro City Vigilantes 

Neo Arcadia Nationals 

Las Vegas Darkstalkers 

Anri Radicals  

Phantom Personas  


120 votes were left out in the dark. A little minority of the teams were left out of voting this time. The question was if these teams would have greatly impacted the voting process. The yes votes were at 450; a 55-point difference. 


With the protesting from these teams, some wondered if a necessary emergency meeting was going to happen. A meeting to decide if these teams’ voices needed to be heard.  

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