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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

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Game's apparently being datamined as we speak. I've come across several articles with contradictory information on who the DLC characters are:






*Mr. Krabbs


*Jimmy Neutron

*Cindy Vortex



*Eliza Thornberry

*Donnie Thornberry

*Vlad Plasmius

*Dark Danny

*Tommy Pickles

*Chuckie Finster




A lot of these are from unused announcer voice files, while others just have lines of text in within the filenames.

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That’s a lot of potential characters, if that dataminded info is meant to be dlc characters. More than Smash Ultimate’s character dlc.



Weird that Raphael isn’t on that list, then again they’ve got a lot of TMNT reps already. Plus Donnie Thornberry makes a stage cameo on Nigel’s stage, so that could be a line of his code from the stage maybe? Also no Fairly Oddparents reps either…


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Ultimate had plenty DLC for the huge base game roster it already had. Makes sense for a smaller game like this to have more DLC in the end to compensate.


Shredder aside, another TMNT character that recently occurred to me about having is Karai, but since Nick's mostly about representing the classic series where she wasn't present, I guess she won't be considered much. Splinter I'd be cool with too though, apart from any of the other turtles.


If there was to be one more character from Avatar besides Zuko, I'd pick Azula. Not sure about any of the supporting cast from Korra though.

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Worth noting that unused announcer voice clips don't necessarily mean that said characters will eventually make it into the game. Rather, they're meant to "cover all the bases" to make it less likely that they'd need to spend more money to pay the announcer to come back for another session.


This is what happened with Smash: Xander Mobus was given a massive list of video game characters to read the names of in his announcer voice, regardless of whether said characters were planned for either Sm4sh or Ultimate. This also meant that Xander himself was just as in the dark about the final roster as we were.

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I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even know Jimmy Neutron father's name was Hugh. I really think I never knew till now. Like who the fuck is Hugh Neutron, till I saw him in this trailer then I knew who Hugh was.


I guess there's a reason for Hugh over Jimmy for a weird surprise factor, nice picks with Jenny and Rocko. Something mid-modern and retro.

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