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Illusory Altea - N4A Chat thread, Nov. 2016


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Oh yeah, today we got a female students in my program.


That was surprise. I know it probably shouldn't be, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a pleasant surprise, considering what a sausage fest my entire industry is.



Probably need to make like North Carolina and stop using the women's bath rooms now, since the gender designations are now relevant to our building. To be honest, there was something kinda... nice about being able to use it with out anyone batting an eyelash, but eh. Das life.



For the record, they were single occupant bathrooms, not like stalls or anything. One person at a time.

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4 minutes ago, ace said:

Chrom needs to lock the old thread and sticky this one. 


Chrom needs to do a lot of things.


One of the responsibilities of being an admin is ensuring that the forum and its software work right, ensuring that a warm, welcoming community is established for our members to enjoy with each other.

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