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Mario Party Superstars Friday September 16th?

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So... this is last minute but it was brought up a little after the Mario Kart session. I'm gonna make an attempt to play some Mario Party tonight (August 12) at 10pm Eastern. @TheBarkinHyena wanted to test his new connection and I also asked my brother if he wanted to play. That would only leave 1 spot to play for that time. I'll tag the usual suspects for interest and see where we go from there.


@The Albraskan @DLurkster @Samus2008


If this happens I'll likely just record the session then upload it later.

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Cool Krazy and Hyena.


I forgot to ask @The Albraskan if can join in on Friday.


I asked ReoWatch on Discord. Hopefully we have enough players if we don't hear a reply by Friday afternoon the latest. If we have the 4 we need, anyone else can watch Krazy stream like they are there.


You can thank me later Krazy for the audience I may get you for the stream, lol.

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to Mario Party Superstars Friday September 16th?

Damn, almost forgot about this with all the gaming events today.


So far got confirmation for Krazy, Hyena, Samus and I didn't see it yesterday on Discord when I asked Reowatch but he's down too for this Friday night.




So that is 5 folks confirmed, still will wait for Al's response. At this point anyways we have more than enough players. So it will come down to first come, first play.  The other 2 can watch Krazy stream from here: https://www.twitch.tv/tkrazyo


Till then time for Friday will most likely be 10pm et but I will wait till Friday for the player count officially and the set time.

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