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I watched the whole thing, but it has me curious.  Was this game expected to be bigger than it turned out to be?  Like, I remember there being some anticipation on the few multiplatform circles I frequent nowadays but watching the video I'm still not sure what the main hook is.  It doesn't look like a bad game at all personally speaking, all that being said.

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I've made a thread about this game having a demo here:


The game has 80 on metacritic so it good to great with established and user reviews, as for the game hook. As I mentioned on the demo thread briefly, I thought this game as for the Xbox systems as it was first shown there and at the time appeared Microsoft helped with its development. That isn't the case the developers were just saying all the features Xbox Series X have on this game more prominently. I think in all that gaslighting for Xbox it made it appear it was Xbox only. Also mentioned in that thread is there's anime for it on Funimation as well.


Now the nail on the coffin for this with some Bandai Namco games is the lack of advertising and when ppl just want put up footage of the is game online, Bamco copyright strike them. It's for a small things, it is for trailers plays any music from the band that plays the game OP song in it. I say a little because it easy to find gameplay where that music doesn't have it. So it is combination of what platforms, sort of, lack of advertisement and when not being careful what to advertise yourself, you can see why this game may have a time trying to get some attention.

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Just read through your demo playthrough thread again, I actually forgot you made that thread previously.  I do like the comparison made with Astral Chain in that it gives me an idea of the possible relationship between the two characters you can play as.  The only other weird thing is how the western boxart really gives no clue as to what the game is about  It would be like, if Astral Chain's boxart was just a picture of the containment unit that they use to turn chimeras into legion.  There's no context to really grab from that.

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