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The Links at Mushroom Kingdom - N4A Chat Thread - June 2021

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48 minutes ago, Shadow118 said:



I was browsing around on Reddit and came across this on the R/Miitopia reddit sub


Looks like it has some pretty good Miis and  pretty good database for Miis too - think i'll be making use of it, myself because i definitely can't/wouldn't be able to make high quality Miis like this myself....



Nice find! I'll probably be doing the same.

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I’ve been through these Miis and people have made highly creative and high level stuff with the Miitopia Mii editor


I’m already having ideas on which Miis to use in my game.... probably would make sense to buy the game first before bringing Miis over


Hopefully this editor gets brought over into Tomodachi Life if that gets an enhanced port or sequel on Switch


Granted it should and would make sense to bring over - would be a waste if the editor was just used in one game...

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Although i don't remember specifically which game it was, but was watching a reaction video of the E3 Nintendo Direct and one of the games reminded me of another game similar to a Wii U game that got shut down


Doing some research, i think it was Lost Reavers - though i'm not sure, it looks familiar to me - pretty sure i played it for a period of time before it's shutdown....

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