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The Links at Mushroom Kingdom - N4A Chat Thread - June 2021


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Looking for feedback on an upcoming tattoo I'm planning to get. I MSPainted a mockup, so use your imagination to make it look better. It will be a full forearm sleeve; wrist to elbow.


The text: "True Courage is knowing when not to go alone" will accompany this. Keep that in mind, as it might sway your thoughts.


Option 1

This is more of a 'fun group shot' - Link would be in standard green, I just couldn't find that pose. Other characters will be in styles shown. Sheik will likely be partially hidden (waist/chest down) and more "back to back" with Zelda. Midna will be leaning on Link's shoulder more. 



Option 2A:

Less "group shot" as they're supposed to be more "behind him". Link about to withdraw sword as main focus. Zelda (TP style) and Sheik back to back (so Sheik's pose might change some).  Fi centered behind Zelda/Sheik, with her "arms" the way they are, but only obscured by Zelda/Sheik heads. Midna and Navi above/on one arm. KoRL with Linebeck riding following along the other.



Option 2B:

The same as above, but different pose for Link. 


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4 minutes ago, ace said:

Yeah, I would definitely say your plans are a little… complicated. Sometimes simple is better! Tattoos are cool though so do share whenever it’s done. 

I’m working on getting an appointment set up to get the YoRHa crest put on my forearm. 

I think it's more complicated because it's an MS Paint mess. I'm just trying to figure out the basics of what I want, and then I'll be working with the artist on what he can actually do given the room he has to work with, and what level of detail is expected. I'm really leaning on 2A. My ink appt isn't until mid-August, and we'll be going over designs and stencils between now and then.

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