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I still haven't been able to beat my best of 6th place. Though, I've gotten damn close. >_<  I've already noticed that the skill-ceiling has risen, since the game launched on the 7th. I'm still damned determined to get a least one 1st place. Though, I feel it's going to keep getting harder as the days go on, especially when for me, ghosts seem to appear out of nowhere. Yeah... There are times when my eyes just can't keep track of everything on screen, with so much going on all at once. :v  Especially, when crap like this happens.... *See Tweet Below* 


I've noticed from looking at the leaderboard, that people have already gotten hundreds of wins (I assume this is what Pac-Champ means) O_O'  I really hope this game doesn't become like Tetris 99, where pro players dominate that game. I mean, I'm pretty damn good a Tetris, but there's no way I can stand against pro players. I managed to get my one and only 1st place in Tetris 99 early on, before pro players took over, so... Just one 1st place in PAC-MAN 99 and I'll be good!


I really wish these 99 games would have an option to match you with people based on your skill level. On average I can come in at least the top 20 in Tetris 99, so I don't mind the pros too much (epically since I got my one and only 1st place) . Though, I know for some people, who just want to play for fun, but aren't the best at these games, it really turns them off when pros end up dementing the game. I know it's not as easy to get completely destroyed by people in PAC-MAN 99 as it in Tetris 99, but still.



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I beat my highest of 6th place...


What has been working for me: 

  1. Set power-up to Speed.
  2. Get your speed up to lvl 3 or 4 (Anything higher and I start missing turns).
  3. Set power-up to Train.
  4. Keep maxing out the ghost train (3 or so rows of sleeping ghosts) before eating ghosts and try to survive.


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