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Mario Party Superstars Friday September 16th?

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So this was one of those games that would be fun to play occasionally with friends online. One of those "Game Night" type of games. I haven't played this since the Sunday after I got the game. This is also my first Mario Party in a while with the last one I played being 8. I wanted to try something if anyone that owns the game is available.


This is mainly asking for just this Friday coming up but maybe things could change with the occasional (not weekly) Game Night for either this or other games that can fit that mold like Among Us, Duck Game and other games that I know I shouldn't be getting because of my backlog.


So all in all:

Friday at 10pm Eastern

Discord Voice Chat

Stream and/or Record


Anyone interested?

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Ah, I haven't forgotten about this, when you mentioned this in the last Mario Kart night. I was wondering if a thread would be made or this would be posted in the only Mario Party Superstars thread about the game being awesome on this board.


Well, you know I am down as I told you on Thursday. I have played online with random not with friends, if for some reason we don't have 4 ppl to play with, CPUs (which is just as fine as ever in MP) can suffice. First let's who we'll get before we talk players replacement.

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Alright, so we have 4 confirmed. I'll post sometime around 8pm my time (Eastern) for last minute confirmations or back outs. I plan on starting the set up around 9:30 and starting the stream around 9:50. I'll be on the Discord around that time but still be watching Smackdown until it ends. I'll be using the voice chat. Any rules we can discuss while setting up the game.

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@The Albraskan: Do you have NSO enabled? I'm just checking up if still want to play MPS later tonight? As you said yourself, you won't be able to play online till got that enabled.


@TKrazyO: I'm up any rules, your the host, you should do what you want.  Despite that I'll just state what rules I like: Bonus Stars ON (Bonus or bust), all the minigames. (I want to get in the habit of playing them all and not just the N64 ones) Not required but to be safe we should do 10 turns if doing 15 turns after 10pm est could be over an 1hr so, it shouldn't but you never know.



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The first online MPS with friends here, recently concluded and in the end Samus2008 with his scheming Waluigi became the superstar of Horror Land. (if there was anyone scheming it was Al as DK but besides the point)


Looks, like this might be a regular thing so if so, I'll post a full wrap of who won and sorts. It will be nice to chronicle the events these nights.




Well back to Arceus before bed.

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Just wanted to bump this up since I finally uploaded the session!



I was also wondering if anyone would be available next Friday night (April 1st) to play? Throwing it out there since April 2nd & 3rd are Wrestlemania nights and I won't be streaming that Saturday. It's possible to start between 8-10pm since that Smackdown might not be important enough to watch. Any thoughts would be nice.


@DLurkster, @The Albraskan, @Samus2008 & anyone else interested.

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to Mario Party Superstars Friday April 1st?

Of all the days to say you want to play, it better not be a joke, tho you mentioned the other days are a no go but I want to make sure of 2 things: You sure for April 1st and when you say 8-10pm, you mean for April 1st, right? If those times are before wrestlemania, (which I doubt as those are primetime hour and I recall you saying after Smashdown this month to delay next month Smashdown to week after April 2nd...) means you mean 8-10pm on Friday.


Yeah, I should be available. The earlier the better, I will say for now. If it goes past 10pm I am fine but nothing past 11pm for me.

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@DLurkster Yes, Friday April 1st starting between 8-10pm. It's the day before WrestleMania. The days of WrestleMania (Saturday & Sunday) I won't be on at all. Wanted to see if maybe we could start earlier than last time since the go home show for Smackdown won't be must see even though the Hall of Fame is after it.

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16 hours ago, Samus2008 said:

Could we do Wednesday or Thursday night? I have a friend coming in from out of town on Friday, and he'll be here for a week. So I won't be available starting Friday. 

If everyone else was up for it we could have a game tonight and still play Friday. We can't on Thursday because of the Mario Kart 200th numbered Tournament.

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Was waiting on your response, Krazy. I guess I could be up tonight to play.


I will let you guy know by 6pm est today. But I was thinking if it doesn't workout today and this Friday could be a bust of a player short, how about Friday April 15th, that's 3 weeks from now. And of that week can ask if ppl are alright with that day? As Samus2008 friend will be with him till at least the 8th of April so that Friday or any day of the week that week so let's ask how April 15th will be for everybody the week of?

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  • TKrazyO changed the title to Mario Party Superstars Friday September 16th?

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