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Sony to take down PayPal & Credit Card Support PS3/PS Vita

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Saw this on Kotaku and I will link the article below.  Basically what is going down is Sony is taking away PayPal and Credit Card Support for both the PS3 and Vita stores.  This is going to make it far more difficult to buy games off the PS3 and Vita store fronts.  I don't exactly know why Sony is doing this but my best guess is they are slowly killing it off instead of just killing it off entirely.  I have been trying to get everything that matters to me on my PSTV.  So if you have a PS3, PS Vita, or PSTV, I would start trying to get what you want off there.  Now you can still purchase Sony PSN Gift Cards and redeem them on there going forward.  I actually prefer to do that because it is even more secure than PayPal.  There is no way for anyone to hack your shit. 


The weird wallet system that you can use to put money into your wallet from Sony's website will still be available.  So the only thing that goes is PayPal and Credit Card support but that is a big blow to the store fronts.  Now I understand that the stores have been out for awhile and unfortunately, Sony will move on.  That being said, it is really shitty anytime this happens.  I was upset when the Wii Store went down years ago because I was so worried about losing my downloads.  I still have them, they are backed up on my PC and I have them on my SD card in my Wii U.  Of course those are only tied to the physical system, so when Wii U goes bye we are all fucked or you better hope it can be repaired somehow.  



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