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Nintendo Direct: E3 2021 - June 15th @ 9am PT

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Looks like the Direct is 11 A.M. Central time for me


Should be able to catch it unless my connection and streaming is laggy or bad in general considering I’m using a Personal Hotspot from my phone for Internet access 


Then I’d have to wait until later to watch it which would be annoying


But hopefully I’ll be able to watch it live without issues...

Going to have to pick up some snacks for snacking throughout next time I’m out

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2 hours ago, Fuzzer1 said:

So the organizers behind E3 say they're planning to go back to having it in LA next June, but does anyone think that if everything is successful being online only that this is how its going to be going forward?


I imagine developers will still prefer to have an in-person show for press since it's easier to display/demo games in that kind of controlled environment. There could very well be less emphasis on the stage show presentations though.

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I'm diving in with predictions; gonna get a bit nutty with a few of these.  I'm aiming for the stars!




Smash Fighter Reveal

No More Heroes 3

Breath of the Wild 2

Splatoon 3

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon D/P Remakes

Animal Crossing update

Shin Megami Tensei V

Bayonetta 3

Metroid Prime 4

Pikmin 4

Monolith Soft's next game


New Final Fantasy Project (either a remake of an older title or a new entry in Crystal Chronicles)

Kingdom Hearts Collection

Star Wars Project

"Tales of..." (likely not a new game, probably port of the Symphonia collection or Graces, Xillia, Zestiria, Berseria, etc.)


Risk it for the Biscuit!:


Smash Fighter Reveal - Master Chief

Mario Kart 9

Xenoblade Chronicles X Port

Super Mario RPG Remake

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My locks for Nintendo E3. (Nintendo has lot to share with no directs last year or E3 so because of that  to me I won't have any wild expectations because mostly anything you can think will be there)


2 Smash fighters DLC 2 reveals

Botw 2

Kirby new game

Something Metroid (it doesn't matter what it is something will show up)

Bayo 3

Anything Xenoblade Chronicles

Splatoon 3

Shin Megami Tensei V

ACNH update (with Zelda stuff and summer)

Zelda 35th anniversary news pls.

Age of Calamity Expansion Pass news


And that's it, I want to put to put down the Pokemon stuff but until I hear the TPC announce their own show, I'll reserve from putting it on here. Same goes for NMH III, that is different then Bayo 3. As Sudi 51 doesn't need Nintendo's permission to share game news and Kaimiya needs Nintendo's permission as they footing the bill for the game development so NMH III is slight given but it might show elsewhere. Same goes for the new DK 2.5D or 3D rumor and even less so anything for Pikmin 4 or a new mainline MK. I think most are or could be locks but I don't see them showing up here, maybe?


Now that is really, really it.


EDIT: Forgot to put Age of Calamity news in what is a definite lock for the show. As the first part is coming out in June and on the day of showing we'll be half-way thru this month so its gotta be coming soon.

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Granted, Grasshopper could very well hold their own event for No More Heroes III but I'd sooner guess they would take advantage of Nintendo's E3 Direct as a platform for further visibility and to show off a new trailer.  More exposure can only help and there's nothing saying they can't show off at E3 and also do a separate final promotion later on.  The game releases in August so the more opportunities for showing it off the better.

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Hold up... maybe I've been under a rock, but is E3 actually starting this weekend?  I just happened to catch Max Dood's predictions video and he posted up a schedule someone made for reference and Nintendo's Direct is on the second to last day.  Just weird cause I'm still used to Nintendo rounding out the major announcements and then several days of previews, gameplay, etc.


That's wild!

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