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Sinnoh Underground - N4A Chat Thread - November 2021


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After several weeks on and off, finally cleared out the majority of my Wished items on myfigurecollection…. So that’s finally done


Was easier to clear a lot of these out through the Manager to mass delete items instead of doing them one by one manually…. That would’ve taken ages


Left the MLP Bishoujo figures since there wasn’t any point of doing so since those were the only ones left


But now i can start from fresh and start adding items again…. Might ignore most of the Garage Kit styled figures/kits


Don’t know about those

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The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck" So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".

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Looks like the update for New Horizons has been downloading in the background for awhile 


Up to 43% with 19 or so hours remaining…. So in the next few days I’ll have that update downloaded


Also recently opened up New Leaf after fixing the date and discovered that Gabi moved…. which is unfortunate

And before that, Iggy moved in at some point and yesterday when opening up I discovered i had the misfortune of Rodney moving in… will be getting rid of him as quickly as possible 


I have Bones apparently, and Cousteau, Bree and Gruff are still around… i feel like I’m forgetting some


At least i still have Rosie and Frita still around, at least….


A lot of my villagers aren’t exactly….. great… going to have to swap some


Is this what i get for not playing in ages?


But i forgot how much more enjoyable NL is in ways over NH… a lot more to do from the get go… also Isabelle is actually useful, missed being a mayor and being able to do things like Public Work Projects


Also actually good villager interactions. And forgot how goodTortimer Island is for Rare Bugs and Sharks for making money


And some furniture series that aren’t in NH…. Really miss the Robo Cabin series


And a lot more Nintendo items to collect And Ore Customization and actually being able to make Dino fossils into models…. 


Granted theres some downsides like the limited items slots… and grass degradation which is annoying… most of my ground is covered with Patterns to cover that up


Reminds me i should pick up that 3DS Happy Home Designer game


Still going to pick up the DLC… does add quite a bit even though it still feels lacking in some areas of content…


But i hope the next game will return to its roots like previous games - and bringing more things back that weren’t in NH if we don’t get more DLC/content updates


Reminds me if I can’t figure out if I can’t get my original XL fixed and unable to access my original data going to have to hunt down those special exclusive, holiday and monthly items

No idea if i can do that considering i got in touch with Nintendo support and got them to get my account accessed back to my original 3DS… or something 


It’s been a few years since so I don’t remember exactly what happened with that


Assuming i know where my XL even is or if it can be fixed considering it’s broken in half…. Really should’ve just sent that in for repair when that was still available… not sure why i didn’t unless it was a lack of money issue 


Also reminds me there’s a lot of 3DS games I haven’t bought… not sure which ones to get considering it’s difficult to find the good stuff amongst the garbage and shovelware

Also been working on Odyssey more today - a pretty good amount of Moons added in post game


Going to have to search for some coin grinding areas - will need them considering how expensive the rest of the bonus costumes are and can get…


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