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PAC-MAN 99 - Battle Royale PAC-MAN! | ūüü°Now available for NSO members!

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Release Date: April, 7th @ 6pm PT (Pre-Load Available)

Price: FREE* (Exclusively for NSO Members) *Paid DLC (Themes & Modes)

Site: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pac-man-99-switch/










It's an all-new flavor of PAC-MAN! Test your chomping chops in a 99-player Pac-Royale!


 A 99-player online PAC-MAN battle royale! 0G7SQvv.png

  • 40 years after the classic Pac-phenomenon rocked the gaming world, PAC-MAN is back in a new 99-man battle royale. Get back in the maze and chase down the iconic ghosts. Who will be the last PAC-MAN standing?

Switch between eight different strategies and send Jammer Pac-Man to get in your opponents' way!

  • Eat a Power Pellets to turn the ghosts blue and make them vulnerable. Eat them to send Jammer Pac-Man to your opponents! The more ghosts you eat, the more Jammers you'll send!
  • Eat a Ghost Train for a huge comeback!
  • Gain the upper hand by switching between eight different preset strategies: speed up, send extra Jammers, and more. Switching at just the right moment could give you an edge over your rivals!


Make the game look like your favorite NAMCO classics!

  • You can purchase downloadable custom themes based on Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, and more to change the look of the game.
  • There are twenty different classic themes in all! Plus, they do more than change the graphics! Check out the sounds too!
  • Which classic NAMCO title is the one for you?











‚Äʬ†Mode Unlock: $14.99 (Modes are offline)

‚ÄĘ Themes: $1.99 each

‚Äʬ†PAC-MAN 99 Deluxe Pack: $29.99 (All DLC)

DLC Trailer:





1Hr5Qv5.png      ZGy8Rz4.png


4g2YTNG.png      YfuOIlM.png








Nintendo has announced a new battle royal PAC-MAN game coming to Switch, exclusively for NSO members...


Awww HEL YEAH! This looks like it's going to be a ton of fun! So, I see this will launch with DLC in the form of different themes, for $2 each. Also, there's a $15 "Mode Unlock", which includes various modes and themes (these modes are offline modes).



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1 minute ago, purple_beard said:

Gotcha..... $30 isn't bad.....  for the complete set... and it looks worth it too....


IDK, I'm gonna have to try the game first, before I make that decision. :P


BTW, I wonder if this will eventually be released as a physical game (with all DLC), like with Tetris 99...?

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10 minutes ago, alienboyva said:


IDK, I'm gonna have to try the game first, before I make that decision. :P


BTW, I wonder if this will eventually be released as a physical game (with all DLC), like with Tetris 99...?


Hmmm true.... but the T99 stuff didn't do much for me but I see a lot in this Pac Man thing.....

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19 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

Hmmm true.... but the T99 stuff didn't do much for me but I see a lot in this Pac Man thing.....


As much as I love Tetris 99, I've always preferred the standard Marathon Mode over VS Modes. I just like clearing lines with out having to worry about clearing garbage.


Yeah, I really hope BANDAI NAMCO and Nintendo go all out with this, like with Tetris 99 and have events where you can unlock special themes. I'd love to see a Pac-Mania theme, Championship Edition theme, or even some Nintendo themes. Though, looking at these themes, it seems kind of out of place that they also replace the Pac-Man sprite with sprites from the game the theme is based on.


EDIT: If you want to get a good look at all the themes, check out the JPN site. https://pacapl.pacman.com/dlc/index.php#themeCol

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I was really hoping that F2P BR Pac-Man game "PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and release on all platforms, especially since Konami announced that its F2P BR game "Super Bomberman R Online" would no longer be a Stadia exclusive and be releasing on all platforms. Though, now that PAC-MAN 99 was announced out of nowhere, I highly doubt this will release on Switch, if it does go platform (Nintendo wants people to sign-up for NSO). :(  It's cool that we're getting PM99 and it looks like a lot of fun, but I feel having Pac-Man: Mega Tunnel Battle on Switch, alongside PM99, could be fun in its own way.


Also, is it just me or does anyone else feel that it's kind of shitty that if you want to play with friends in PM99 it's locked behind DLC. >_> I'm starting to wonder if this was a BANDAI NAMCO decision, rather than a Nintendo decision, because Tetris 99 doesn't lock playing with friends behind DLC. Hopefully they will change this decision, especially if fans speak out. Hell, it worked for being able to play with friends in Super Mario Maker 2. :D 

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8 hours ago, purple_beard said:

Does this confirm mrs. Pac man and the pac maze stage for smash?




Ms. Pac-Man should have been an alt-costume for Pac-Man.


I don't get why they decided to keep the Pac-Land stage and not the Pac-Maze stage to represent Pac-Man in SSBU. Maybe because is was less work because the Pac-Land stage was already in HD?

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Pretty cool. I never had a interest in these 99 battle royale or played a lot of Pac-Man's games but I respect the Pac-Man longevity and where it is now.


Looking forward for more from this and any battle royale I might be interested. I haven't played the Terris 99 (never been a good Tertis player) but that is still going and this Pac-Man 99 is not for a limited time? That would suck Nintendo is starting that shit again.

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I played for about an hour and a half and this game is really fun and it gets pretty crazy when the so much on the screen. Though, I don't feel like I fully understand everything yet (mainly the power-up options on the left of the screen, the meter at the bottom, and if eating pac-dots actually does anything). Also, I managed to get to a part where red jammer Pac-Men started to appear and I could not find a way to kill them (Can they even be killed?). It's usually Game Over for me when these guys start to appear. :P 


BTW, I think it really sucks that all the unlockables in this game are PAID unlockables. :( Really?! C'mon, BANDAI NAMCO! I really wish there were some unlockable player icons for ranking up and/or completing certain objectives (not including the ones for the offline DLC modes), like in Tetris 99 . I hope they plan to add some unlockables just for playing the free game, because if they don't, this won't keep me coming back in the long run.


Anyway, the highest place I was able to get tonight was 6th and the most K.O.s I got in a match was 4! ^_^



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1 minute ago, purple_beard said:

Is it me or was it off that main movement was set do dpad and not the analog stick?    Or was it to avoid jc drift :x


i figured d-pad was more natural for most people. I'm glad it's the default

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*Updated 4/13*


Here's some info about some things that the game isn't really clear about, which I found from browsing the JPN site...





  • These are activated when you eat a power-pellet
  • Speed: Your movement speed is increased by 2 stages, but the number of Jammer Pac-Men you can send is reduced by 1/4.
  • Train: The number of ghosts in the ghost train is doubled, but half are bounced back to you as Jammer Pac-Men.
  • Stronger: Power pellets last for 3 seconds and the number of Jammer Pac-Men you¬†send is doubled, but your speed is reduced by 1 stage. *This may also increase your chances of sending Killer Pac-Men (I'm not 100% sure)*
  • Standard: Strengthening and weakening effects do not occur. No increase or decrease in Jammer Pac-Men sent.





  • Shows you how many Jammer Pac-Men are being sent your way.
  • If the number of Jammer Pac-Men being sent your way is¬†‚ȧ the position of the shield icon(s) (the red/white icon(s) at the top), they will be blocked.
  • Shields are earned by getting K.O.s.¬†tDho7Yy.png
  • You can have up to 4 shields.



  • Eating all the pac-pellets in a stage will in crease your speed by 1 (max is 10).¬†1bONJye.png
  • Fruit (eating one resets¬†everything in the maze, except for enemy ghosts and Jammer Pac-Men) appears when the number of¬†remaining pac-pellets is less than half the total number of pac-pellets in the maze.¬†ZgToMCM.gif


Jammer Pac-Men c0wIgWU.gif / Killer Pac-Men ZjRsngx.gif

  • If you touch a Jammer Pac-Man it¬†will slow you down and will also kill it.
  • Eating a power pellet will kill all Jammer Pac-Men in the maze.
  • If you touch a Killer Pac-Man¬†it's GAME OVER!
  • Eating a power pellet will temporarily freeze¬†moving Killer Pac-Men
  • Eating fruit will kill Killer Pac-Men in the maze


I hope this helps! ;) 




Here's some more info / tips...



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