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Tourian - N4A Chat Thread - October 2021

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On 10/7/2021 at 9:29 AM, "Casual Trash" Kirbys said:


 I love the defense of separating the artist from the art some people are doing with this

Yeah… until you realize he also MIDId the soundtrack to DQXI for international audiences (except for Japan). Or something like that. Businessman my ass.  
And I think the original versions of DQVIII were like that too.

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Taking a break from organizing/clearing out recipes and working on cleaning out my wanted list on myfigurecollection to restart from scratch and clear off unwanted itens




For some reason i have this habit of adding anything that catches my interest


I’d clear it out in the entirety, but I don’t know iv doing that clears out my owned items or lists…. 

So pretty much doing it the long and difficult way


This is going to take quite awhile manually….

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For us U.S.A.'ers, we call it Columbus Day... 


Or the day some of us wish to remove because of the horrible tragedy we gave to Native Americans. Celebrating the beginning of a near-genocide... or genocide... of a race should not be fondly remembered. Whoever made this and Thanksgiving Day are a'holes.


Instead, we should call them "Another Excuse for A National Holiday" and "U.S. Football Day/The Day Before Black Friday".  

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I want to slap the director or whatever that was behind Melody of Memories for not giving the game the better Final Mix versions of the songs and leaving out songs that would've been perfect for the game. 


It's a good game that had potential but was ruined by its execution. A rhythm game of the Kingdom Hearts series?! I was on board because the music is so good! 

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Yesterday i started cleaning up my AC Island a bit


Sold a bunch of items,Stored/Displayed a bunch of stuff in my second house…. Learned whatever D.I.Y recipes i could to my second character that I could to clear those up


Went through most of my fossils and found a few complete sets which is pretty nice 


Need to work on getting more upgrades on my second house done - really going to need the storage

Fixed and extended some path, though i had to rework two of my Pumpkin Patches - though one of them is a bit smaller now… did add a third larger Patch to make up for it - i get a decent amount of bell from selling large amounts of those, so should be useful 


So my island isn’t looking as bad as before- still a bit messy, but better somewhat 


The upcoming update and paid DLC will probably get me back into New Horizons more now considering i put it down for quite awhile due to burnout on the game


Though I’m going to need a lot of bells…. So many payments i need to take care of

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