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Hope's Peak Academy - N4A Chat Thread - December 2021

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On and off I’ve slowly been compressing files to zip folders and uninstalling things here and there on my older laptop 


one of these days I’m going to back things up to an external hard drive and do a clean install considering it’s bern a bit slow and sluggish 




But for some reason the Blizzard app considering how much space it takes up- only comes up with a black screen when i try to uninstall… not sure why it’s being difficult 


Even downloaded another program for uninstalling files and no luck through that either 


Guess I’ll have to ignore that and leave that be for now, i guess….



Also over the weekend i separated and cleared out my main spotify music list and been adding things from scratch - ended up moving the videogame stuff to a separate playlist 


Already back up to 600 tracks as of now - might re-add some of the video game stuff after going through my main playlist 


Beem using a separate playlist to add albums by artist and weed out duplicate and songs I’m not interested in- seems to work pretty well, though it’s a bit time taking…

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3 hours ago, Spring said:

ty gave me the idea to try to wrap up all my backlogged anime before the year ends and im tryin!!! already finished up bnha s5, caught up on maiko-san, now i just gotta get through mieruko-chan, nomad, ousama ranking, taishou otome, and precure x_x


so many....why did i decide to watch so many...

This is how I feel kind of about how far behind I am with the MCU movies. :P I’m kind of intimidated by it…


Of course I am aware a backlog of anime would be much more daunting to get through typically, still, I think I feel your pain a bit, here!

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