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TETRIS EFFECT: CONNECTED | Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

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3 hours ago, Art_de_Cat said:

I want to play more of Connected Online, but its like you cant find enough players to play it.   Which seems odd for how many should be playing.


Yeah, it took awhile for me to find players in Connected Mode and it was release night of the Switch version when I was playing. I heard Coss-Play had issues on other platforms when it launched back in Aug., so it could be a bug. Also, if you want to play Connected Mode, you can always play with the CPU in Local Matches or just see if anyone here wants to play. ;)  ...But yeah... There should be more players, especially since the Connected update went to all other platforms (Non-Microsoft platforms) when the game launched on Steam on Aug. 18th. 


BTW, I came across this...



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This weekend's Weekend Ritual modes...


Ooo...NICE! We get to unlock a Rez∞ avatar.  :)  BTW, The Weekend Ritual is a great way to unlock more avatars, especially rare avatars. If the community goal is met before the event is over, rare avatars are more likely to drop (I assume only in the current Weekend Ritual modes).



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I got 39th in this week's Weekend Ritual (I was 22nd when I went to bed)...


I'm surprised I made the top 100. Though I think that's because most of these people are on Switch. Players on other platforms are most likely way done with doing Weeked Rituals. BTW, I noticed when looking at the Weekend Ritual leaderboard that when filtering by "My Score" or "Friends" in says NO DATA. IDK if this a bug in the Switch version or what...?



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Here's something cool I came across... When playing the the Stratosphere stage, depending on the time on day, you'll get different music...



7pm-7am: "So They Say"
7am-3pm"Like Never Before"
3pm-7pm: "Here"




I was wondering why this stage had different music when I was playing over the weekend. Before I've only ever played this stage after 7pm, so I was surprised when this stage didn't have the song "So They Say". It's really cool that this stage has different songs depending on the time of day you play it, but I wish there was also a way to choose which song plays when choosing the stage (like holding a button when selecting the stage, for example).

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New patch out (mostly for the Switch version) and entering the code to get the secret stage is now fixed on Switch...


Wow, they fixed a lot on Switch. I was unaware of the sleep mode issue. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for a full fix. Also, nice to see they are aware of some of the frame rate issues and will fix it in the next patch.



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I got another All Clear (see tweet below)! BTW, if you haven't played this game with headphones yet, I highly recommend doing so. I know it says use headphones every time you start up the game, but man...they're not kidding. Ahhh...This game's soundtrack so damn good!!!  



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