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Switch firmware update 13.0.0 now available! | ūüéßBluetooth audio devices now supported!

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Far as the little things people comment on with every update, I’m just gonna expect no additional themes ever at this point, or significantly more player icons. The selection we got there is pretty lackluster if I say so myself. That said, would be nice if we at least got icons of the new Samus and such after Dread’s release, but even that I doubt.


I don’t have bluetooth, but that’s cool I guess. Will consider if I find a reason to use it for Switch.

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So before updating my Switch, I watched this vid...

Now the above would be problematic but I had the foresight to update all my controllers after updating my Switch. I do not recall if update controllers was always there from the start or that with every major number update, there's a update with the controllers. I feel this and those behind the scenes firmware update with audio bluetooth to this was leading to this moment. Whereat least one pro controller or a pair of JC's will work with pair bluetooth headphones or headset.


The above video is misnomer if you didn't update all your controllers because the lag with the bluetooth has not happened with me on the menu or in Skyward Sword. So anyone who want to do audio bluetooth with JC update all your controllers, it should work with any audio bluetooth device; headphones or headset; with pro controller or JC.


I did all the above and I experience no lag. I guess that is why from the start why Nintendo haven't implemented audio bluetooth with the Switch because there could be some lag input. Hopefully like JC drift, that others don't experience even after the update.


I guess this is a good update overall. I forget when I decided to give up on theme, folders, better eShop, etc, etc...like 4 updates ago? So I don't have any expectations so not knowing this would happen but would be nice is cool addition.


I guess with this now I'm kinda expecting mirophone support with bluetooth. Is that too much to ask or we doing baby steps here? I assume before looking up that audio bluethooth meant that talking thru mic automatically, a little downer for me but what is, is just is.

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I tested this out with my BT over-the-ear headphones and TWS earbuds by just doing a quick audio latency test on the home menu, while in handheld mode and I didn't notice any issues. However, I did notice that the volume was a bit low on both my headphones and earbuds, compared to using wired headphones. Looking at comments online, it seems others have this issue as well. This isn't that big of an issue as my headphones have volume control buttons, but my earbuds have no volume control (only play, pause, skip forward & back, answer/ignore calls, and use Siri/Google Assistant all via touch controls.).


I'll do a more in-depth audio latency test and do an input latency test later on. It's unfortunate that people are having input latency issues, but I only plan on using BT headphones in handheld and tabletop modes, so I shouldn't have any issues. I can now see why this feature wasn't available until now, but hopefully Nintendo will continue to improve it in future updates. 


BTW, I'm curious to how battery life is when using BT headphones. I wonder if it drains faster when using 2 Joy-Con (as 1 controller) and wireless earbuds (technically 2 BT devices)...? 

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@alienboyva: I forgot to mention in my testing there was audio lag on the menu and when I was testing controls on Skyward Sword. I think I didn't mention it because that is expected with audio bluetooth, to some extent and Nintendo mentioned in in the update log that you might experience it. For me if I had to be accurate with my earbuds, it was 1/3 millisecond delay so that is close to actual second in real-time. If it was any shorter, I would say half but it wasn't a full second so rounding it to a 1/3 of millisecond.


Also, I tested all my controllers with my earbuds while docked. This update as AB is gonna be great for Lite users and those who play handheld often. Your gonna get more freedom but in your ears. As for battery life of the devices and audio unless you play handheld a lot or someone will actual test to see with all those devices will drain the battery more. I think that is another reason why Nintendo only opted to have two BT devices (like the JC) and an audio one. So many cause interference, delay, lag and battery drain.


P.S. I own an over-the-ear wireless headphone that I bought 2 months ago that I use sometimes for VC on Discord here but I have to use a USB dongle use it. one; I don't want plug out one of GC adapter at the front of my dock and two; that and I don't know if the switch will recognize. I use the pair earbuds more in daily life than the ones I use sparely on Discord VC on my laptop. I use the mic on my laptop for Discord most of the time. 

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Doing some testing with my TWS earbuds, I noticed there's very slight latency (probably about a quarter of a second). It really depends on the game on how noticeable this is for me, but it is noticeable when getting a coin in SMB. Come to find out, the Switch only supports the SBC codec, which isn't great for latency. I really wish the Switch supported AAC and/or aptX. Though apparently, AAC requires more processing power than SBC & aptX, and with aptX, Nintendo would most likely have to pay a licensing fee to Qualcomm (Remember a licensing fee was the reason the Wii never got DVD support, even though is was capable of playing DVDs). So, this is most likely why Nintendo went with SBC.


As for input latency, I didn't really noticed any when using the Switch in tabletop mode, with the Joy-Con in the grip and my TWS earbuds connected. Though, I mainly just tested this while in menus.




This was also added with the 13.0.0 update... IDK why this wasn't mentioned in the update notes.



I'm so glad we don't have to use the old 140 character limit when posting to Twitter for the Switch. ^_^  There have been times where I couldn't fit everything in that 140 limit. Nice to see they finally updated this.

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