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*IF* Stars is real and IS a Sun/Moon sequel - here's what they should do

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You've probably all seen the rumours of a Pokemon "Star" coming to the Switch.


My wishlist for this would be to have it be a sequel to Sun and Moon. When you're asked if you're a boy or girl this assigns you as either Lillie or Gladion.


Lillie - You're determine to become a new and strong trainer and take on the Kanto league (with "Sun" or Hau as champion) and then return to Alola to take on the newly formed Alolan league where you face off against your brother who's the new champion


Gladion - Also determined to become a stronger trainer and track down your sister to show that you're a kinder trainer than reputation may have given off. You start by officially taking on Alolan league (with "Sun" or Hau as champion) then go to track your sister down in Kanto where you find out she's the league champion there.


Two regions, two different storylines.

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There's some bits of this I like and some I really don't like...


For one, I'd never want to play a game where Gladion was the player character...

Now... if there was a third option... the player is someone just starting out in Kanto and plays through the game as the rival to Lillie, helping her and challenging her through her journey to find her own strength.  Along the way, during parts of the game where Lillie is off trying to complete certain tasks on her own, you find that Gladion has been following behind, trying to look after Lillie. He challenges you to battles periodically to make sure you're strong enough to protect Lillie, but then asks you to keep quiet about him following his sister.  When you get near the end of the game, Lillie reveals that she always knew Gladion was there looking after her and challenges him to a battle to show how far she's come along. Gladion wins, but only barely. Seeing that Lillie has become very powerful, Gladion decides he no longer has to look after her, while Lillie decides that she's found all the strength she needs and is satisfied with her journey.  The two decide to end their journey and return to Alola to take on the trials and show Sun and Hau how much stronger they've become.  In the meantime, you take on the Kanto Pokémon League and when you win, you also get to travel to Alola and play a post game story where you see how things have changed and perhaps even find that Lillie or Gladion have succeeded in their trials and one of them is now the new champion. Perhaps a bit like the G/S/C post game to Kanto, the post game here is a quick run through Alola to complete the trials and meet the new champion and challenge them to battle to finally beat the whole game.

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why not just expand on the alola theme whilst simultaneously going back to a region that everyone seems to have forgotten exists and do the orange league?  given the shit we're doing in alola it's not that much of a stretch at this point

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