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Mario Kart 8 DLX +48 (aka Booster Course Pass) Discussion Wave 5 7/12

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10 minutes ago, The Albraskan said:

As much as I was trying to explain why people were upset that the Booster pass tracks look like they were just up-resed tracks from MKT, that doesn’t really bother me. I guess a big way we can tell if these are straight from MKT will be the lack of the anti-gravity sections. Unless they add anti-gravity sections specifically for this booster pass tracks, or if they added anti-gravity sections into MKT. But either way, that’s not a huge deal breaker for me either.

I think it is a 50/50 toss up if these retro DLC courses will have ant-gravity. It makes sense Tour don't have it as it is celebration all things MK at least till the latest console MK release.


I actually think I would be more bothered if these retro courses don't have some sort of anti-gravity, than jarring graphics, not all of them have to have it of course, some, especially where it makes sense to do so.


I guess on the bright side when it comes to the jarring difference of visual tone between MK8 courses and retro DLC is that you can tell which came in MK8  and what came after MK8 DX. I wonder if when all 48 course are in how they categorize the course of these additional DLC?

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Those who are on the fence or not getting the booster DLC, can play the new course if one of your friends have it online or when you play with randoms online starting March 22nd you'll see the wave 1 selection of tracks appear.


The only real benefit in purchasing the pass, it to play the course in single player and earning the 3 stars.


This is really good news for those who don't want to shell $25 for the pass or $50 for NSO EP.

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WOW! I was not expecting Nintendo to do this. This is great news! Especially, for our MK Night's, where I know some people will just be getting the DLC free with NSO + EP. No more "Buy the DLC or you can't join our MK nights.", like with the Wii U version.



At first I was kind of annoyed when this was announced, since Nintendo wants me to spend more money on MK8 (I only have the base NSO and I bought MK8 on Wii U + all DLC and MK8D on Switch). Then I realised it was less than half the price of a full MK9 and included just as many tracks, so I was OK with it. With this news I may not get the DLC right away, though I do want to get it.


I just wonder...If you don't have the DLC, will you still be able to choose DLC tracks when the track selection comes up when playing online with friends? I would assume so, since they will appear in the track selection in WW and regional online races, even if you don't have the DLC. Also, when playing online, is this for only Friend Rooms? I remember on Wii U there was an option to use the DLC tracks in tourney rooms and some people couldn't play with us, unless they had the DLC, since we had the tourney set for DLC.


As mentioned in this GX video, the DLC does seem like it's mainly for playing offline. I wonder if along with not dividing the online player base, like in the Wii U version, Nintendo also did this because they know there are quite a few people who have already invested so much $ into MK8, as I mentioned above...?

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Hmm, when I think online, the WW, regional, that is randoms online. Even if you have the additional DLC on Switch, that DLC will show up in the selection to choose from. I think we're good there.


As for the friend and who can play, I think whoever made the tourney like ours. As long as they have the DLC and put in the tourney of course and you're friends with the tourney creator, your good to go and racing DLC style. 


Also, now there's a 3rd option when it comes to getting MK8 DX DLC, by playing randoms online and a friend who have it online to play with them. That is why in the Direct they said the DLC can be played offline and online (the caveat is you must purchase to play offline)


The benefits of the DLC, rank like this; thru NSO EP DLC is free but once off you can't play offline but can still play online; (with what I mentioned above) purchase outright you get to play offline and online no matter what. No DLC buy is play online only.


To me this sounds good to me. Sort of similar in how that with the Sword and Shield DLC, if you wanted the Pokemon from there you can trade with ppl who have the DLC. (you have to have the NSO) Ppl complained about this, I saw no problem if the Pokemon was the probably issue they couldn't get. I'm sure ppl would still complain about this DLC availability, if there wasn't any already.

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I think I’ll still pay for the pass, even with the news that only one person needs them for hosting multiplayer matches. Even though I haven’t played MK8DLX in a while, it would still be nice to play the new tracks offline or on the go. I have no idea what incentive there will be to trying to get 3 star ranks in all the new cups, other than wanting to keep the game at a 100% complete status. 

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Well shoot, I haven't given a list for what I want to see in the DLC. Since we have one track of N64, GBA, DS, Wii, and 3DS and three from Tour, I'm gonna do Top 3 choices from Tour, Top 6 choices for SNES and GCN, and Top 5 for the remaining so each game gets even representation in my fantasy-DLC lineup.



6 - Koopa Beach 1

5 - Choco Island 2

4 - Vanilla Lake 2

3 - Bowser's Castle 3

2 - Ghost Valley 1

1 - Mario Circuit 2



5 - Banshee Boardwalk

4 - Bowser's Castle

3 - Mario Circuit

2 - Kalamari Desert

1 - Wario Stadium



5 - Bowser's Castle 4

4 - Snow Land

3 - Yoshi Desert

2 - Rainbow Road

1 - Luigi Circuit



6 - Dino Dino Jungle

5 - Mushroom Bridge

4 - DK Mountain

3 - Bowser's Castle

2 - Rainbow Road

1 - Wario Colosseum



5 - Rainbow Road

4 - Luigi's Mansion

3 - DK Pass

2 - Airship Fortress

1 - Waluigi Pinball



5 - Toad Factory

4 - Bowser's Castle

3 - Rainbow Road

2 - Dry Dry Ruins

1 - Koopa Cape



5 - Maka Wuhu

4 - Wuhu Loop

3 - Rainbow Road

2 - Wario Shipyard

1 - Cheep Cheep Lagoon



3 - Vancouver Velocity 1

2 - New York Minute 4

1 - Los Angeles Laps 3

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Interesting if true, that the graphics difference is because Bandai Namco, not Nintendo is doing the DLC.   I still maintain a wait till it launches stance because the graphics could have been the beta/unfinished version of what is to come and they are tweaking all of that before release.  I doubt they would sabotage MK8 with subpar graphics.

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So.... decided to power up my DS and 3DS to work through some of the portable Mario Karts...to get my memory back for some of the courses.... luckily I had my carts and chargers....  Its probably been 2-3 years since I booted my DS.... probably a year on 3DS (last time I was playing MK7 online to get my coins back for my last gold kart part from having to redo my entire save file because I lost my game.

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For me, as much as I would like that. I want to play these retro new track offline not to only refamiliarize but get 3 stars on each of the course. It's been that way since I owned MK8 day one and I am not changing that now.


So whoever attends on the night have fun but I'll be busy that nigh enjoying what I can offline.


Reminder, if you want to play these track offline you have to own the DLC, if a friends owns the DLC you can race online if you don't have it, if you don't have friends who own the DLC. These DLC track will be up in few days in the online modes like regional and worldwide and such. The latest I say it would be up is March 22nd.

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Tho, I don't play MKT anymore, I'm well aware the city course have different variants of the courses.


What I found interesting with the vid above and I forgot how variant courses looked like for Tokyo Blur, is the possibility of its variants coming to MK8 DX as the video shows different paths that are not a part of any race course for Tokyo Blur. Tho it was brought up this is akin to AC course or like taking a different direction in Yoshi Valley, I akin it to more Excitebike course. Yes, that course is the same shape but the bumps and layout is different everytime anyone goes there. I believe there's 11 forms of the track. So this is not new to bring the same course but have different terrain like Excitebike or the AC course.


Would I be disappointed, despite the vid showing the course for example Tokyo Blur looking different then normal is not the final release? No, knowing that we are getting more course to MK8 DX, new in the form to those who haven't played MKT at all or in a while or old with returning favorites and how they will relate to MK8 gimmicks or not.


That's what makes me excited for this booster pass, plain and simple.

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