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Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS review thread

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Metacritic - 75

Opencritic - 73


Attack of the Fanboy - 4.5/5



If you’re looking for endless side-scrolling action on a handheld, you aren’t going to do better than Super Mario Maker on 3DS. It’s the most Super Mario we’ve seen packed into the handheld to date with a seemingly endless number of levels to tackle that will keep you busy as long as you let it. However, mileage will vary in terms of user created content and its quality when compared to Nintendo’s own levels when digging into the online aspects of the game. The creation tools are on par with the console version, but the sharing is limited to local friends or street pass strangers and that’s kind of a let-down. While you won’t be able to send that perfectly created level out to Mario Maker players across the world from the 3DS, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into where the leg work has already been done.


USGamer - 4/5



Super Mario Maker for 3DS comes pretty close to being a perfect portable adaptation of an incredible Wii U game. It certainly works a lot better than previous ports had led me to expect! That said, the absence of one of the original game's most important elements truly diminishes this conversion. The new format and new pre-baked content go a long way toward making up for the loss... but while this version is worth owning for the 100 (!) new levels alone, it's still not the definitive Super Mario Maker.


Gamesradar - 4/5



All of which means there’s a faint whiff of compromise about Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. It’s still a magical creative toolkit with an outstanding interface, with the added bonus of 100 good-to-excellent new stages and a tutorial that will make you a better creator. But otherwise this is clearly the lesser version of the two currently available. Accept its limitations and you might find it a valuable learning tool, but it’s hard not to think Nintendo might yet be working on a Switch version that would surely combine the two and give us the best of both worlds. Something for dabblers and technicians.


Gameinformer - 7.8/10



Not being able to share levels online to get global feedback (or show off your creation to a friend across the country) holds the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker back significantly. The fun community aspect is almost entirely gone, which is disheartening. The ability to create, however, still feels great, and playing all of Nintendo’s new levels is worthwhile. Mario Maker encourages creativity and continues to be one of the best level creation tools ever made, but the limitations on sharing make the 3DS version an inferior experience compared to the Wii U original.


The Sixth Axis - 7/10



Super Mario Maker on Wii U already struggled with sharing and discoverability, and even now the in game options and the website that lets you search and queue up levels is far from perfect. On 3DS you have even fewer options. You can’t follow creators, you can’t see or use course ID codes, you can’t see or create comments, you can’t give a level you liked a star, you’re deprived of so much of the content that has been created over the last year.


Lazygamer - 6.9/10



And it’s a real shame, because given the form factor it presents the easiest and most convenient way to create Mario levels yet. There’s something so appealing about being able to sit on long flights just hammering away at a platforming masterpiece. But it’s sobering when you realise that masterpiece is relegated to being used in a lucky packet of sorts, or only available to those few who are able to get within a few meters of your 3DS. It’s the real mark down on a otherwise faithful port of an excellent game, and makes it far harder to recommend.


We Got This Covered - 2.5/5



Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is a delight to play and create with, but it's got some disastrous barriers to entry. The inability to share 3DS courses online is a painful limitation, as is the choice to gate creation tools behind 18 worlds of platforming. If you can overcome these issues, you've got a portable version of Nintendo's best game from last year, but I fear most users' patience will run out before then.


Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS releases for Nintendo 3DS on December 2.

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On 11/30/2016 at 1:05 PM, purple_beard said:





Still passing on this because it seems stupid to drop amiibo functionality when the N3DS has a built in scanner and also it seems stupid how they handled the online level sharing.


It brings to mind that odd excuse they had for NES Remix when asked about whether it'd be ported to the 3DS in the future, when it originally launched on Wii U. Something about how the 3DS hardware couldn't handle it very well. It was said in an interview once, they said NES Remix wasn't possible on 3DS. I mean, they are repurposed NES games, how in blue blazes can it struggle on a handheld?


And then to add more to the incredulity, they actually do in fact port it to the 3DS much later on, the original game and it's sequel, combined into one retail package. For that reason alone I believe Super Mario Maker for 3DS will have online sharing added in a future patch, perhaps once the Nintendo Switch finally launches and the Wii U is all but a distant memory. It really does feel like a botched attempt by Nintendo to differentiate it from the Wii U version. That, and perhaps they just didn't invest time in working out a system. It would have to require a separate server after all.

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10 minutes ago, Fuzzer1 said:

So it does include the many other costumes the Wii U version has too?


Unfortunately, no. Those necessitate the use of the Mystery Mushroom, which has been removed in the 3DS version. Furthermore, levels using said Mystery Mushrooms from the Wii U version are incompatible with the 3DS version and are therefore not available.

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17 minutes ago, Blitzmo said:


Unfortunately, no. Those necessitate the use of the Mystery Mushroom, which has been removed in the 3DS version. Furthermore, levels using said Mystery Mushrooms from the Wii U version are incompatible with the 3DS version and are therefore not available.


Well that's stupid.

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