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Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct 10/15

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WOW! Version 2.0 did not disappoint. Lost of new features a QoL enhancements coming. ^_^  Though, I can't help but fell all of this is a bit too late, because I feel most people have moved on. Will this bring people back? ...And for how long?


Interesting that HHD2 is paid DLC in NL. Not sure if I'll get it (I didn't get HHD on 3DS), but cool to have it there nonetheless.

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-Return of the Café

Looks pretty nice and relaxing 

I wonder if we’ll be able to work there like in New Leaf…


-Return of Kapp’n

Nice to see him back - wish Kappn’s Island would’ve been here too…


But looks like there’s some new things - those vines look new….


-Harv’s Island expansion

The plaza looks nice - nice to see some of these other characters back


Island improvements:

-Group stretching

Huh… interesting- wasn’t this a thing in one of the older games….?



Nice to see these back… 


-Exterior upgrades:

Nice to see more of these - the options we had were pretty lacking before (Even New Leaf had more options 


-Expanded storage

Good to have more of these - i could really use it,…


-Cooking & Crops

Really looking forward to these

No idea where I’ll put the crops, though…. My islands a mess…


-Pro decorations:

That stuff looks cool


The expanded bridges and fences look nice and would be useful 


The new features of the Pro Camera app look nice


-Custom Designs + 

Looks pretty nice


Nice to see more Hairstyles and Reactions added


-new nook items look quite nice

Really hope some more of the older series back - i miss the Sci-Fi,Sleek and Cabin series of furniture from New Leaf


-Storage shed and ABD

That looks pretty useful 


-New K.K. Slider songs

Looking forward to this - though I have some catching up to do - missed out on quite a few Saturdays….

The music box looks pretty nice



Nice to see these back


New items in the Nook shop is pretty cool


-Ladders on Cliffs looks pretty cool


The navigation between small spaces is a nice little feature 


-Resident Invitations

Nice to see this back - definitely adds a little more to them - wish they would revamp the dialogue though…


-Happy Home Paradise

First Paid DLC

So we’ll have some work we can do and create Vacation Homes - a lot of this reminds me of Happy Home Designer (I should pick that 3DS game up…)

Really like the new characters - really like that…. Manatee(?) - that Monkey looks nice too

Having a wide variety of biomes is pretty cool

Lots of new little items and features….

Being able to use them in our own home and island is quite nice

Looking forward to this DLC on November 5th

$25 Isn’t too bad for how much is packed into this 

Also included in the NSO expansion 


-New Amiibo cards

Should pick those up

Still haven’t bought any Amiibo Cards/Amiibo since they were first released years ago…

Got done watching the Direct


Really looking forward to the Content coming out - really packed with Content in this update


Wish we would get a way to make those Mini Dinosaur models again though


I’ve been done with the Fossil part of the museum for awhile and have crapload of Dinosaur Fossils parts littering in front of the Museum that I don’t know what to do with 

Not sure why that hasn’t been a thing since day 1, honestly - hopefully that comes at some point…

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It’s great to see a lot of the characters that were left out of the initial New Horizons release make it to the game in this update. 

Happy Home Designer coming as a dlc is cool, thought $30 of a dlc to most people would seem high. But it looks like it brings a lot of extras. Interesting to see the Happy Home Designer dlc is bundled with the upgraded NSO plan. Not sure if I’ll do the HHD dlc if I get the upgraded NSO plan. I still feel burnt out on New Horizons and I haven’t played it in quite a while.

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Not mentioned in the Direct, the NookLink app (available via the NSO mobile app) will be getting an update...




New features include:

  • New items to spend Nook Points on
  • An article posted every day that will tell you about seasonal information, events, turnip price fluctuation records, etc.
  • Island 101 app
  • Happ Home Paradice app
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im kinda like, sooooo mad about this y; it feels like SO MUCH (TOO much EVEN) so late in the game


regardless of my anger towards nintendo, this seems like a SICK update tho, truly breathing new life into the game like the Welcome Amiibo update did for New Leaf. Even an entire upgrade of HHD (which i LOVED) for cheaper than HHD was at launch...chefs kiss.


and yet, somehow I still have things to ask for that they never addressed, like a clear upgrade for nooks or upgrading your house to be normal sized or literally anything to do in multiplayer that isn't just trading items (which isnt even really necessary anymore). its very strange how they managed to dump so much into a 20 minute direct while still managing to leave me wanting more lol


oh well! i wasn't truly expecting much and now i'm very pleasantly surprised! i figure i'll buy the expansion outright and play to my heart's content flower; 

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