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Gamestop next week (6/15)...and Zelda (... and other stuff...)

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Zelda rumor sounds sweet to me...


But maybe also big restocks of XBX and Switch


And who knows, E3 goodies...


Posted both videos as the poster pics shown in each video are different.




I gotta say, if the SW's poster is accurate... I might have to look into how to get that...  I'd even be down for a Zelda game preorder bundle to score one of those....  I've been holding out on SSHD in hopes of the a SSHD+JC+ Amiibo bundle being offered....

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I don't doubt GS got something special to share with that Zelda poster but I wonder why it was chosen to do it on the same day as Nintendo's E3. I can't really see if Nintendo will provide info on this, there's sort of no precedence for this but why else have these two things happen on the same day.


And if nothing has come up for Switch Pro, I don't think it is happening before their showcase or during. It will happen, it's just when they are ready to share.

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Looks like we know how to get the Zelda 30th Anniversary poster...



$30 or more on Zelda products or trade a toward a Switch. Ehhh...  :(  I suspect they will have a ton of these left over, so they'll probably just hand them out to anyone who asks for one. I already heard that some people were able to just walk-in a get one for free, when the news broke last week. I remember when SMM launched on Wii U and they were giving away that SMB 30th Anniversary poster for pre-ordering the game and they forgot to give me mine when I picked-up my copy. So, I asked for it and they asked if I also wanted another one. I just happened to notice that hey had a shit-ton of these behind the counter (I assume they were trying to get rid of them all and had way more than they needed for people who pre-ordered). :P 


Now that I think of it, my local GS is a smaller store, so it would be hard to find $30 of Zelda products that wasn't a game (From what I heard, apparently pre-ordering SS for Switch doesn't count. I think it has its own pre-order poster, iirc.). Hopefully they are one of the stores that will just give it out for free if you ask. 

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Yeah, I don't think these posters are hinting at a re-release of WWHD and TPHD or New Nintendo Switch. As that tweet says as AB put up, it is nothing more than spending $30 and more on Zelda and/or trade towards Nintendo Switch family of systems. (Switch and Switch, BTW)


The poster is to celebrate and acknowledge Zelda's 35th anniversary, the poster doesn't say put what they are promoting with Zelda purchases couldn't be anymore obvious beyond that.


Now I feel certain Nintendo will acknowledge Zelda's 35th anniversary tomorrow, finally and about damn time!

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