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Tourian - N4A Chat Thread - October 2021

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So my weekends been spent opening up Shield for the Alolan starters


It’s been spent with irritating server communication errors, continuous capture fails considering how atrocious the catch rates are, and missing out on two Shiny Littens (1 from getting kicked due to communication error, one broke free not even after 1 shake)


So that’s great 🙃


I just want a set of Female Alolan starters in Premier and Luxury Balls… is that hard to ask for? Bloody hell the catch rate for them is god awful 😞  


Managed to get a Female HA Rowlet in a Luxury Ball and a Female HA Popplio in a Premiere Ball so that’s good at least


Have a handful of them with their HAs but those are Male….


Heard that there’s an Ability Patch item in one of the DLCs that i can use to swap a Pokémons ability to their HA…. Might have to get the DLC and go the breeding route


Also reminds me i still need Zacian for my Dex and Home… if i had gotten one when it was available in GO I would’ve been able to transfer one over… but I forgot 



On another note, found some new Webcomics on WEBTOON- a couple of them are already finished, but pretty good reads so far

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Apparently Facebook is down right now


Weird - i thought my service was acting up


Was wondering why I couldn’t log into Pokémon Go….



Also recently redownloaded The Battle Cats


Only problem is i have no idea where my data code is to retrieve my save data….


Well that’s going to be a problem- if i can’t find it looks like I’m going to have to restart from scratch….


Was pretty far into it to


Im sure i saved a screenshot or copied it somewhere…. No idea where, though….


Maybe i uploaded it to Imgur…..? 🤔

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2 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

I always use Trainer Club for Pokemon Go and use FB login as a back up

For some reason I usually just use Facebook login out of laziness instead of continuously making new accounts/passwords 


Took a few minutes just now and reset my Trainer Club password and logged into Go with that


Might have to use that as my main login from now on


Thankfully, where i left off is still intact and tied to trainer club as well, so at least I don’t have to start from the beginning…. 

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Sunday night i was trying to get a few more Alolan starters but couldn’t find any


Guess that event ended sooner than i thought….


But i did get a Female Corviknight with it’s HA Mirror Armor, so that’s pretty cool


Looks like I’ll have to breed for and use the Ability patch to get those HA Abilities for the Alolan Pokémon for Litten at least - and probably for if i want to have a set of both in Luxury and Premier Balls…


Going off my memory of the 3DS era, at the time only female Pokémon could pass down the HA and not the males


I don’t know if that’s changed - it’s been awhile since I’ve bred for Shiny Pokémon in Moon/Ultra Moon - need to look into that


But first things first, going to have to get Zacian for the Dex for the Shiny Charm and for the Home Dex and both of the DLCs for the game before i worry about breeding


On that note, wonder if the Alolan starters are available in M/UM with their HAs…. I got into the games late so missed out on a lot of free distributions… which kinda sucks

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2 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:


It's a Pixar movie about an old man who ties thousands of balloons to his house so he can fulfill his deceased wife's dream of flying to South America.


You should watch it sometime. It's really good.

The first ten minutes aren't the saddest moments in cinema ever produced are they? 

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