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Nintendo opening a museum in Japan!

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Nintendo has announced plans to turn one of their old plants into the "Nintendo Gallery". This museum is expected to open by March 2024.... *See tweet below*


This is really cool. We've had museum-esque sections in games like Super Smash Bros., "Kirby's History" in KIrby's Dream Collection, the "Nintendo Collection" in WarioWare Gold, etc. So, it's great to hear that Nintendo is actually opening their own museum. I know Nintendo has dipped with their toes in to actual museums in the past with the Shigureden In Japan (founded by former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi) and the Louvre in France, both using DS/3DS systems for interactive tours. I wonder if Nintendo's museum will do something similar? *See spoiler below* Anway... Hopefully something like this can come stateside, if they work with the Smithsonian or something?






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I think a Nintendo museum would be a lot of fun if they incorporate connectivity with their gaming devices like they've done before.  I think they'll take some additional unique steps to make things more interactive and fun when it comes to exhibits based on their company's own history.

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10 minutes ago, Eliwood8 said:

Even cooler that they're making it out of one of their old facilities. Maybe someday they could do a touring exhibit in the US, I'd love to see it.


Was thinking the same thing.


Wonder if they have any old buildings in Redmond they still own for this purpose?

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