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Nintendo Switch OLED: Ask the Developers

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This was unexpected for Nintendo to do, it makes sense for today is the launch of the system but I feel this was something they were always gonna share. A lot of ppl I feel have questions about this new family iteration of the Nintendo Switch.


Didn't read all of the articles, just watch some vids on YT that covered some more important points such as the Joy-Cons supposedly working better. Of course the developers don't mention JC drift but use other words to describe the issue at hand.


Anyway... here's the link to the articles: Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Ask the Developer

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Finally had time to sit down and read through this.  While some of the magic of Iwata Asks has disappeared along with him I do like that Nintendo still has these little developer insights that at least keeps the spirit of Iwata Asks alive.


Nothing too crazy in this series though, but it was nice hearing about the steps they take when implementing new technologies and talking about some of the not so obvious changes with the OLED model that aren't openly advertised.

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Yeah, it isn't the same but the thought and spirit of these interviews counts. A bit of lengthy read, I read the interviews a day after I posted this thread.


What I found interesting outside the YT video coverage is the Lotcheck which is testing any and all new software with hardware version out currently. Just hearing sound tiring when you think what could go wrong and they did this for every console and handheld up the Switch. That is some dedication!


Another is wrapping my head around open speakers and closed speaker from OG to OLED Switch respectively. I would think open is better option but I see that in how the insides of the OLED Switch has less room for it components, that and they knew or they realized that the method of closed speakers prevents bounce back of the front and back sound from colliding creating the muffling sound of the open speaker when they try to put that on the OLED Switch.



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