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The Photogenic Lental Region - N4A Chat Thread - April 2021

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5 minutes ago, Edie Napier said:

Control and Death Stranding are like on opposite ends of the "I don't know what the fuck is happening" spectrum.  Death Stranding I legitimately have no clue what the fuck is happening because the writing and storytelling is bollocks, and Control I have no clue what the fuck is happening because it's intentionally obfuscating and feels heavily inspired by paranormal bollocks like the SCP foundation.  Enjoying both of them very much though.


and nothing of value was lost theydonothing;

For DS, it’s Hideo Kojima. What were you expecting?

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Since about 5 or 6 this morning it’s been in the high 50s - 70s today


Damn that’s some pretty perfect weather we’ve been getting today 🥰


Been pretty cool and windy out today too - been getting a nice breeze occasionally too


So far some of the best weather we’ve gotten so far this Spring...


And I’m loving it

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31 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:



Beat Super Mario 3D World. Even thought it might seem basic nowadays, and the co-op is basically non-existent now, I still had fun with it, and beating Bowser with Peach is like the most cathartic thing for her.  

What did you think of Bowser’s Fury (assuming you did that already)?

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Been playing quite a bit of Minecraft Java the past few weeks - the game was getting a little too laggy though... so with some difficulty i decided to uninstall/remove Astral Sorcery - it was getting a bit confusing and hard to figure things out, honestly - it was one of the two largest ones i had and i like the additions from Dr Zharks MoCreatures mod too much to delete that one

So far it's not as bad as before.... except occasionally here and there

Condensed things down in spoilers due to length





Though i did install Pam's Harvestcraft, Cooking for Blockheads (which is a good compliment to Harvestcraft) and the Wings mods in place of it - i've taken a liking to those three, honestly - Pam's Harvestcraft adds in quite a few new recipes and the other adds in a cookbook and things like a refridgerator,oven (which cooks up to 9 food at the same time) and things like a cooking station and cabinets and such


Flying with the wings mod is pretty fun - on the downside, using them quickly consumes your hunger bar - so one will need to have quite a bit of food on hand and take a flight stop here and there to refill hunger


Also gives you feather falling automatically so you won't take fall damage.... unless your wing run out of energy (but can be filled up with Fairy Dust, which isn't too hard to obtain) -it's best if you have the baubles mod so it's used in that slot and not your chest armor slot


And im liking the buffs that are on the armor i have - really need to get a bunch of mending books so i can put mending and then soulbound on them - really good stuff, honestly


Also haven't done it yet, but apparently one of the mods allows me to enchant the wings and shields - that's a surprise.. going to see what i can do with those at some point




Also got a weird spawn in the nether - i thought the better nether mod broke the nether, but apparently not - not sure how it spawned that way, though, but i'm not going to complain considering how safe it is


Also on an earlier note, im glad i installed the wings mod because it would've been a pain to navigate the nether without it... though that nether fortress trip was irritating... 


Also realized recently that since starting i've been on hard mode - no wonder how much i've died and how hard some of these mobs can hit...







Though for the past week i've been working on this large wall project to make things a bit more secure and deal with less various random Creeper explosions around - ended up doing some terraforming and altering here and there... think im going to remove the middle tower... for some reason it looks off and it's bothering me, honestly


Mostly done, just needs some patching up here and there....


Took quite awhile and many stacks of Obsidian and Nether Rack to make the brick- i pretty much wasted time trying to make an Obsidian generator..... that apparently got patched and didn't even work and wasn't aware until after the fact.. so had to do it the old fashioned way by pouring water over lava... which took awhile


At least the Nether Rack was the easy part considering the Fortified Auto Smelt pickaxe i got - pretty much my favorite one since i don't have to smelt most things via furnace... been toying around with the idea with putting fortune on it... in theory, it could increase the amount of regular ores i get... though im not sure and only have one enchanted book that has Fortune II on it


Figured out with a tutorial on how to make a compact auto smelter, so that worked out at least... tried to make a auto fishing farm, but im not sure if that worked out or not... will have to relook at that later again later on



Have another project in mind with a Mob Farm..... just not fully sure how to implement the Mob Grinder Util mod stuff in with it - that has some pretty useful stuff in it


There's a lot of recipes i haven't looked at yet from other mods - one that i need to figure out more is the Modular Turrets and how you set up a mob farm with the mob grinder utils


A lot of these recipes are complicated with multiple steps and parts to them


On another note, finally started playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire a bit - been enjoying it so far


Really like the sneaking/Dexnav feature, honestly

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14 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:



I'm enjoying it a lot

It's fine but it's frequently the most maligned game in the series. y;

It also sort of falls into the same trap of the first game in the sense that it starts off really strong but generally feels much weaker later on in the second half or so.

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I'm about 6 hours into Replicant and I am loving this game so far. Can't wait to get emotionally damaged before I see it through. 


Afterwards I will play through Automata again and hurt myself even more. 

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9 hours ago, Edie Napier said:

It's fine but it's frequently the most maligned game in the series. y;

It also sort of falls into the same trap of the first game in the sense that it starts off really strong but generally feels much weaker later on in the second half or so.

Fair enough. I bought the trilogy and am just playing them in order. I'm actually at the point where I CAN head to the final boss (completed the Memories) but I'm going back for a couple optional bosses and then the DLCs.

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