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Tourian - N4A Chat Thread - October 2021

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58°/48° out currently 

Way too cold and chilly for my tastes 🥶 


Definitely will be waiting inside for the bus instead of outside 


Good thing i have mostly warm clothes on…. Aside from Shoes since I’m wearing

sandals…. I thought it would warm up like the past few days, honestly 


Might have to start wearing shoes, soon if it continues being this cold out in the coming weeks….

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11 hours ago, Spring said:

who are u! ill follow u back :3 i go through all my follows n make sure they're Normal People so if i haven't blocked you already then you're in luck theydonothing;


I'm Erdrick_Tantegel. I mainly retweet fanart, and post my thoughts about a game on the rare occasion. I also use it for finding Card Captor Sakura fanart that I  share with my girlfriend. :)

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Recently been trying to organize my Pokémon Home boxes in the Switch app


Why’s it so difficult to find good high quality Pokédex images?




Granted, i have been sending quite a lot of Pokémon over from Go….

So that has something to do with it


Would be helpful if it showed the Pokédex number in the info tab with the other information…..




now thinking about it, an auto sort feature/option would work too

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As of this evening, Prince Snufflemuffins is no longer with us. In the past few months, his health was declining rapidly. We noticed he was losing weight, but still acting normal. We figured it was old age, but we took him to a vet anyway. They discovered he had pancreatitis, and that his diet needed to change. We got his food updated, and just two weeks later, on this day, we had to put him down. Mom called near the end of work to tell me to come over, that she has found him pressing himself up against the corner, and couldn't walk straight. Both of his eyes were dialated,  and his normal purring was replaced with heavy breathing. We ran him to the vet immediately, where they diagnosed that it's neurological. With his condition, his quality of life had plummeted. I didn't want him to suffer, I didn't want him to be scared and alone. I didn't want him to suffer like my previous cat, who suffered far more than he ever deserved. But I didn't want to let him go. As painful as it was, through uncontrollable crying and heartache, I made the decision that he would be put to rest. Through the process, he was surrounded by me, my mother, and my girlfriend as we pet him, even after the doctor had confirmed his heart had stopped. I snuggled him before I could tear myself to leave the room. When petting his cold body, I could still hear his purring in my mind.
Prince Snugglemuffins was brought into my life just two weeks into my first year in high school. My mom bought him off craigslist for $5, but we gave her $10, because as my mom mentioned to her, "he's just that gorgeous." He was scared of his new home. He would hide behind the guitar case and underneath my bed. It wouldn't be long for him to feel comfortable, to where he would follow me up stairs, lie on my desk, or sleep in bed with me. Anyone who came into contact with him was enamored with him. He was always happy to snuggle up to new friends, whether that was lying across your lap, or finding your leather jacket to be a cozy spot. As the years went on, I would eventually leave home for multiple reasons. Everytime I left for the school year, I would tell him good bye and hug him closely before leaving. When I graduated and returned home, I had to focus on getting my life going. I was caught up in learning to drive and starting my career all at once. It was stressful. But every night, this little guy would be there for me. He would lie in bed with me, and he liked it when I held his front paws. I'd often take pictures of him, a lot of my friends and people online really liked seeing him. Prince Snugglemuffins received so much love, but he had just as much love to return. Even when being examined at the vet, the nurses had difficulty hearing his heart because he was purring so much around them.

It's been a few hours now, and I keep tearing up as I write this. My head hurts so much, and I don't know what to think at this stage. It hurts a lot, and I hope I did the right thing.


I included some photos of him, including a picture of me:




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