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Pokémon UNITE - Blast the Competition Away! Blastoise 9/1/21! - Discussion Thread

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Pokémon UNITE, a new free-to-start MOBA-styled game made its debut on Nintendo Switch today with a mobile release in the works for the coming months. As such, I figured we may as well have a general discussion thread for the game, as well as use it as a way to see who else is playing.


So for anyone that is playing, what Pokémon is your favorite to use so far?

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The movement speed is quite slow, but I can see why they did it if they wanna try and make the game more strategy and move utilization in the right spot and moment instead of a focus on being able to maneuver around a move's AoE and reposition for a better counterattack or retreat. It is a pretty decent pace for the size of the maps and the time limit of each match, and it is bolstered by the speed flux lanes between your goal zones on both the top and bottom paths and the ability to be launched to various spots on your side of the field after a certain point in the match. It really makes you think about how far you can push when on the advantage and when to dip when put in a disadvantage.

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On 7/22/2021 at 10:37 AM, Art_de_Cat said:

Enjoyed a bit of it, but characters seem a little sluggish but maybe just cause its beginner levels?

I honestly attribute this to the fixed camera.  If I play with one in Dota or League, everything seems a lot slower too lol.

Good game so far.  I can see maybe leveling up held items being a bit egregious later on, but overall the game seems pretty generous with how often new players get some new content.

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Surprised this thread doesn't have more activity.


I've actually been spending a lot of time playing Pokemon others aren't using too much such as Eldegoss and Wigglytuff.  Eldegoss in particular is my go to and I actually like playing the support type in this game.  But man, is it rare that other players actually acknowledge that I'm there for support to the point that I'm finding myself chasing down people in a good position to score to deliver buffs, healing, etc.  Here I am trying to break the useless support character stereotype and making very little headway.  Geez loweez!



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I'm mostly doing my dailies but otherwise I'm a bit too frustrated with the pacing of the regular game to want to play it a lot.  Zapdos and lategame scoring mechanics are bad and almost effectively invalidate most of the game that came before it.  Also maybe I'm just spoiled by League of Legends or actual Pokemon games, but the lack of clarity and information about how items or stat systems work in this game has been a massive sore point for me, I have to use serebii datamines to dig up information I want.


On 8/1/2021 at 12:30 PM, Kezay said:

the useless support character stereotype

play some league of legends or dota where supports can kill carries and piss people off theydonothing;

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29 minutes ago, Art_de_Cat said:

I will say this on Eldagoss, i know its a supporter.....and while they were on my team on one match....I wanted to scream personal space at him cause they kept clinging to me.



Also Pirate Cinerace locked away till lvl 90......f that......


We Eldagoss users just want you to accept our love and support! XD

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