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So it seems Warner Brothers is hopping on the mascot platform fighting game train with Multiversus. I normally don’t make topics, but I thought I’d at least share this news here. 

Oddly enough, Multiversus doesn’t seem to be coming to the Nintendo Switch at this time? 

I’m sorry for overdoing it with the topic tags. I got carried away.

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Batman, Tom & Jerry, Steven Universe, and Arya Stark—what a truly bizarre collection of characters (also I guess I never realized that Warner Bros. technically has some rights to Game of Thrones characters).


I will say that the co-op effects are pretty neat. It's cool to see some actual co-op synergy rather than just "we're both fighting the other team."

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Nickelodeon All Star Brawl felt like a love letter to both competitive Smash fans and those who grew up watching Nickelodeon. Even though they had a limited budget, you could still tell how much the devs cared about those characters, even though most of them hadn't been seen for decades.


This just feels like Warner Bros. trying to cash in on a fad while showing off how many properties they own. The entire cast consists of characters that have already had plenty of exposure through multi-billion-dollar-grossing movies released fairly recently, so they're already in the public conscious.

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12 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

What next, Disney?! 


...Not sure if Sakurai would like that, since Sora. 


Seriously, even PlayStation was done with that since 201whatever, and Microsoft *laughs*. 


Microsoft has Killer Instinct, they're good.


I agree with Ty on most of the points, but the iconic voices like Kevin Conroy as Batman, etc still makes this game appealing far as presentation. Nick being as cheap as they were with the bells and whistles on their game is not something I forgive that much.

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Now if we can fuse what makes NASB with Multiversus (a little off balance as one is more focused brand then the other) I think I can get on board with this.


It's just sad that less than 3 weeks out NASB died on Switch, can't say if Multiversus will suffer a similar fate but it has a few things on its side that might make it stand out more than NASB.


That free-to-play is iffy at best, it will come down how this supported with characters and online functionality.

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Adding onto my previous post about the roster:


One of the most well-known things amount Smash is how excited it got people for the opportunity to have characters they hadn't seen in decades finally return to the spotlight. It wasn't all just Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon; we had Ness (from an obscure JRPG that had sold terribly), Captain Falcon (who'd never been playable outside of a car before), hell, even characters who had only ever starred in a single game, like Duck Hunt or the Ice Climbers. Not everyone knew who these characters were, but to the few people that did, it felt all the more special to see them again.


Same with NASB. Not only did we get big-hitters like Spongebob and the Ninja Turtles, but also some who hadn't been seen since before most of Nickelodeon's current audience were born. CatDog? Nigel Thornberry? Fucking Powdered Toast Man? Hell yeah!


Multiversus lacks that appeal of introducing new audiences to obscurer characters in favor of just shoving in whatever's been popular over the past several years. Where's Brak from Cartoon Planet? The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken?


Finally, the way that they handled Shaggy. Sure, NASB had a few meme references like "NO, THIS IS PATRICK!" or Ren and Stimpy doing the Gardevoir Paizuri dance, but those were memes that already existed in the original shows. At no point in any Scooby Doo-related media does Shaggy display anything resembling Ultra Instinct. It's just a meme for the sake of including a meme.

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Yeah, this has always been a problem with WB; only using the biggest names and leaving anything that's more obscure to remain forgotten. In the case of a game or something that's DC for instance, Batman, Batman, Batman.


So you just have a roster that's more of the same with what WB has always showed off, which is why presentation aside, this game didn't get much a reaction from me at all, despite being a fan of a lot of WB properties.

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Yes, to me if we fuse the good parts of NASB and Multiversus.  I think we'll have a platform fighter with heart, character, care for the community with online updates and online functionality.


Again, the only con to me is that Multiversus is free-to-play. Yeah, I am not phased that all the these brands seem to fly in the face of what Multiversus is going for but it is another take on platform fighter. We all can't be the same or like Smash, competition breeds better products for the consumer.

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For something just recently announced I think they did a great job of really emphasizing what they're wanting to do with this game and the experience they want to provide.  I think there will be opportunities to surprise people with character choices after they truly nail down who they want in up front and which brands to represent.  I think it's a good idea and like DL my only sense of being iffy is with it being a F2P title, but that's not a dealbreaker.  Well, that and omitting Switch of all platforms but as with the aforementioned criticism it's not a deal breaker.  Just an incredibly curious omission.

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I think there's one or two reasons why this game is not on Switch; (before these thoughts, weren't a dealbreaker for me) not a lot of free-to-play games on Switch compared to other video game platforms. To me I think this has more to do with the IP's and it being free to start. The publisher probably chose what they though was best budget wise for platforms, which leads me to my next point; Smash monopolize Nintendo has the best platform fighter. Yes, just like there are other free-to-play games on Switch there's even less so platform fighters. (indie like, not like fighterz and the bigger like) With such a big saturation rate of Ultimate on Switch, compared to install base the publisher thought with the cost o bring to other platforms with their IP's won't be worth it to bring to Switch.


Big leap in logic with that 2nd point for sure but is merely a guess on my part and I have no qualms that this isn't coming to Switch, even tho it seems so obvious because of Smash despite of it.

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The simple matter is that the platform fighter genre has been in Smash’s shadow for so long that huge crossovers like this and NASB are the only way to stand out.


This isn’t like the FPS boom of the 90s where we had all these different franchises like Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, and Turok all coming out close together, prospering and evolving in their own different directions. It wasn’t until Brawl that other companies tried to get a slice of the platform fighter pie, with Play Station All Stars Battle Royale being the first one that comes to mind simply due to the console war rivalry between Nintendo and Sony.


Meanwhile, other platform fighters like Slap City or TowerFall are basically unknown outside of hardcore fans of the genre, because they don’t have the novelty factor of having recognizable characters.

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