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Sinnoh Underground - N4A Chat Thread - November 2021


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Started playing Blue on the 3DS virtual console today - tried spending time trying to nail a glitch that allowed you to get the other two starters but haven’t been able to get that down


Granted on one comment on a video i saw someone say they don’t count towards the Dex… so pretty much gave up on that since i was just wasting time on it


On that note, spent quite a bit of time trying to hunt down a Mankey… one Serebii search later, it’s a Red/Yellow exclusive from the looks of it - shows how long it’s been since I’ve played the original games


Honestly the biggest hurdle in Blue will be completing the Pokedex - If i had another 3DS, probably could get Yellow or Red and trade Bulbasaur, Charmander and other versions exclusives

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