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New Pokemon Legends trailer quietly dropped - Jan 28 release - 10/21 New video

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  • EH_STEVE changed the title to New Pokemon Legends trailer quietly dropped - Jan 28 release

I was about to say, what about the new BPSP trailer, huh?


Man, I gotta say everytime they show off the 4 gen remakes, it keeps looking better and better for some reason. Water while surfing looks awesome.


And is that new ancient Pokemon for Pokemon Arceus Legends?!? Also more new stuff and Pokemon that I was already hyped for. We all saw the potential, the last showing got me onboard but I don't know what else can oversell me on this game already. Also, I think this game too is looking better as well.

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starting to lose hope this game will start to look any better by the time it launches y; the jaggies, man....the grass, the trees.......it just looks so bad lmao 


the gameplay looks fine, the new pokemon looks fine....that said, i wonder if we'll end up never seeing these new pokemon again outside of this game....since they'd go extinct? would be neat if we end up seeing fossil pokemon roam around, yknow, before they were fossils


the girl's default name being akari is v cute..hikari....akari....anyway theydonothing; 


the graphics look like shit tho, i seriously hope this isn't what the final project is gonna look like lmao

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What I was really impressed by is how much bass the music in this remake has. It sounds exactly the some as the original, no orchestrations, additional jingles or anything but just more breadth to the sound making sound more booming than the original. It's funny I picked up on that after 15 years, this is my least fave gen and one played only played twice out of any Pokemon gen I've played.


Everything else is what we already know and expect so how I feel about those have not changed from the last trailer, it's good. 

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  • EH_STEVE changed the title to New Pokemon Legends trailer quietly dropped - Jan 28 release - 10/21 New video

What the?!?


I didn't know there was 2 trailers of the same creepy atmosphere. I thought this trailer was the same one 2 day ago. I watch this new one a few minutes ago.


I didn't even watched the prior one to this one. Interesting but I have to wonder is Pokemon just gonna release new videos of Hisuian Pokemon like this till Legends drops? Cool but I feel ppl will now expect this tho how random we may get or not get a vid.


Cool vid, regardless.

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New trailers dropped for Legends and BDSP.

More of a overview on the recently discovered Pokemon last week.



These trailer drops are really random and the frequency from the last wasn't that long ago. I get these videos for Legends but BDSP is out less than a month from now.


This last one pretty much cover endgame stuff to an extent. There could be one or two left but unless one them covers some post game, this stuff for ppl who already played this gen already knows.

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