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Mario Kart 8 DLX +48 (aka Booster Course Pass) Discussion Wave 2 8/4

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7 hours ago, purple_beard said:



Hmmm, that's pretty handy to know. I'll remember that going forward. Also, I think any DLC that comes to NSO EP the time of the DLC will drop will show there.


I was thinking why does the NSO icon on your Switch would show the time it would release? The DLC is a part of the NSO EP. So any DLC that is 1st party or not and is not a part of the NSO EP will not get a timer of when the DLC will drop. Interesting note and catch there. This would of been handy if this was a thing during Smash Ultimate DLC, I hope going forward and I know not all DLC will be on NSO EP. I get that but knowing that it will show a timer when it drops, all the more want all DLC to show up in NSO EP.


Sigh, but this will never be.

45 minutes ago, Shadow118 said:

Started slowly downloading the update at 17% currently  - will be awhile since there’s 2 Hrs and 12 minutes remaining 


so that’s going to be awhile until that’s done so won’t be able to play those just yet


But aside from the new update/courses, looks like they went back and updated Coconut Mall


So pretty cool that they tweaked and updateD

d that

*Rubs eyes* It's out?!?


Well PB and the others who complained about the cars on Coconut Mall not moving have had their wishes grated. Hopefully they don't complain it is not the exact same and there's no Miis in there. And the escalators still look funny. Just play and enjoy the game, dammit!>.<

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22 minutes ago, purple_beard said:



Course impressions so far?

Well, considering I have gone at least twice through the tracks by completing both 50cc and 100cc GPs, here are my impressions of each track.


New York Minute - The atmosphere of the track is very much the shining factor for it. While the streets aren't as bustling as one may think for a track like New York Minute as compared to Toad's Turnpike and Mushroom Ridge where vehicles are key elements, the landmark locations and differing paths per lap make up for it. I loooooove the long curve through Central Park and under the bridge, but honestly that's the only thing of the actual track that I enjoy. 6/10


Mario Circuit 3 - The epitome of classic tracks done in a remastering style. The width of the road feels almost too big coupled with the exaggerated sizes of retro Mario Bros. elements but it is actually quite perfect for the zaniness of Mario Kart 8, and it has a very smooth feel. Easily my favorite of retro tracks this batch. 10/10


Kalimari Desert - The remastered design of the desert is superb and welcome, the dusty dirt giving a noticeably different feel for traction and grip ala Cheese Land, and the altering of paths for the second and third laps help breathe new life into a track that has, for the most part, remained very faithful to the original. That being said, the sudden appearance of a ramp where there was none a lap prior to send you on your new path is kind of jarring to me and pulls you out of the immersion. My only gripe for this oldie. 8/10


Waluigi Pinball - Probably the most artistically appealing track of the bunch, mostly in part due to the premise of the track being one built around colorful flashing lights and pinball machine elements that have been remastered wonderfully. I noticed a lack of coins along the green snaking section towards the beginning of the track that I would have considered putting along the inside and outside corners, but that is a big nit-pick for an otherwise amazing classic. 9/10


Sydney Sprint - Without knowing a majority of the landmarks that make up the idea around racing through Sydney, the actual track itself is surprisingly pleasant to drive along. The notable favorite part of track for myself is the snaking two-tone paths that go through the park in lap two, it gives me an idea of separation with the slight downward slant towards the grass but still connected by the middle 'peak' that separates the two-tones of the road. Better than New York Minute. 8.5/10


Snow Land - Probably my sleeper track of this bunch, this one does well with adding elevation to a previously flat track and making it seem like a winter wonderland. The penguins are a nuisance but it is sooooo satisfying to take the wide turn around the open ice with them. Not a lot to say for this one, just that it is well done. 7.5/10


Mushroom Gorge - Perhaps the one that feels like it had the least done to make it 'fresh', but it honestly had little that needed to be altered for 'modern freshness'. The cave is beautiful inside, which is probably necessary to try and keep racers from getting enraged when they are pelted with items that make their bouncing atop the mushrooms a desperate struggle to survive. My only gripe about the track is the hit-stun halting your bouncing trajectory. 8/10


Sky-High Sundae - I was not expecting this to be a completely-anti-gravity track, but sure enough it is and it makes the extravagant design of a dessert-themed track really stand out. It does feel a little like a mish-mash thrown together at the last minute, but it is done so in a way that makes some sort of sense in the grand scheme of things. A bit of an analogy might be that Sky-High Sundae is akin to one of Super Mario World's Special Zone levels where the weirdest combinations of level elements combine to make something... well, 'Gnarly', or 'Mondo', or 'Funky'. For a brand new track, I am pleased with it. 8.5/10

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3 star all the 50cc, 100cc, and mirror cups ahead of tonight races.


Since I still have 150cc and 200cc to do, I don't want too say yet how I feel about this wave but I'll have my impressions tomorrow for sure

1 hour ago, purple_beard said:

Not sure how I feel about the track set up for desert. 

Not sure if it is your nostalgia for MK64 or that particular course. (comment on that GX vid, you don't know how to feel how how racing on the train track)


I've fond of MK64 but not as much as MKDD!! so I guess we an split hairs and see if they change an MKDD!! in a way I don't like personally.


For me, I welcome the change and as an early impression of the Turnip Cup, it is the standout to me because of the literal train track change.

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Turnip Cup:

*New York Minute MKT

*Mario  Circuit 3 SMK

*Kalimari Desert MK64

*Waluigi Pinball MKDS


Propeller Cup:

*Sydney Sprint MKT

*Snow Land MKSC

*Mushroom Gorge MKWii

*Sky-High Sundae


My thoughts through 150cc play:




--Not bad, not great.  I want to time trial it looking at cuts in the track layout.



--Solid remaster, but surprised it is so plain.



--Graphically very amazing presentation... love the dust clouds and the feel of the dirt over previous versions. I don't mind the MK7 upgrades or the MKT ramp included to an otherwise flat track but I do mind the convoluted lap, track path system for it.  Its almost like they wanted to give love to all 3 versions of it in one track.



--Graphically, a great presentation of the course but I mystified why it wasn't all ant-gravity choice considering the nature of pinball.



--Rival for Paris Promenade in terms of a solid track.  I really dig some of the elements and routing in it along with its pathway choices.


Snow Land

--Love the graphics and the terrain topography choices for the track.  I swear there are tons of shortcut or cut corner choices availble here but I might need to play with it more to solidify that thought.



--Solid remaster of the course, but I'm leery of the 200ccs on those shrooms LOL.



--Cool track.  Lots of interesting ways to race it.  The stair rails work like the bumpers in MK8 tracks for bump boosts.


All I have to say is I like what we got and while it doesn't necessarily grab your attention while racing, when you stop you notice those texture downgrades from the original content.  And after two packs of having that feel, this is coming off like a console ad to get MKT so you can play these on the go if you haven't gotten MKT.

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35 minutes ago, DLurkster said:

3 star all the 50cc, 100cc, and mirror cups ahead of tonight races.


Since I still have 150cc and 200cc to do, I don't want too say yet how I feel about this wave but I'll have my impressions tomorrow for sure

Not sure if it is your nostalgia for MK64 or that particular course. (comment on that GX vid, you don't know how to feel how how racing on the train track)


I've fond of MK64 but not as much as MKDD!! so I guess we an split hairs and see if they change an MKDD!! in a way I don't like personally.


For me, I welcome the change and as an early impression of the Turnip Cup, it is the standout to me because of the literal train track change.



 I liked what MK7 did with it....   I don't even mind the MKT ramp appearing....  I just don't like how it feels like they tried to get you to play all three versions of the course in one race setting (Mk64, MK7, and MKT).

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7 minutes ago, purple_beard said:



 I liked what MK7 did with it....   I don't even mind the MKT ramp appearing....  I just don't like how it feels like they tried to get you to play all three versions of the course in one race setting (Mk64, MK7, and MKT).

How is that any different if you were to frame that comment on Paris Promenade, Tokyo Blur, New York Minute or Sydney Sprint in MK8DX? They are all versions of what is in MKT in laps of MK8DX.


So that is why I say it is possible nostalgia is making you feel you don't like Kalimar Desert. Yeah, KD was a different sort of spin in MK7 but I like what was done to KD in MK8DX,. I barely played KD on MKT from what I remember it's what I enjoy in MK8DX. I barely played New York Minute and I haven't even played Sydney Sprint so I can't comment in how much I like it more in MK8X but I will comment on those and the rest of the wave cups tomorrow, here.

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8 hours ago, purple_beard said:

Lol...their alert hit me at 4:48pm.


8 hours ago, Surge135 said:

My alert tweet came in at 4:46pm. Well after I got the game update and played through the tracks in 50cc/100cc GPs.


Oh well, better luck next time Nintendo.






Anyway, what we raced tonight was my first experience with the tracks. Still have to play on the 3 we didn't get but it'll be different since they won't be mirrored.

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Interesting, thought it was clickbait with it saying Sky-High Sundae kinda sucks but I sort of see their point of view with the stair railing being anti-gravity boost is weird. The first couple times, I consciously avoid hitting because it wouldn't be good idea to do so. That's the thing about Sky-High Sundae, I thought only like some or 80% is anti-gravity but it's actually the whole thing. So when you get to the stair case, you anti-graviting so anything the track would be a boost. So yeah, trial and error in realizing oh everything is anti-gravity so go with what we known and don't forget.


Outside their suggestion for it to stand out more, I'm all for it but aesthetically and fun factor is there for me. I do agree outside the faux pas of the stair railing, the collision on the latter half approaching the sundae cup leave much to be desired. You notice more when you want to explore the other paths to race above or below the slide leading up to the sundae cup. I thought that felt weird, don't know if they are gonna fix that but not gonna hold my breath for that one.


As for what they call the Goated, that's too much praise for Kalimar Desert. I still stand that it is the standout for me for Wave 2 but that's as far I will take its praise. It takes what was already great from a few iterations to MKT with its different step-ups from there and implemented the 3 different lap setup from track from MKT in MK8DX. It's not best use to me but since to me I hardly played KD on MKT it is a standout with what is on display for laps on MK8DX. There are other MKT courses in MK8DX with better lap selection in this booster course so far.


That's all I wanted to comment on this vid, still have to provide mine impressions and rest not to say is not accurate from the vid but it I don't want to expunge all my opinions in this post with this vid. (that would be longer then just my impressions post)


Sometime today I hope to have my complete impressions up.

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Okay, I finally 3 starred all the wave 2 DLC cups so my impressions:


3 star post here:


Turnip Cup

New York Minute: I barely played NYM on MKT and that was before it got a little better I heard now and it shows here. There's nothing here track layout the screams cool other than the night landscape and city light. The only thing I give this course kudos to is the music, so 30's jazz music number is really nice. 7/10


Super Mario Circuit 3: I appreciate leaving this track of the series that start it all. Yes, we have had other iterations were the track was change but tho we may not look fondly back this release on the 30 anniversary month of SMK but I think that and just remember this track how it was back in the day with modern paint. I noticed, unless it is my imagination that some parts of the track is wider than the others. I think it's especially noticeable when turning 45 or 90 degrees turns. It makes for tight manoeuvring when your in the middle of heated race with all your opponents and their items to get you. 10/10


Kalimar Desert: A N64 classic, I feel there's mixed opinions on whether this iteration for MK8DX was necessary. I fall on yes, nostalgia aside I think this course takes cues from city inspired course in MKT for MK8DX different lap selection here. It is done very well in my opinion, to me nothing take me out of the atmosphere of this track at all and appreciate the switch up on laps like the city course in MK8DX. It shows they are will to take course we know throughout the year, brought to MKT for another remix and then put it altogether to celebrate what some classic tracks can still off something new but still be itself in someway. 8/10


Waluigi Pinball: For how most expected to this course to be I think it could of been worse. Tho most saw this course opportunity to implement anti-gravity, I don't see it as a loss to do so. The only thing that is a puzzle to me, I thought that dialing sound of pinball travelling was when you drift on the track on MK7 (played that to make sure) but MK8DX confirmed is when you hit the item roulette box is when you hear that dial of a pinball. (like how on Animal crossing and Zelda the item roulette sounds different there) Speak of pinballs, there seem be not much hitting the track on MK8DX from MK7. As for the lack of coins on some parts, there's more to grab after the paraglide and and off speed trick jumps. I noticed difference between the 2 of MK7 and MK8DX. 7/10


Propeller cup

Sydney Sprint: Coming from someone who have not raced at all on this track, this is good track and implements the 3 different lap setup of Paris Promenade. I can't say it's better the the only thing would come above is the atmosphere and Sydney Sprint just barely justify that this is a better track than Paris Promenade. 10/10


Snow Land: Before I get to the track, I mentioned this on the last race night there's a part of this song on this track that sounds like Choco Mountain from MK64. It is driving me crazy that I can't confirm it is the same or not. Anyways... I like the look overall, (tho it is a thing of the past of the DLC visuals) this really sells it is snow land to the iced track and everything. Nice touch with the penguins, music is good and that's all I can really say the track doesn't do much special to stand out and that says a lot when the most unchanged track of this wave is SMC 3, lol. 7/10


Mushroom Gorge: Despite very little or no change at all, this is another classic course. So I'm sure that is why there isn't or much at all change but I like it the way it is in MK8DX. Yeah, like on the original release, the last part with mushrooms and where to drive bounce and glide in MK8DX is a good way to really smack yourself in why did you do that, in that way for me to end up ditch first. 9/10


Sky-High Sundae: Like most probably didn't realize, all of this course for MK8DX exclusively is anti-gravity and I appreciate that for a new course here. (tho going to MKT but makes, what doesn't there is how karts are going up hill without sticking to surface but MK logic is not same how gravity work irl) Aesthetically, it is beautiful, I think the course is imaginative as well with some of its layouts but other than it is a slight above MK course that is worthy of MK honor in the future to come. 8/10

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