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Making a Redead Mask.

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Not completed yet, but this is the most up to date picture.

Previous Picture:


I had the idea to make a re-dead mask after seeing This mask, and I thought it really shouldn't be too hard to make.


Start by taking a piece of wood, and sketching everything out. This i think is a scrap from a 2X12.
This was a surprisingly long step, transferrer the dimensions from reference pictures is pretty tough when you're trying to take measurements off a touch screen.
I had to do a lot of tweaking to get something that looked right. If I were to do it again, ( which I might ) I'd draft up a 3D reference model first in order to figure out my dimensions beforehand.



This is sort of two steps.
First cutting out the perimeter. Pretty straightforward.
The second is cutting out the facets. A bit trickier.
I started off just by working my way down taking nibbles off the wood, but by the time I finished I was cutting the entire facet in one go.
Easier than I expected.





Here I've drilled out the eyes, smoothed out the facets w/ a belt sander, and started carving the mouth.
The mouth I started just with a dremel to sort of carve in the lines I had drawn, then everything else was done with a utility knife and a 1/4" chisel.




At this point I was ready to call it a night. The carving wasn't exactly easy, and I felt like I needed a break to kind of wrap my head around what I wanted to do with it next.
But I wanted to see a hint of what it would look like, so I decided to give it a quick painting.



Some thinned out black paint to give it some blotchyness.





Some stain over the top.
It wiped out a lot of the blotchyness, and made it a lot more uniform than I had wanted. But Oh well.






Some black around the teeth. I didn't exactly have a small brush at the time, so it got really messy. 






Just used a bit of spray glue to stick a bit of felt or something I found on the floor as a quick backing.


And the felt cut out. Looks pretty good already.

And thats the end of Day 1.
More on the way, Day 2 is done I'll just need some time to update here.

Day 2!



Finished carving out the teeth. This time I pulled out a bunch of carving chisels to finish up. But I ended up almost entirly using just a straight chisel and an exact-o knife.
Its hard to tell how different it is from the previous panted version, if you scroll up to before they had any paint it should be easier to see how they're smoother and better defined.




Using bondo to fill some break-out along the mouth hole, mend some divots and dents, and to make a gumline for the teeth.
Also I started finishing the carving around the eyes.



Bondo sanded flat, both eyes finished.
AND, I removed some material to make the forehead shorter, and the top 4 facets longer and more apparent.



Used a wire wheel to distress the wood and give it a really nice texture.
Here are some close ups:



Black undercoat, to help highlight the texture.


After a bit of sanding and a little more work with the wire wheel.


And the stain.
I really tried hard to get a lot of orange to it. In the artwork the mask really has an orange look to it that makes it stand out from the dark gray of the rest of the ReDead.
It looked really orange in the shop, but it ended up only a tiny bit more orange than it was before. Oh well, baby steps.



Sanded the gums a little smoother, and added the black undercoat for the teeth.




Then I painted the Teeth white!
And thats the state of the mask currently.


A close up of the finished texture. This turned out AMAZING!

End of day 2.


- Fix teeth
     - Too White

     - Make appear more narrow
     - Fix texture to seem bony and porous

     - Gums too black and indiscernable from shadow

-Lighten Color
     -Introduce more orange and gray

-Too Glossy

-Hollow back so as to be wearable
-Headstrap solution

Stretch Goal:
-Sound board that sits inside the mask when wall mounted.

     -Plays Moan effect on intervals
     -Proximity sensor that plays screech if anybody reaches a hand within a few inches of it.
     -Satisfyingly clicky Off switch to preserve my sanity.



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